Guitar is amongst the most popular instruments that are played by millions of people in this modern world. The popularity of the guitar is so high because it is a portable and polyphonic instrument and above all, it is used by hundreds of bands. This makes it more exciting for the people to learn this melodious instrument. The modern generation of India has a great likability towards this instrument and are exploring their ways to the music industry through learning guitar. 

Music is a very beautiful thing and every person should learn at least one instrument in their lifetime. It is not necessary that only a music aspirant should learn a musical instrument. Every person should learn some instrument as learning an instrument opens a new world for you. Apart from that, there are several other benefits that you get from learning an instrument to play. Check out the various benefits you get from playing guitar

There was a time when it was difficult for the people to make it a living out of playing guitar. This was the reason many people suppressed their interest in playing guitar and chose other fields to make their careers. 

But now the times are changed and there are hundreds of platforms through which one can earn a good income by playing guitar. 

In New Delhi itself, there are hundreds of clubs who are in regular demand for hiring a musician, so to learn guitar now can be more beneficial for the people. Find a guitar instructor for you in Pune.  

How Difficult it is to Learn Guitar? 

You will always find a few people who are always complaining that playing guitar is too hard. Well, from my 10-year experience of guitar playing, I can say that it may take some time for you to understand the fundamentals of guitar but playing guitar is not hard at all. 

People who say that playing guitar is hard are the ones who did not really want to learn the instrument and were just learning to show off to others. Anyone who does not show complete involvement in learning an instrument will fall off quickly. 

So it is always best to start from the very basics, learning all the fundamentals taught to you by your music teacher. Within a month’s time, you will notice the things that were looking impossible to play when you first picked the guitar becomes smooth and quite easy for you to play. The guitar is just like maths. The more you will practice, the more you will get to know about it. 

So for a beginner, it is necessary to stick around for at least three to six months for becoming fluent in your guitar playing. Remember, do not think of the outcome, fully invest yourself in the learning process and things will themselves turn beautiful with time. Check the link to find guitar instructor in Ahmedabad.

Can’t I Learn Guitar On My Own?

You might have heard about many musicians who have self taught guitar to themselves. When one has an enormous passion for a thing, they do not waste time and jump into every possible source through which they can fulfill their passion. Though it is not impossible to learn guitar without an instructor but it becomes more complex and time-consuming to do so. 

When we go out to a new terrain, we always have our maps opened or a guide to help us with the area. It is not that we ourselves can not find out our way, but having an instructor helps us to have a smooth journey without struggling to find the way as they have already explored that area before. The same is the case with the guitar, if you have an instructor to guide you, then you will not waste your time learning useless things and will focus on things that are most important. Know the essentials to learn guitar here. 

When you learn guitar on your own, it becomes a challenge to learn the fundamentals and basics of guitar. You have too much information on your plate and you tend to skip the basics once you understand how to play the chords and tablature. You straight jump into the songs and though it will provide you with a lot of exciting time and fun, you won’t learn the basic functionality of the music. 

So it is always better to learn guitar from a teacher so that you do not skip any important part and learn to play the instrument the right way. Also, learning guitar with the help of a teacher will consume much less time than learning it yourself. Click to learn guitar in Bengaluru.

Which Guitar to Buy for Beginners? 

Guitar Learning
Different Types of Guitar Source: Freepik Credits: Pchvector

There are plenty of options when you are looking to buy a guitar. You should firstly look at your needs before you go ahead to buy a guitar. For someone who wants to make a musical career, they should invest a little more in buying their first guitar. While for people, who just casually want to learn guitar for fun, they can go for a little cheap guitar. 

Some people buy cheap guitar at first while they are learning the instrument. Once they have a little hold over it, then they buy a better guitar for themselves. 

The best guitar that works for beginner to intermediate level and even to advanced level, is Yamaha F310. If you have a budget of around 10k, then without any doubt you can go ahead and buy this ultimate guitar. The sound quality of this guitar is unmatchable to any other beginner guitar and the awesome build quality of Yamaha is an added advantage. 

The strumming of this guitar is amazing and while practicing chord progressions, you will have a time of your life. Anyone who is serious about learning guitar should go for this particular model and there will be no regrets whatsoever. 

However, in case your budget is not that high, then you do not need to be disappointed, you can buy some other Indian made guitar for yourself. There are plenty of good options from brands like Grason, Givson, etc. 

The best way to buy a guitar is by taking a person with you who has some knowledge of the guitar to a music store. Let him play some notes and songs on the guitar and check out the guitar that has the best sound quality and pick that one for you.

Where to Learn How to Play Guitar?

New Delhi has thousands of guitar teachers and guitar school where one can learn to play guitar. You can take acoustic guitar lessons from these teachers and learn to play guitar. Some of the best sources from where you can learn to play the guitar are as follows: 

  • Online Guitar Classes

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Guitar teacher taking class. Source: Freepik Credits: Macrovector

To learn to play the guitar, one of the best sources is online guitar lessons. Online lessons are easily available these days and they provide a great amount of ease through which one can learn to play guitar. 

There are n number of music teacher that provides good guitar classes to the students. The best thing about learning guitar online is that you get to choose a teacher from any part of the world. 

Also, as the classes are done through webcam and videos, so you do not have to carry your guitar to a physical class every time you have a guitar class. 

  • Home Learning

There are several guitarists in Delhi that teach guitar through home classes. They usually take two classes a week for guitar and in three to four months, you gain a good knowledge of guitar so that you can further explore the new techniques of guitar yourself. Private guitar lessons work wonderfully in learning guitar as the full attention of guitar instructors is on you. So you invariably become better at playing guitar with all the minute details. 

  • Guitar School

In New Delhi, there are numerous guitar schools from which you can take guitar lessons and become a guitarist. These schools have made a particular curriculum for the students to learn guitar. The teachers in most institutes are professional and they teach all the various styles of music. From fingerstyle to guitar solos to riffs, all are taught in these institutes. 

Some of the best guitar institutes of Delhi are School of Rock, Music World, and Guitar Classes, Delhi Guitar School, Guitar Zone, etc. 

  • Superprof 

learning guitar
Playing guitar can

Another efficient way to learn guitar is through the Superprof platform. Superprof has thousands of teachers enlisted on its website, which provides guitar lessons. You can check the profiles of various teachers in your area and can also view their testimonials so that you can know which one is the best amongst them. 

In case you want to learn a particular style of music, you can hire an international teacher to learn guitar from. Superprof also provides a first free trial to its users so that they can have a gist of what the actual class would be like. So hiring a guitar teacher through Superprof is an easier and convenient procedure. 

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