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How to Learn English in the Most Effective Ways?

You're never too old or too young to learn English. So, keep going - Anonymous If you are looking for some tips on how to improve vocabulary online, then you need to start with basic English language skills. Given you are in 2021 in a world which has been brought to a standstill by the Covid19 pandemic, […]

26 August 20216 minutes to read

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A Comprehensive Guide to Business English Courses in India

English is the most recognized language in the world. This has also made it the most dominant language in the business world. Professionals with a good knowledge of basic English also need to learn Business English to give themselves the chance to demonstrate a wider professional vocabulary, resulting in new career opportunities. The dictionary meaning […]

20 August 20216 minutes to read

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English Comprehension Skills to Grasp Complete Command over the Language

In the 21st century, the English language has become one of the most valuable assets for speakers of other languages. Having the requisite English comprehension skills allows students to grasp meaning quickly and thus helps academically and professionally. It also improves communication skills and builds a strong relationship with other individuals. The better you understand, […]

12 August 20217 minutes to read


Find Out The Most Common Mistakes In English For ESOL Learners?

The most common errors in English are not necessarily errors, but misconceptions that a lot of people make. Mixing up then and than. Often these sentences contain this mix-up: My dog is bigger than your cat when what should be said is My dog is bigger than your cat then. Yet another common mix-up for […]

11 August 20217 minutes to read

Want to Master the English Language?

Our English tutors are here to help you learn the language of Shakespeare. Whether you’re a beginner, a refresher, or in preparation for an exam, you’ll find the help you need on Superprof.

Superprof is the go to platform for English teachers and we boast over 10,000 anglophones across our network. Check out their profiles if you want to learn English and take ESOL courses.


Find Different Ways to Learn English Online and Get Certified

The British Council has been offering the exams for nearly 30 years and seems to have a good reputation in India as well. They offer tests all over India at certified testing centres, so you don't even need to spend time travelling if they're not near you. The British Council is also one of the […]

11 August 20217 minutes to read

How to learn English in India?

Getting Started with English Lessons – All You Need to Know

Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language - H. Jackson Brown Jr. Listening to your English tutor, you may have often wondered about what makes this language so important and significant? Why do so many people around the world seek English lessons? What is the reason behind English being one of […]

10 August 20216 minutes to read

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Learn English as a Second Language with the help of English Lessons

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. - Ludwig Wittgenstein Language is the greatest gift to humankind and an essential medium to channelize your emotions to others. It bridges the gap between distinct cultures, ethnicity, countries, faith and individuals. Among thousands of languages globally, English is the most widely followed language, […]

7 August 20217 minutes to read

Think outside the box

Creative Writing: A Comprehensive Guide

It takes time to create an original work of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction. Practice and persistence are key in this process. However, creative writing doesn't follow an exact science or a set framework of rules. Writing, in all its varied forms, is an empowering and complex process. Psychologists argue that there are 4 basic skills shared […]

1 August 20219 minutes to read

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A comprehensive guide to finding the best English teacher and course!

Languages are the binding elements of our society. No matter where you go, the language you speak tells a lot about you. English is one of those languages that has worldwide recognition. I mean, you will surely get someone everywhere who speaks English, maybe not like a native speaker but yes. Now, as English is […]

27 September 20206 minutes to read

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English speaking class with children | How can it help?

It is frequently observed that some Indian parents cannot collaborate with their children when it comes to learning the English language. This is because of the sole fact that either they don’t know about the language or they don’t remember the concepts of it. This may cause issues with student’s English writing, reading, and listening […]

26 September 20206 minutes to read

Learn English

How quickly can you learn English with an ESOL Course?

English is a language that can help you break the language barrier no matter where you go in the world. Over 1.27 billion people in the world speak the English language. These figures clearly depict the relevance and popularity of the language. This does not mean that other global languages are not relevant, but if […]

25 September 20206 minutes to read

Use English as you learn it to become fluent more quickly

How to Get From a Beginner to Intermediate English

Anyone who wants to learn a new language has their work cut out for them. It is no easy task to master the grammar and pronunciation of a foreign language and building a vocabulary suitable for everyday communication and dealing with official matters is the work of a lifetime. That is exactly the challenge that […]

22 September 20208 minutes to read

Improve Your English | The Rise and Importance of Spoken English Classes

The English language has always been held in high regard in India. Ever since the British colonial rulers took over the administration of the country, Indians have been keen on learning the nuances of the language and mastering the art of speaking in English. Indeed, spoken English skills are often considered a benchmark for assessing […]

19 October 201911 minutes to read

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English at Primary School: Spoken English Classes

Indian parents of today are known to be most anxious when it comes to their child's education. From putting them to the right English-medium schools at the earliest age to hiring the best tutors for them, they will leave no stone unturned. But both the parent and the child experiences anxiety for different reasons. The […]

10 October 20196 minutes to read

List of Common Arabic Phrases Employed in English

How to learn English Through Immersion

Let it be said: language learning at university in your home country is not always the most practical way to do it. An online English course needs to be experienced either in small groups or in complete immersion if one wants to progress. According to EF - Education First (an international education company), the level […]

16 February 20196 minutes to read

English is a rich, dense and resourceful language

Learn to Speak English Like A Local

This article is for students who study English as a Second Language (ESOL) who dream about perfecting their language skills and becoming genuinely bilingual. You will have to be very intentional about how you learn when you learn and even where you learn. To truly achieve the highest level of language proficiency. Your English language […]

14 February 20199 minutes to read

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales

Tips For Travelling Abroad For Students Learning English

As an ESOL student planning a trip to a country that speaks English is going to be a huge treat. While learning English in the classroom can be fun and very useful to give you the foundations of the language. Nothing compares to travelling to a country that speaks the language that you are learning. […]

1 February 20199 minutes to read

Prepare yourself for an oral exam in English

How To Improve Your Spoken English Skills

Why is it so complicated to improve your English speaking skills as an ESOL  learner and speaker? Even if you see that your English level is improving you may start to notice a plateau in your learning and be confused about what you can do to continue to develop and become fluent. While it is […]

27 December 20187 minutes to read

What different English dialects are there?

