To play guitar is bliss and only people associated with music can understand this fact. Guitar can be soothing to hear and at the same time, there are several benefits that one gets by just learning to play guitar. In today’s time, it has become easier to learn a new instrument. There are various sources available through which one can master the skills of playing guitar. Also, there are n number of platforms where one can showcase their talent. 

Playing guitar is fun and you get to learn so many new things by learning this wonderful instrument. Mumbai, being the city of dreams is the best place where one can learn guitar. There can be multiple opportunities to grab in this city if one learns to play guitar. Here in this article, we will have a look at the fundamentals of guitar learning and the methods to find a suitable guitar teacher for you. 

So without further ado, let us jump in and discover the first question that comes to the mind of a beginner guitar aspirant.

Can I learn Guitar Myself?

The short answer to this question is Yes and No. Yes because there is no task that is impossible to do on your own. If one has the required determination and commitment to learn something new, everything is possible to do. Anyhow, most of us lack this determination and need a guide to show us the appropriate way to play the guitar. Find a guitar teacher in Ahmedabad.

This is the reason that the answer to this question is no. Most of the time what happens is, when a person takes on the road of teaching guitar to themselves, they make a number of mistakes. As there is no single way, so we tend to learn anything related to the guitar. Due to this reason, we end up learning many useless things that are not required to learn. Also, we miss some of the very important things such as learning the scales and music notes. 

In most cases where a person is self taught guitarist, they make the common mistake of skipping the fundamentals once they learn to play the guitar chords and tabs. Once you have the hold over the chords, we directly jump to play songs. Due to this, the basic knowledge of guitar learning gets suffered and there is a lot of issues that are faced later. So the best way to learn the guitar is by taking professional training from an experienced guitar teacher. Check out the link to learn guitar in Pune

What are Guitar Chords? 

guitar learning
Man holding a guitar chord Source: Freepik Credits: Josh

Guitar chords are the collection of different notes that are played together to produce a pleasant harmonious sound. Guitar chords can be learned using the guitar charts. Guitar charts are visual representations of various notes that are to be strummed together to get the sound. Some of the basic guitar chords are C major, G major, D major, etc. 

Learning chords can be very beneficial because unlike the guitar solos and riffs that need to be perfectly played, chords have an additional benefit. It can not be easily judged if you miss a certain note while playing the chord. Also, chords help in making the rhythm of a song whereas simple guitar tabs are used for creating leads in music.

Chords Progressions

Another important aspect of learning the guitar is chord progressions. When various chords are brought together in a tablature, they are referred to as chord progression. There are several chord progressions that help a learner to practice and make a hold over the chords. 

Basic chords are easy to play, but when one reaches to the Barre chords, then it becomes a little harder to play them. Barre chords require to hold all the six frets of a column with a single finger. It may take some time to learn the skill but with practice, it becomes a cakewalk to play the chords. Chord progressions are a good way to bring expertise to your guitar skills. Find the best guitar teacher in Bengaluru.

Guitar Strumming Patterns

Once you learn to hold the chords right and work on the chord progressions, then the role of strumming patterns comes in. Strumming patterns are various patterns that help to provide the rhythm to a song. There are many kinds of strumming patterns and a guitarist is not limited to play the strumming patterns that are already made. One can themselves make new strumming patterns and wow everyone with them. 

Where to Learn Guitar?

Guitar learning
Playing guitar in a music class. Source: Freepik Credits: Macrovector

How to play the guitar is not a very tough question anymore. There are several mediums in today’s world through which one can learn to play guitar. Online guitar lessons are available, guitar schools are there, and also independent guitarists are there that can help you to learn guitar. Learn Guitar in Chennai.

Guitar Classes For Kids

Gone are the days when one grows up and then find their ways into music and other fields. Now there is enough technology and mediums through which guitar can be learned by the kids. In Mumbai, there are n number of institutes that provide guitar lessons for beginners, let it be kids or adults. There are some institutes that work specifically in teaching kids the guitar. The most famous guitar classes available for kids in Mumbai are Mehil Mehta Music Foundation, Furtados School of Music, NCPA, Mumbai Music Institute, etc. 

Guitar Classes Apps

The availability of music has become easier for every one of us because of digital media. There are several apps available on both play store and apple store that can help in learning the guitar. The app provides step by step instructions to the users on the fundamentals of the guitar. Also, they have a good process through which one can learn all the necessary steps needed to learn the guitar. 

Guitar Instruction is made simple in these apps and one can benefit from learning through these apps. Though these apps are a great help, we suggest you still learn guitar by a physical teacher because when you find some issue while playing a certain chord then there is nothing best than the experienced teacher themself. 

Some of the most famous apps of guitar learning are Ultimate Guitar, The Guitar with Songs, Guitar Center, Yousician, and Guitar Tuna. You can download them to check their functionality. Ultimate Guitar is an app that has chords for all your favorite songs. 

Online Guitar Lessons

Learning a skill online has become easier these days as all the information is readily available on the internet. Also, the trend of online classes is growing more and more as a person can learn a skill without even stepping out of their house. 

There are multiple benefits of learning guitar online. One big struggle that every guitarist has to do is carry their guitar through the hustle-bustle of the city to reach their guitar class. In the traveling process, many times, the guitar gets damaged in the rush. So when one opts for online guitar classes, there is no such issue of carrying the guitar anywhere and one can easily learn to play guitar comfortably at their home. Also, it saves a lot of time of commutation for you which is a big benefit. 

Going Superprof to Learn Guitar

guitar learning
Boy Playing Guitar. Credits: Harshit

Superprof is one of the biggest platforms that have millions of teachers who have the expertise to train in any possible subject from academia to sports to musical instruments. Superprof is a platform that helps you to check the profiles of all the guitar teachers available in your locality and surroundings through which you can learn guitar. 

You just need to enter your area and the website will suggest you the best teachers available that will help you to become a guitarist. If you want to learn a specific style of guitar such as blues guitar, classical jazz guitar, Spanish guitar, etc., then you can hire an international teacher who has expertise in the field. 

Superprof shows you the profile of all the guitar teachers in your area. In the profile section, you can check their experience, their knowledge about music, their educational qualifications and most importantly, their testimonials. 

Testimonials are a great way to find about the guitar teacher and if it is worth to learn guitar from them. Students who have learned from that teacher share their views about the teacher which helps to pick the right teacher for you. 

Another benefit of choosing a guitar teacher from Superprof is that you get a free trial for one guitar class. You can have the experience of how the guitar teacher is teaching. If you are able to see a connection between you and the instructor, then you can choose him, else you can skip to some other instructor. So picking a guitar teacher from Superprof is beneficial in a variety of ways. 

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