Learning guitar has a separate fan base. Whether you are from Pune or from Bengaluru, every city in India is filled with people who are passionate about getting into music and take guitar lessons. Same is the case with youngsters in Kolkata, and trust me; it doesn’t stop here. There are several guitar teaching music schools for kids and even adults. It doesn’t matter what your age is, if you are passionate about learning guitar, you have landed at the right page! Learn guitar in Pune and Bengaluru.

People usually go on an interview to get a job. However, this is not the case with musicians, especially a guitarist. Some are self-taught, and God gifted while some need intense practice. But each of a guitarist’s gig is like an interview, and if that doesn’t go well, they may not even get a callback. 

Going through it all can be a little difficult if you are not a professional musician. It is even more difficult to master the intermediate and advanced guitar method if you do not have well-learned guitar instructors or good tutors, to begin with. Online guitar lessons play an essential role here since you get to learn based on your comfort. Here is a checklist of learning music that every guitarist should understand in order to master musicianship. 

However, I would like to begin by saying that learning the music theory and taking guitar lessons is a cumulative study. It’s like learning maths, and you cannot learn calculus before you have mastered algebra. 

Moreover, you need to learn to play guitar in the context of a song so that you understand the ideas much better. These tend to stay in your mind for a longer period of time. In addition to this, it is more fun!

Learn These Techniques by Enrolling in Online Guitar Classes

guitar learning
Guys playing guitar and other instruments. Source: Freepik Credits: Yusufkemi

Learning guitar is no rocket science. However, there are some tricks and tips that need to be memorized so that you play the guitar with excellence. You will find various guitar instructors if you are a beginner and are planning to learn to play a guitar online. Thus, there is an availability of numerous beginner guitar lessons to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed. There are several benefits of learning guitar too. Here are some of the guitar techniques that you need to wrap around your finger. 

#1. Enroll in Guitar Classes and Learn Open Position Notes

When you take the basic guitar lessons, you will learn about the open position. It is the first three frets of each string. Your guitar tutor will teach you the names of the open strings and a couple of other notes on every string. Take one string at a time and select little pieces to play with each group of notes. While taking this music lesson, keep on expanding until you are done with all six strings. 

#2. Reading Standard Music Notation and Tablature

When you are learning how to play a guitar, one of the things that may seem complicated is learning to read music. However, it helps to make the rest of your experience faster and easier if you want to be a lead guitarist. It is simple; these are just directions on how to play guitar. Think of it as setting a piece of furniture without reading the instructions. It sure will be tougher!

There are some really good teachers in Kolkata who teach guitar if you are still searching for guitar classes near me! 

Tablature is a very simple way to understand. However, these do not include a rhythm notation aspect; therefore, you will have to understand them to make sense of the notes. When you are capable of reading standard notation along with the tablature will help you open new doors in the music industry! Find professional guitarists near you in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

#3. Basic Open Position Chords

When you use a mix of fretted notes with open strings, it is referred to as open chords. They take place around the first three frets of the neck of a guitar. Start with major, minor, and dominant 7th variations of the natural notes. Your guitar tutor might share with you some songs that use such chords and help you study in that context. Make sure you do not study more than five at one time. 

#4. Strumming Patterns

Whether you want to take an advanced guitar lesson or are still trying to figure things out, there are a number of guitar courses available. It doesn’t matter if you are from Delhi or are from the south end of the country like Chennai, learning music has never been easy. You will find various guitar instructors striving hard to help you learn music lessons. Want to know something more? These guitar lessons for beginners often come with a free trial wherein you could take the first lesson and determine if you want to continue or not. Refer the link to find the best guitar teachers in Chennai and New Delhi. 

Coming back to the techniques. You must learn using the rudimentary quarter note and rhythms. Practice these over just one chord first, and moving along, you can begin using pairs of chords to rehearse and then change them successfully. 

#5. Essential Music Theory

guitar learning
Man playing a guirtar composing

Music theory is super essential for any guitarist. You may think you are not ready for this, but eventually, you will utilize it throughout your guitar training process. Music theory is like learning the basics English language. You will learn to put the music together and then apply the same knowledge to new tunes to help make learning guitar a quick process. 

These are the basic Music Theory concepts you must try to understand. 

  • Half, Authentic, and Plagal cadences
  • Intervals
  • Key
  • How chords are built
  • Tension and release
  • Borrowed chords
  • Chord relationships

Pro tip: Do not memorize these concepts rather search for them in real pieces of music to see how they can be implemented and make improvisations.  

#6.Tuning By Ear

You can use electronic tuners to keep you tuned when you are a beginner guitar learner. You must be capable of tuning by ear, which will help you tune your guitar so that it sounds a lot better. After this, you will start with a good reference note coming from other sources and use relative pitch to tune the rest of the guitar. 

#7. Barre Chords

Barre Chords make use of fretted notes and construct the chords. You just have to understand eight forms here since they are portable to other regions of the neck. 

The reason these chords are a little harder is due to the physicality of keeping five or six strings down at the same time. If you face trouble with these chords, just keep working at them. 

When you are studying your Barre Chords, it is better to learn to read the other notes along the fretboard. 

#8. Pentatonic Scales

guitar learning
Pentatonic Scales Source: Freepik Credits Essenstudio

For a guitarist, the pentatonic scales are very beneficial. Do not attempt to master it right away. Start with using an elementary box pattern from the sixth string. 

#9. Major Scales

While learning major scales, go from one form at a time, just like pentatonic scales. When you know a few major patterns, you can make some improvisations and make the scales more interesting. Always try and add a new element into the old things you are practicing while learning how to play a guitar. 

#10. Position Playing

The ability to perform melodies that are higher than the open position on the fretboard. Once you are through with some major and pentatonic scales, you will realize that it isn’t that hard. 

#11. Minor Scales

The minor scales are based on the major patterns, mastered in the past. Your guitar tutor will help you master the natural, harmonic, and melodic minors. 

#12. Extended Chords

These chords go beyond the old major and minor. You will need different versions of 7th chords along with different ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth voicings. Moving further, you will learn new chords and discover the pieces you are performing.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Am I too Old to Learn How to Play a Guitar?

You are never too old to learn how to play a guitar. Whether you are in your teens or are in your 50s, there is no age restriction in learning a new skill. Playing an instrument, whether it is a guitar or a mandolin, is a worthwhile experience that helps you become more self-disciplined. Other than that, when you take a guitar lesson, you become more confident and creative. 

#2. What is the First Step of Learning Guitar?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is looking for a guitar instructor. Whether you are looking for private guitar lessons or want to move forward with online guitar lessons, its important to start searching today. 

SuperProf gives you a chance to learn guitar from the best guitar instructors in Kolkata, that too online! Enroll yourself today. Also, find the chords for your favorite songs here.

#3. Should I learn on an electric guitar or acoustic?

When you are confused between an electric guitar or an acoustic, it all comes down to your personal preference. Both of these have their unique advantages. 

The strings of an electric guitar are thin and are therefore a better choice for the beginners. Those with small hands also prefer an electric guitar that warrants a shorter reach and easier grip. 

On the other hand, learning on an acoustic guitar is a less costly investment since it doesn’t require additional equipment. 

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