English is the language that is spoken by over 1.5 billion people on earth. This is almost 20 percent of the world’s population. In some countries, English has taken the place of the professional language. And due to all these facts and figures, it has become essential for some people to learn it.

If you want to learn English, there are many ways to do that. You can choose to learn English through online tutoring or offline tutoring. All that will matter in the end is how well you will be after that. Now, if we take a comprehensive look into the benefits of learning English, there are many of them. Along with this, there are many online tutoring platforms in India where you can look for learning English. 

Here in this article, we will take a comprehensive look into various online platforms where you can find tutors for tutoring online English. We will also discuss the various benefits of online teaching. Let us dive into the article now.

Benefits of learning English from online/home tutors

Well, whether you are learning English from scratch or you have knowledge about it from before. It is always better to learn the subject from a professional. And there is another factor that needs special attention that you are learning English for writing or speaking. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that you get after learning English.

Explore more

One of the best benefits of learning English is the ability to explore more things. If you are not good at English neither reading, speaking or writing. You need to learn it as fast as possible as there are various issues that you may face because of its absence. With powerful English skills in hand, there are various things in the world that you can explore.

If you haven’t read in an English medium school and you are planning to be in one now. It will be difficult for you to interpret all subjects. And if we talk about some specific subjects, you might also need to get in touch with science tutor, chemistry tutor, math tutor and more. And to be in proper coordination with them, you need to be fluent in English. It will help you explore more aspects of the world. And for all this, getting help from an experienced online tutor will be the best decision. Along with this, you can also refer to some English learning apps also.

Effective Communication

online tutor communication
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The best way to solve any problem in the world is through effective communication where the other person can understand you. And to be a part of this type of communication, you need to be fluent in English. When you get enrolled in the English tutoring classes with an online tutor, the very basic thing that you need to focus on is the English speaking because these days, it is the most frequently used part of the English language. You can also choose to enhance your speaking by referring to English translators that explain the pronunciation well. 

The communication part of the English language has many more benefits like if you are appearing for an interview for a job, you will be more confident if you have a good grasp of the English language. You can refer to English Podcasts to get an idea about the speaking part of the language.

Make Money

English is one of the most demanding languages in India. Hence, if you have a good hand in English, you can make a lot of money from it. For example, you can make money by becoming a tutor. By offering tutoring services for English, whether it is one-on-one tutoring or private tutoring, you will gain experience and can also go to the tutoring line.

You can also look into the various other opportunities of making money from learning English from a professional tutor. He or she can also offer you various other new ways to express yourself with the language.

Various ways to learn English

Online English tutor
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Well, if you have decided to learn English, there are many ways to do that. You can learn it from an online tutor or you can choose to learn it from a Private tutor for English. Whether you are preparing for college level exams or school level exams, the need for a tutor is essential.

Online English Tutors

One of the ways of learning English is by learning from a tutor online. There are many benefits actually of learning English from online tutors such as:

Flexibility and convenience: This is the best benefit of learning English from an online tutor. When you are taking online tutoring from a tutor, you get the full flexibility of time and place. You can learn from anywhere, all you need is an active internet connection. You get access to virtual whiteboards along with an online classroom. There are various online platforms that offer these online classes with professional teachers. We will take a look at these online platforms ahead in this article.

Prices: This is the feature that may not be in everyone’s favor but the pricing of the online tutors is relatively less as compared to the offline or home tutors. Along with this, in online tutoring, you get far more choices in the case of tutors. No matter which subject it is, you will get the one you are looking for, like an English Tutor, physics tutors or math tutor.

The prices of these online tutors may vary as per their experience and their English speaking skills and English listening skills. You need to choose them as per your budget and preference.

Home Tutors

If you are not interested in an online learning platform, you can opt for a home or private classes. Apart from online tutoring, there are many benefits to the home tutoring platform. They are like:

Personal attention: One of the best benefits of learning from a home tutor is personal attention. You get all the knowledge you need from one source that is also exclusive for you. This helps you grab more knowledge no matter which subject. 

Hassle-free: One more benefit of having a home tutor is the availability at your home. You don’t have to travel to their home for your academic success, you can call them at your house. This helps in boosting your academic performance by saving your time on traveling.

Various Platforms to find an online English tutor

Online English
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If you have made up your mind to learn English, there are many websites and platforms on the web where you can find English Tutors. How to find teachers online?

Here is a list of websites where you can find English tutors for paid or free online tutoring.


BYJU is an online learning platform that has various awesome features. Here you can find huge sets of study material for your examination no matter which subject it is. Obviously, there is a fee for signing up for the platform but it will be worth it as you will get a lot of benefits. On BYJU, each student can have a live session with a teacher. You can get all your doubts sorted with a personal tutor. The personal tutor at BYJU can also give you an exam review. You get access to a large number of test papers for your test preparation.


The platform is a great one that connects both students and teachers with each other. You can register on this platform and find tutors you want coaching for. For English, you can find a lot of tutors. The pricing can be an issue sometimes but if the tutor is asking for high pay, then most probably he or she might be having a great set of English language skills. You can choose to learn from any tutor regarding any subject. 


The best thing about the Vedantu platform is that the online tutors at Vedantu have rich teaching experience. Along with this, the platform has various other features like live sessions between the tutor and the student, replay of every live session that you had with the tutor. Along with this, you will also get records of your performance and how well or bad you performed. You can also have live sessions on your mobile device.


Superprof is also one of the best platforms that act as a middleman between the teachers and students on the web. On Superprof, you can get the best tutors not only for English but also for all subjects. There are various other features that make Superprof better than all other websites. 

Free trial: This is a feature that has largely attracted the many aspirants for academic support and academic tutoring. Now, what makes this feature valuable is that you can make a better choice for your tutor and the learning environment. You can take the demo class free of cost and if you are not satisfied with the teaching method of the tutor, you can change the tutor.

Choices: Another great thing about the online platform is the number of choices that it offers. There are various teachers of different subjects on the platform for students. You have a wide choice to pick your tutor from the list.

Diversity and pricing: Diversity here means that you can get teachers for every subject on this platform. You can get individualized homework help for English and other subjects.

All this is about the various platforms and websites to find online tutors for English. These English learning websites will serve as a great helping hand for you. Maybe, when you become fluent in English someday, you can also start your own tutoring business. Learn about all online resources to learn English here!

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