Taking guitar lessons has its own perks. For example, take a shy guy standing in the corner of the party. He takes a few guitar classes and turns into an entertaining guy sitting in the middle of the crowd, strumming an electric guitar. Learning to play a musical instrument helps a person build a personality that keeps on getting better with improvisation. You can also better your songwriting skills and learn to play guitar simultaneously. Who knows your song could even top the charts! Think about it. However, we would encourage you to learn to play guitar before making a move since it is mostly backed up by talent. 

Bengaluru, one of the most vibrant cities in India, is home to many youngsters. In recent years, there has been a growing trend where many of them are getting more into the technicalities of learning a guitar. This city provides some of the best guitar lessons both online and in music schools. Teaching guitar has also become a very common hobby, or you can say a part-time job in Bengaluru. Other than that, some online tutors also offer free guitar training for those who are full of zeal.

In this blog, we shall be talking about all the perks of learning a guitar and also the best online guitar classes in Bengaluru.

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar

guitar learning
Boy Playing Guitar. Credits: Harshit

Learning a musical instrument is very beneficial for a person’s holistic development. It doesn’t matter if it is a mandolin, a guitar, or you are taking piano lessons, any instrument works great in reducing anxiety and helping a person know who he truly is.

Here are some powerful reasons why a person should opt to learn a musical instrument, especially a guitar

#1. It Helps you Become Socially Active

One of the best musical instruments that help bring people together is the guitar. Taking a guitar course will help you connect with people through music. Not only does it raise the mood of the people sitting in a room, but it also unites them since guitars have a sense of spontaneity to them. You can bring a guitar to a party and instantly become the center of attraction! A great way to start the action is just to strum a few chords, and then you will be flooded with different requests! 

Just make sure you learn how to play a guitar and not just mess around in order to win people over! 

Wondering where I can find some really fine guitar classes near me? Stay tuned for more information!

#2. Learn How to Play Guitar and Get Personal Benefits

There is more to pick a guitar and learn how to play it than to attract girls and boys! The right guitar lessons can take you to another level. From being a beginner to creating your own riffs, you can learn and achieve a lot. 

Apart from being successful, you will also experience a holistic development. One can also give guitar lessons and become a professional guitar teacher. So search for the best guitar classes near me and take the initiative!

By learning to play the guitar, you will be able to create your own tunes. It works great in improving memory and concentration power since it relates to both cognitive and muscle memory. Sometimes children who are diagnosed with ADHD are advised to learn how to play guitar since it helps them focus and shift their energy into something productive. Honestly, learning guitar is more than musicianship. 

Learning guitar also helps you handle multiple tasks like a professional. It improves hand coordination and listening skills as well if you go through a proper ear training while learning guitar. For those who are still wondering where are the best guitar classes near me, well, I assure you won’t go empty-handed after reading this blog! 

Mastering the chords and perfecting songs are one of the greatest challenges a guitarist can face. However, the sense of achievement gained by doing so is truly great. It also makes us believe that these self-taught professions give us more than a financial reward. 

Learn music and play guitar to have a sense of fulfillment in your life that may have been lost. Learn guitar in Ahmedabad.

#3. Professional Benefits

The above-mentioned benefits of playing a guitar have a great effect on a person’s professional life. Some of the professional advantages that can be gained from learning a guitar are mentioned below. 

You could either take a degree in music at a university or learn guitar at a music studio and improve your time management skills from the first day itself. Learning to play guitar helps a person settle into a proper schedule. Half an hour of practice a day can lead to some really great results. 

By practicing guitar scales and chords, one can improve his/her Maths skills as well. Here’s how! The music theory is built on maths with different chords and scales. Who knew you could improve your maths while strumming your guitar. 

#4. Mental Health & Emotional Benefits

Improve your motor skills by taking a course in guitar learning. Other than that, there are great cognitive benefits for improving intelligence as well. 

Playing a guitar is highly therapeutic. You relieve a lot of stress by shredding and strumming. If you have had a tough and tiring day in the office, you can easily release your tension by playing a guitar for around ten minutes. Even a beginner guitar lesson can help you release unwanted stress and anxiety. 

For people dealing with anxiety disorder and depression, a guitar lesson could be a great option to bring back a sense of self-worth and happiness. 

People are encouraged to take a painting or drawing class or even a cooking class to improve their creativity. Similarly, by improvising and learning different styles of music, one can easily boost his/her creativity. It is an outlet that carries passion and joy hand in hand. 

#5. Physical Health Benefits

Playing any musical instrument, especially a guitar, is great for physical health. Your wrist and hands will become more flexible with regular strumming and practicing chords. It builds up the muscles and stretches the tendons. 

Another benefit of learning to play guitar is that a performer loses weight by standing and performing onstage. Well, learning how to perfect your guitar techniques on a couch doesn’t seem like such a good idea now, does it?

By playing soothing guitar songs, you can also lower your blood pressure and get hold of a very relaxing environment. Other than that, people dealing with chronic stress and pain can also relieve it by songwriting or creating their own guitar solo. 

Best Online Guitar Classes in Bengaluru

Guitar learning
Playing guitar in a music class. Source: Freepik Credits: Macrovector

Given below are some of the best Online Guitar Classes in Bengaluru. Also, know the essential for learning guitar here. 

#1. The Guitar Thing

Whether you are learning guitar in Pune or in learning guitar in Mumbai, at The Guitar Thing provides structured training to students who aim to achieve something by playing guitar. The courses are designed uniquely and help a person learn guitar acoustic as well as electric. Mr. Chandresh Kudwa, with an experience of around 15 years, helps students achieve a balanced level of guitar playing. 

They provide superb guitar lessons at home as well as online and start from the basic techniques so that you can make your own riffs and solos going further. There are also ear-training exercises that help you figure out the notes and chords with the help of tabs and sheet music. 

#2. UrbanPro

UrbanPro helps you get the best guitar lesson, whether you are a beginner or an amateur guitarist. You get to choose an instructor-led online class via the internet, or you can request a teacher to teach you at the comfort of your home. Play the songs of your choice and create your own blockbusters!

Some other well-known online guitar schools are:

  • SuperProf
  • Divya Music
  • Guitar Tricks
  • Udemy

Best Music Schools for you to Learn Guitar in Bengaluru

guitar classes
Learning guitar can highly enhance your attention level. Source: Freepik Credits: Josh

If you are looking for some great guitar schools near you in Bengaluru, read along. 

#1. Bengaluru Guitar Academy

Passion and commitment are the two terms related to Bengaluru Guitar Academy. This school strives to provide the best guitar classes in the city. The system is built on transparency and makes sure the students get the best outcome.  

The guitar courses are designed for beginners as well as those who knew how to play guitar. 

#2. Rainbow Bridge

At Rainbow Bridge, one of the most popular guitar school, the teachers encourage a learner to connect with the instrument and empower their ability to create their own music. 

One of the most popular musical instruments for an aspiring musician is a guitar. Despite how easy it may seem, an advanced guitar lesson takes a lot of effort, and the teacher here in Rainbow Bridge make sure to give their best. 

Other notable guitar schools in Bengaluru are: 

  • Trill Route Music Academy
  • SOUNDAWAKE Muisque Academy
  •  FS Garage
  • J J Tutorials

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