Learning a language has its own perks. It sure is like learning new skills! Whether it is French, Spanish, or English, each of these languages helps a person gain knowledge and confidence while catering to personal development. 

When we talk about English, it is a world-wide used language. It is used in numerous fields like management software, aviation, tourism, content management, and diplomacy. Learning English increases the chances of getting a good job and is a great help in finding work out of the country. 

At present, learning a language has become super easy. There are several resources from where you can learn English with the help of online teaching. It is quite a well-known fact that many Indian students struggle when it comes to learning English. Most of which is because of the learning system in schools. This, in turn, results in poor communication skills, a huge dip in confidence, and many other grievances. If students get a chance to polish their skills, there might be a chance of them excelling in every other field. However, this isn't possible since students are already burdened due to the schedule of classes. There are times when they don't even get a chance to get out and play. This is where online learning classes and courses come in handy. 

You may find an online education course in the form of an app or a website. Not only students but even grown-ups and working professionals also make use of these websites and apps. In this blog, we shall not only be talking about the best English online learning sites in India but why learning this language is important. 

Why is learning English Beneficial?

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English is one of the most widely used languages in the world. No wonder why people are now making the most of online resources. With the help of online training, a large number of students prefer taking help from an online certificate program, which is so much better than a traditional classroom. These give students multiple-choice in choosing what's right for them. Learning an English online course to have a better understanding of this language has many benefits. A few of them are written below :

1. English is a Global Language

Do you know which is the most common language in the world? It is English. At least one out of five people can speak or understand English. With the availability of free online courses, the unprivileged can easily take maximum benefits. You can also learn spoken English from podcasts.

2. The Chance of a Secure Future Increases

Take any course, from web development to social sciences, English plays a vital role. Knowing this language increases the chance of a person landing into a secure job. Not only that, but by studying English online, a person can also find work while sitting at home. 

Educational technology has taken a great leap and switched to online from traditional classes for better. 

3. It is the language of the Internet.

It is one of the most important languages online since most of the content on the internet is written in English. Other than this, some of the world's biggest tech companies are also housed in English speaking countries. 

Learn online and earn a certificate by a self-directed method of learning. The courses are designed in such a way that a student makes the most of it. 

4. English is an Important Language for Business

It doesn't matter if you are a business owner, an employee, or a student, the integration with the English language is super essential. English is considered as one of the essential business languages since it is the de facto language of the U.S. and the official language of India, South Africa, and Canada. Other than that, online English translators can also come handy in your business purposes.

Before getting into an online course in English, you can take a free trial and know where you stand on the scale! 

5. You can Study Anywhere in the World

English is spoken in various different countries. Some of the best universities and colleges that offer programs in this language are - Southeast Community College, Stanford University, Hillsdale College, Columbia College, University of Phoenix, Porterville College, and Coventry University. If you learn English online, you will get a lot of opportunities to study further in these institutions. 

How are Online Classes Better than Home Tutoring?

Online learning sites provide you with a virtual teaching practice using the internet. These offer distance education courses and make sure you can study with preference to your schedule. It is a form of an open education platform where students enjoy the privilege of studying comfortably. 

By enrolling yourself in an online learning course, there is no need to commute. It can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Therefore, online degrees can be earned even when you are traveling. The flexibility of online classes is the biggest blessing which lacks in home tutoring. 

In addition to this, online learning sites offer a wide course option. You get to choose from multiple courses that may not be available in your location. Therefore, you won't have to go to another area to learn something that is available at the click of a button! 

Moreover, you can expect to pay a lower fee in an e-learning course as compared to home tutoring. Learn English from private tutors here.

The Best Website for Learning English in India

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Wondering how to improve English speaking skills? We have you covered here are some of the best online learning sites which offer various courses in English. If you want to unleash the learner in you, get the most out of the courses offered by the following online English learning sites. 


A cool website that offers different courses and lets the users learn languages like German and Spanish for free, Duolingo will be useful in learning English as well. In India, a learner has an option to view the site and courses offered in Hindi, which will be beneficial for him to understand the langua

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ge better. Distance education couldn't get any better with Duolingo since the courses provided are free of cost for maximum student success. 

This online learning site also offers apps of Android and iOS platforms, enabling users to learn a new language while on the move. 


Studying online has become very easy with Busuu. It helps a learner learn multiple languages, including English. The courses found in Busuu are designed with respect to every individual. To use this online learning site, you need to select a language to learn and then register with an email account. You can log into the site using Facebook as well. 

After registering, a learner may start taking lessons and learn English gradually. Busuu offers premium service as well, where students are provided with learning materials for test preparation and earn a certificate based on the test. 


An online learning platform that helps people learn a new language, Livemocha is a community-driven site. It doesn't take much time to register on Livemocha; you just have to fill in the basic details. It also allows you to help others learn your native language. You earn credits, not like the college credit system but even better!


Memrise is a well-known site that provides classes online. It is known for its language-related courses and materials. One can log into Memrise using Facebook and start off very fast. It offers premium as well as free services. It is also available in the form of a mobile application and helps a learner study on the go. 


Apply now for one of the best online programs with Englishleap.com. It has a free resources section that is super helpful and can be broken down into different sub-sections. It covers topics such as Punctuation, Career-related tips, Vocabulary, and resources. Other than that, there are different quizzes and exercises to test a person's knowledge level. There is an availability of video lessons under this free resources section. 

To ensure that a learner can access the resources easily, the site offers an app as well. 

BBC Learning English

An online learning initiative by BBC, one can get the best English learning resources by logging into the website. The quality of the course material offered on this site also includes English podcasts that are exceptionally good. However, you will not be able to learn any other Indian language on the site, including Hindi. 


With the availability of different online learning sites on the internet, you can easily improve your hold on the English language. Not only you get to learn, but you also get to have a lot of fun! Learning online helps you revolutionize the way we learn a language. The integration of learning and interactivity makes it all the more fun!

Discover the best apps for learning English in India right from your phone!

You will also find specialized tutors online who provide excellent knowledge while teaching English on Superprof.

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