The Different English Dialects

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” - Flora Lewis We can’t say it enough, but English is part of so many people’s everyday lives whether for work or for socialising or just for getting by in a foreign country. There […]

12 October 20186 minutes to read

English can open the door to new career prospects, a different culture and making new friends

Starting ESOL Courses: Finding an English Tutor

You never stop hearing that you must learn how to speak English in order to be able to communicate with the rest of the world. Being able to speak English as a foreign language is a personal and professional asset – so don’t miss an opportunity to learn it! So how do you find a […]

21 March 20187 minutes to read

Get into some of the more modern ways to learn English

Why Take ESOL Lessons to Learn English?

As of 2015, the most recent statistics available, more than a billion and a half people used English to conduct business, regardless of their native language. That number has surely increased in the intervening two years. If you are currently learning English, whether you intend to use the language in your daily life, or you […]

21 March 201812 minutes to read

How can you teach children English?

English for Kids

A child can learn a foreign language and become fluent in it without any real problems. In fact, a young learner is usually better than an adult when it comes to learning a second language due to the way their brain is made for learning language at this stage of their life. Would you like […]

21 March 20187 minutes to read

Learning English made easy

Resources to Learn English Online

We all know that learning a new language is never easy. Especially one that is so different to your mother tongue. However, thanks to many an English speaking course online and phone applications, learning english online has never been easier! Throughout this article, we will discuss the many different available online tools to help deepen […]

21 March 20188 minutes to read

Learn english from Shakespeare's plays and poems

Discover the world of the English Language

Nowadays a vast majority of the global population speak English. We cannot stress enough the importance of learning this most widely spoken language. But, how well do you really know English, for example, its history and its cuisine? Or is your learning of the language limited to just a few oral and written exercises? If […]

21 March 20188 minutes to read

Getting the hang of the tricky English spellings seems tedious, but is well worth it

English Spelling Rules for ESOL Learners

With its international status and easy conjugation, English is a brilliant language to learn, whether you learn english online or face to face. Gaining reading and writing skills with the possibility of achieving fluency in any language is highly beneficial for the future prospects of the learners, as acquiring valuable language skills is a small […]

13 September 201710 minutes to read

How can you quickly learn English?

English is taught as a second language in most countries around the world but many students struggle with it.

Students who learn English as a foreign language at school don’t always reach a good level in the language.

A lot of people want to improve their English.

You can learn to speak English at any age. Thanks to ESOL courses and regularly working with your English tutor, anyone, regardless of their age, can learn English as a second language in a short amount of time.

What’s the Best Way to Improve Your English Level?

Hard work. Practising English daily, focusing on learning new words, watching English or American films, listening to music, reading in English, finding an English-speaking penpal, etc. There are plenty of fun ways to learn how to speak English. There’s more to it than just studying grammar and learning irregular verbs off by heart.

Succeed with English Lessons

If you want to learn how to speak English fluently (or even become bilingual in English), taking ESOL courses or English classes with a private tutor can really help. As a linguistic coach, your ESOL tutor will help and guide you on your journey. They’ll help you learn the basics before moving onto the more advanced concepts.

There are plenty of different resources for improving your English: books, dictionaries, English games, mobile apps with voice recognition, websites for learning English, etc.

Make sure you make the most of all the different types of resources so you can train your ears to the sound of English, improve your speaking, work on your writing, and practise reading.

You can also expand your English vocabulary, learn new words and expressions, and get to grips with speaking in English.

If you have the opportunity, you should go to an English-speaking country and immerse yourself in the language. Travelling to an English-speaking country is a quick way to learn the language.

It’s great for improving your accent, intonation, and pronunciation. You’ll also have to choose whether you want to learn British English or American English first.

Find English Lessons for Your Level

Whether a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or fluent, you can find tutors for any level of English.

Wanting to learn English for your job?

Need an English conversation class? Intensive English classes?

Do You Need to Brush Up on Your English?

Are you getting ready for an exam? Before you start studying English, you need to work out what you’re looking for.

Do you dream of learning to speak English with a native speaker, learn more about English culture, and travel to the UK, US, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the English speaking world?

Would you like a language student to teach your child to speak English?

Would you like to practise speaking English?

On Superprof, there are plenty of different English tutors.

You should work out what you’re looking for in a private English tutor. You could even get private ESOL courses online over Skype.

This can help you quickly learn to speak English by chatting with someone.

With private individual tutorials, group tutorials, English conversation classes, English beginners’ classes, or English classes for adults, you can find the perfect class to meet your needs.

Most tutors will give you an English level test before hand.