It is a fun activity to know what some of the words in your mother tongue will mean in English. But apart from being fun, sometimes we also need to check out the translation of a few words. Moreover, there are a lot of spoken English courses that you can learn from. 

When it comes to translating something from your mother tongue, sometimes you end up in grave difficulties. It is during these times that you will ask for good translation skills or want access to some tools and methods that can help you understand it. 

Lucky for you, the answer to your question of how to improve my English speaking skills is summarised in one word, Technology. Due to these tools and applications, translating becomes easier and convenient. You only need to open up the application and translate any language into your mother tongue. Check the various online resources to learn English.

Benefits of learning to translate and spoken English lessons

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Translation becomes a major issue when you are not aware of how to speak a language. You may be in a dire situation where you regret not learning how to speak English. Fortunately, you have access to some of the best translation tools in the world. This includes Google Translate, Bing Translator, Linguee and many others. There are several other ways such as learning English through podcasts, apps, etc. 

The major benefits accorded by these tools are: 

  • Free Access: The best thing is that even if you do not have the required language skills pertaining to a new language, you can understand it for free. With translation tools, you can enhance your language skills. This type of tool can also help you learn a language step by step. 
  • Convenient: Apart from free usage, these applications, websites, and online tools are very easy to use. The interface can be understood by anyone irrespective of which language they speak. Plus, navigating to the right options is also easier. 
  • Access to many Languages: The majority of the translators that we use today are built with access to many languages. Google Translate is known to have a database of almost every language that is spoken in the bigger countries. Moreover, this makes Google Translate an amazing online tool to learn about these languages. 

Best e-learning websites and online translators

To choose the best tool for online translation of the English language to your mother tongue, there are a few factors that you must consider. On the basis of these factors, you will find the best translation platforms listed below.

  • iTranslate: iTranslate is a free mobile application that provides access to more than 1000 different languages. The translation prowess of this tool will also help you learn to speak English comfortably.  Also, you can learn English through online apps

Some of the features that make iTranslate the most sought after translator are:

    • It has an inbuilt dictionary section. This will help you understand new words and know what the meaning of different words in English in your local dialect is. Further, having a dictionary within the application will also help improve your pronunciation. 
    • You can also switch between the male and female voices within the app. Understanding language is super important. In the majority of the spoken English lessons, voice preference matters. 
    • In the premium version of the application, you can also switch between the language. You can choose from 13 language options. Along with it, you will get a voice to voice translations. 

Check the link to find various online sites to learn English from.

  • Google Translate: When the word Google comes before anything, it means that resultant application or service will be good. In other words, Google Translate is one of the most widely used and extensive translators. 
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The best part is that you can translate between a big database of languages. There are options to choose from 109 languages. Due to this, the speakers of these 109 languages can also learn English. 

Google Translate is the best answer to your question of how to improve my English speaking skills. These features listed below will further help you know more about Google Translate. 

    • Text to text translation is one of the most basic functions of Google Translate. Here you can just write or copy the text and translate it to the language of your choice. 
    • The offline translation mode is yet another good feature of this platform. Google translate has the option to translate 59 languages without connecting to the internet. 
    • Translate with Camera: Sometimes, you may need to translate text from a camera. For that, Google Translate has provided the users' accessibility to the camera feature. Here you can capture any text from the Google translate mobile application. This can be beneficial in understanding any native language.  
    • Conversations: The best part is that with this website or application, you can also have conversations in a foreign language. The text will be simultaneously converted to your chosen language even though you do not know how to speak the other language. 
  • Bing Translator: Bing is again another good platform for English learning with the help of translation. Bing has been developed by Microsoft and has been into commission since 2009. 

Bing is similar to Google Translate to some extent. Some of the features are similar. One outstanding feature of Bing is that it has a voice to text translation option. Here you may speak in your language, and Bing will convert it to text. Therefore, it makes the translation even easier and convenient for users. 

Further, Bing can also detect the language that has been either written or spoken on its portal. This means that you won’t have to select the language. All you need to do is select the language in which you want the text to be converted, and the application will do the rest. 

This is particularly helpful when you want to take spoken English lessons. With such a tool at your behest, you can easily learn to speak the language. It is true that with English, there are a lot of complex grammar rules, and you may need the help of a professional English teacher to understand them. Translations applications only make it easier for users to brush up their basics and keep practicing. 

  • Linguee: Linguee is one of the most authentic and widespread translation websites. It is mostly used by the students because of its vast library of resources and dictionary. 

Moreover, with Linguee, the translation is better because it also uses the internet to find the relevant sources of the texts. This means that Linguee does not rely on the machine’s authenticity to translate the text. It finds out the already converted text on the web, which has been converted by a native speaker. 

So the level of accuracy and the conversation authenticity is also higher. For instance, when you are learning English, you will need to learn from a native English speaker. And getting texts related to the English vocabulary and other sorts of English learning will come directly from the source. That makes Linguee, which has both websites and applications, a better platform than Google Translate. 

Apart from all the benefits and accuracy of this service, the one drawback is that you can only search for shorter sentences. Like, the limit of the search bar is 12 words. 

You can only search for a sentence that is 12 words long and not more than that. That is why Linguee is best used by the students to learn shorter sentences of a foreign language. 

However, Linguee is one of the best tools for converting the vocabulary and learning it from the website or the tool. You may speak a foreign language fluently, but your knowledge of the jargon associated with that language may not be apt. 

To help you with it and your English speaking courses, Linguee is a great tool and one of the best e-learning websites. 

  • Yandex Translate: Yandex is also giving some serious competition to Google Translate. It can help translate over 94 languages, and ever since its launch in 2011, Yandex has improved its functionalities to a great extent. 

Yandex can be used to translate text from a number of languages. English speakers who want to learn different languages can use Yandex. It is better, fast, efficient, and makes learning a new language easier. 

It has a number of in-built tools and features that can further help you give results to better translation and let you speak like a native speaker in no time. With an image translator, you can also zoom into some specific words or phrases and see their meaning in your native language. 


Learn English online
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Learning English is not something that you can do overnight. A number of people want to know how to improve my English speaking skills. More than this, they also want to be a native English speaker. To do that, you must leverage these kinds of efficient tools and websites that are available for free. They help in speeding up the English learning process, along with giving you access to direct information. 

Although these websites are not here for teaching English, you can custom use them in a manner that makes your learning process easier and more fun. More importantly, for English, the practice is also a must. The more you practice, the better will be your skills, and you will not find any issues to speak English fluently. Check the given link to learn English from an online tutor.

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