English is a universal language and knowing the language has multiple benefits. More than 1.5 billion people in the entire world speak the English language. In India, English has been authorized as an official language for documentation purposes in offices. Not just the government sector, but English is widely spoken in the private industries. Almost 90% of all the big corporations use English as a primary language for communication purposes. 

So knowing the English language can help you get a number of advantages in almost every sector you walk into. The biggest problem of spoken English is faced by college students who come from rural areas or small towns of India. Although having great knowledge of their subjects, the students feel uncomfortable when they have to face interviews for the job. So it is necessary to build up your English skills in any way possible so that you don’t feel any anxiety and issue when you need to have a conversation in English. 

Here in this article, we will look at some of the ways through which one can become fluent in the English language. Also, we will have a look at the way of using podcasts to improve your English and how to learn English. You can check some of the best resources to learn English online here.

Benefits of Learning the English Language 

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20% of the World's Population Speaks English Source Unsplash Credits: Colin Armstrong

In a country like India, where the population is so diverse and there are around 20,000 different regional languages, learning English to have better communication with everyone is important. There are several benefits of learning the English Language and some of them are given below:

  • Internationally Spoken Language

English is a language that is spoken by a vast majority of the world’s population. Most countries use English as their official language. So knowing English can help you with communication with others when you travel overseas. Also, the world has become digital now and there are a number of apps who connect people from various countries altogether. So knowing English can help you to have easy and efficient communication with people from around the globe. 

  • Easy to Crack Interviews 

A person must be judged according to his skills for a job but unfortunately in India, it is not a hundred percent true. There are several companies that do not pay much attention to the language skills of a person but there are also many who take language as a primary important thing. This is so because the market has not remained national and most Indian companies deal with millions of people from outside India. 

So having a good command over English becomes necessary to enter into these organizations. If you know the English language and have the confidence of speaking it, the chances of you cracking the interview become more. 

  • More Job Opportunities 

Speaking in English can land you with several jobs in India. The population of India is too large and foreign investors are putting a lot of their money into the Indian markets. This means more people are required to have effective communication with the clients. 

So knowing English can be valuable if you are working in any such organization. Other than that, there are many teaching jobs, writing jobs, translation jobs, etc. that demand knowledge for the English language. Know more about online English translation jobs. So knowing English can open new opportunities for you. 

Spoken English lessons through Podcasts - Benefits

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Learning through the Podcast helps in Improving Your Active Listening Skills. Source: Unsplash Credits: Joesef Key

From the previous few decades, there has been enough awareness about learning the English language. With increasing technology, it has now become easier to learn English. There are several ways and mediums that help you in making your English better. English can be learned through apps, podcasts, etc. Check some of the best apps to learn English

The trendiest way of learning English nowadays is through Podcasts. How to learn English becomes a simplistic question when we start our learning journey through the podcast. There are several benefits of learning the language thorough podcast and some of them are mentioned down below:

  • Helps You to Learn Anytime and Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of learning through the podcast is that it does not bind you to take out extra time from your schedule to learn the language. You can listen to the podcast while you are driving, exercising and even bathing. Also, the control of podcasts is with you so unlike the television, you do not have to wait for a specific time to listen to it and can listen to it when you find the appropriate time.

  • Free of Cost

The biggest benefit of learning the English language through podcasts is that they are always available easily and too free of cost. A majority of podcasts available online are free and are proficient in making you learn the language. They do not just teach you the right way to speak English but also have plenty of speaking exercises involving basic grammar concepts and others so that you stay motivated.  

Some of the best podcasts available online that can help to shape your spoken English skills are as follows: 

  • The English We Speak - It is developed by some of the most knowledgeable experts from the BBC. They provide you with language tools and a language course that helps in making a significant improvement to your English. The podcast covers all from consonants to vowels and all the basic grammar needed to learn for a non-English speaker. Check out the link to the BBC podcast.
  • Elementary Podcasts by the British Council - This is amongst the most helpful podcasts available online that can help you to get a hold over the English language. By watching this podcast you will certainly have much better English in a lesser amount of time. 
  • Podcasts in English - This is one of the best podcast lessons available online for beginners. Using it, online English lessons become easier and interesting for everyone. 
  • ESL Pod - This podcast comprises more than 900 episodes to learn from. By watching and listening to this podcast, there can be a great improvement in the fluency of your English language. Also, this is best for teaching the advanced level of English to speakers who have become affluent in the language. 
  • Luke’s English Podcast - Luke is a comedian who also provides English lessons through podcasts. Many new and interesting English phrases can be learned from his podcast. Not just the reading and listening, but his podcast focuses on the common core of the language so that the basics become stronger for a person.

All these podcasts are available online and can be used to improve your communication skills. 

  • Improve Your Pronunciation

Listening to podcasts can highly enhance your pronunciation skills. When we learn by reading and writing, we are more focused on grammar. But when listening, you are able to grasp the proper pronunciation of the words and thereby learn the right way to speak the words. This way you are able to gain confidence and become more affluent in the language.

  • Ease to Rewind and Play

Unlike the other mediums through which you learn the language, it is quite simple to learn English from a podcast. In case, you miss some information or want to go back to check on something specific, you can do that in seconds. With easy rewinding options, you can switch to any part of the episode you like.

  • Develops Listening Skills

One major advantage that you get from listening to podcasts is that it develops your listening skills to a great extent. For listening to the podcast, you have to pay the right amount of attention otherwise you may skip something important. This constant engagement of listening helps in enhancing your listening skills. Also, you are able to hear the words much better when some native speakers of English speakers speak which in turn raises your confidence. 

Other Ways to Learn the English Language

Learning the language through podcasts is a great way, but there are also several other methods through which the language can be learned. Some of them are:

  • Spoken English Classes

There are several classes available in majorly all the cities of India where you can find classes for spoken English. Depending on the teacher available, you may learn to speak English from any such institute located in your nearby areas.  

  • Online Learning Sites

English learning
Online Learning is a Much Easier and Convenient Way to Learn English. Source: Unsplash Credits: Headway

Learning things online has become easier for people around the world. Almost any kind of teaching can be founded online. There are several sites like Superprof, Byjus, Udemy, etc. that can help you to learn the English language through an online source. Learning online gets some good results and you dave a lot of time by learning online. Find some of the best sites for learning English here. 

  • Home Tutoring

Another prominent way of learning English is through home tutoring. A home tutor helps you to master the language by actively speaking with you in English and making corrections in your spoken English. How to learn English becomes easiest when hiring a home tutor as the expected results are faster and better. Know more about hiring an online English teacher.

To find a home tutor, you can check the website of Superprof. It is a wonderful platform that has thousands of teachers available and by profiling those teachers, you can find a suitable spoken English teacher for yourself. 


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