Learning is an endless journey. You can learn anything these days with access to various resources available. And if we talk about learning English, there are many resources available that serve you well in learning English. No matter, what your first language is, with the right resources in hand, you can learn how to speak, you can learn English grammar and other aspects of the language. You can make English your second language. 

Here in this article, we will take a look into various learning resources that you can consider for learning the language and its pronunciation. Let us study all those methods and resources through which you can improve your English.

Resources for learning English

Some of the brilliant ways through from where you can learn English lessons and English grammar concepts are as follows:

  • English learning websites
  • English learning apps
  • English learning podcasts
  • English translation apps
  • Private tutors

Through these ways, you can take various English level courses and become fluent in English speaking. Now, we will take a comprehensive look at these methods to learn English.

English Learning Websites

The Internet is the first place that we raid in order to get information about almost everything. Similarly to learn English, you need to raid the internet. When doing that, you will find various websites that offer free online courses in India for learning English. Let explore these sites:

British Council India

Just like many other sites, this is also a site that provides courses to improve your English language skills. All you need to do is enroll and learn as much as you want. A good thing about this site is that it offers courses for each person, no matter if he or she is a kid, school students, working professionals, job seekers, or an adult.


BUSUU is an online site that also offers a way for people to learn English. And not only English, but you can also learn other languages on it. The use of the website and the process of learning are pretty simple on the website. All you need to do is register on the website. This can be done using Facebook. The only backlog of this website is that it does not view the content in Hindi.


The third in the list is the Livemocha website. The best thing about this website is that it has a community where you can learn English from others and also teach them your native language if required. The app has various people with native English speaking experience and other non native speakers. The registration process is pretty simple. All that is needed is some of your details like name, email address, date of birth, native language, language to learn, etc,

Apart from these, there are many other sites where you can learn to speak English and its various aspects like tenses, nouns, adverbs, and others.

English Learning Apps

Another handy source to learn English is by using a mobile app. It is no different than a website but if you are on the go, you can utilize that time by learning through a convenient source. Here are some apps to help you learn English online.


To be a pro in speaking, reading and listening to English, Duolingo can help you a lot. Not only one but it helps you learn English for people of 23 linguistic backgrounds. There are around 68 courses on Duolingo that have various advantages. In the beginning, the app makes you understand the basic concepts like vowel, consonant, verbs, prepositions, word order, etc. post this, you get to an advanced level of learning that includes new vocabulary words and rules of grammar.


Memrise is an English learning app that also has courses for other languages. The app is also known as a crowdsourced platform where you can learn from the Memrise community. The factor that distinguishes this app from other apps is that you get a chance to learn from the native speakers of the English language. Unlike other apps, Memrise does not just make a course for you to follow. It also offers you to pitch questions to the members of the community so that you can explore more outside the course.


Unlike Duolingo and Memrise, that focus on the basics of the English language. The Lingbe app focuses on the speaking part of the language that is essential for your fluent communication with people around the globe. The app also has a feature of calling people on the community and being friends with them, you need to set the timings of the call. You can also enter a private chat room with the people on the app. This also helps in enhancing various other aspects of the language like English pronunciation, speaking skills, fluency, etc. If your speaking is good, you can also enhance your English writing skills.

English Learning Podcasts

Learn English
Mobile phone and earphones on wooden background, Credits: 4045, Source: Freepik

Among all the above resources, Podcasts are the prime sources of learning spoken English. It helps you communicate well and is also available for free online. All you need to do is spare some time and listen to it. Here are some of the podcasts that will help you enhance your English and will also teach you techniques to speak American or British English.

The English We Speak: Developed by some of the professionals of BBC, the podcast channel helps you develop an excellent grip on English speaking. It covers all of the crucial aspects of the spoken English section like pronunciation, words and phrases, language exchange and more. Get the BBC podcast here.

ESL Pod: This podcast comprises over 900 episodes to learn from that will surely enhance your spoken English along with the ability to comprehend it faster. No matter if your official language is English or not, by watching and listening to this podcast, you may get better at English more than other languages.

Luke’s English Podcast: The podcast run by a comedian Luke, offers you various English phrases and vocabulary words on a daily basis. Along with this, you will surely get proficient in English conversation along with listening comprehension.

There are many others on the web that will enhance your communication skills apart from these podcasts. You just need to look for them.

English Translation Apps

Learn English translator
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Well, there are various other methods from which you can learn English and the fun part is that it is always exciting to know what your name means in some other language. Translators are a good way to learn and can help you improve your language learning

How to improve English by translators

Choose any of these translators for learning English.

iTranslate: The iTranslate app free translator features over 100 languages. Other than this, there is also a dictionary section in the app where you can find and learn new words. The app translates and narrates to the users in two voices, male and female. One can also switch between the two dialects. The pro version of the translator offers you offline access to 13 languages.

Google Translate: Google Translate has much better features than the iTranslate translator. It provides you offline access to over 55 languages whereas you can have access to 100 of them when online. The translator is free to access and allows you a two-way conversion of 39 languages. All these features will help you learn English and speak it confidently.

Private Online Tutors

English Tutor
A tutor conducting private lessons, Source: Freepik, Credits: branin

If you are not fond of sitting in front of the laptop all the time. You can also opt for learning English online from a private tutor or maybe offline if you want. There are various benefits of learning from a private tutor as if you are making mistakes, he or she will make you correct it on the spot. Along with this, you will also get personal attention. There are many platforms on the web where you can find private tutors for learning English.

Here is how to learn English online in India, follow the below-mentioned platforms for private tutors:


One of the best online learning platforms and apps with some pretty remarkable features. Their test series along with one on one private tutors will improve your English language skills, whether it is reading skills or writing skills.


The UrbanPro platform connects teachers and students with each other. No matter which subject you want to learn, just register, select a tutor and start learning. You can learn how to speak English, you can get an interactive tutorial from the tutors and many other features.


The Superprof platform is also like the UrbanPro platform that connects tutors and students. Though, it has some brilliant and unique features. The Superprof platform has a lot of choices for you to choose from. For English lessons, you can choose the tutor you want by checking their professional experience and pricing. You can contact the tutor and get the first lecture free and if you don’t like the tutor. You have plenty of more choices.

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