Guitar has become one of the most loved instruments, especially amongst the Millenials. As we all know a large part of Pune’s population is young and working, so it is a dream for many to learn guitar. There is a high demand for learning guitar in Pune due to the fact that most people who wish to learn guitar are working in private organizations and in order to get relieved from the office stress, they find it useful to learn an instrument such as guitar. 

In Pune itself, there are several places to learn guitar from. There are a number of guitarists that take guitar lessons to teach the fundamentals of the guitar to the beginners. Apart from that, there are many guitar courses offered by many guitar school and music school in Pune that gives the education of playing an instrument. In this article, we will study the various benefits of learning the guitar online and will also have a look at the best guitar classes near you. 

Learn Guitar Online to Get Some Amazing Perks 

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Playing guitar can open several hidden doors within you. Source: Freepik Credits:Umaza

There are several benefits to avail of when we take guitar classes online. Some of the biggest advantages of learning the guitar online are given down below:

  • Lesson Recording 

The fundamentals of online teaching is that you are made to learn or study a subject through videos and webcam. In the case of guitar learning, online lessons are helpful as you can record a lesson given to you by the instructor and can later view it. In case you are finding some difficulty in understanding the concept, the recorded video can be of significant help. 

  • Time-Saving

Learning guitar through online lessons can save you a lot of time. To learn guitar, one needs to be focused and have to spend a good amount of time in practice in order to learn the instrument in a proper way. When you opt for online classes, the need to go down to an institute cut and it eventually saves you a lot of time that can be used for practicing the music. 

  • You Learn At Your Own Pace

One big benefit of learning guitar online is that you can take your own time to get used to the concepts of guitar. If taking a guitar class with several other students, it becomes hard sometimes to keep up with the guitar teacher. Sometimes, you get stuck on a previous concept and the teacher moves on to teach something totally new. 

In such scenarios, you aren’t able to clarify the old concept and at the same time, the new concept also suffers. So online learning helps in easy understanding of the subject and that too at the pace you find suitable. Find a suitable guitar teacher for you in Ahmedabad

  • Full Access to Instructional Files 

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Man playing a guitar composing. Source: Freepik Credits: James Frett

As the learning mechanism is online, so you can easily get access to all the music sheets and instructional files of the music teacher. In the traditional music classes, you had to make copies of all the notes which took more time and money. Wherein this case, it is easier to find the notes and files that help in clearing the concepts of guitar online. 

  • Pick Your Style of Teacher

Although the fundamentals of guitar stay the same for different styles of music, one can pick their choice of teacher for learning a particular kind of music style. Learning guitar can be divided into many subcategories such as learning the classical guitar, rock guitar, jazz guitar, fingerstyle guitar, etc. 

When we opt for online guitar classes, we get the advantage to pick a teacher from any region of the world. This helps you to find the appropriate teacher for the kind of music you will like to play. Learn guitar in Bengaluru.  

  • Increased Performance

In the case of online learning, a student is not physically present with the teacher that helps in cutting down the unnecessary talks that comes up in a regular class. Also, the teacher is teaching one student at a time so the focus of the teacher remains constantly on its student. This helps the student to give his full attention and concentration to the process and the student ends up having a better performance than the others. 

Best Guitar Classes Online in Pune

Pune is a big city and there are numerous institutes and teachers that provide online classes for the students to learn guitar. Some of the top institutes in Pune that can help you with the learning of guitar are as follows:

  • Musico Guitar Institute

This is amongst the top institutions where one can learn to play guitar. From a single guitar chord to various guitar tricks that can be played by advanced players, the place will offer you all. There is always a good and positive atmosphere in this institute and the place must be checked out once. 

  • 6 Strings Guitar Classes

The 6 Strings Guitar Class Academy offers nothing but a pure form of artistic grace. Teachers here are wonderful and are really helpful in clearing all sorts of doubts for the students. There are many good guitar players linked with this academy and learning guitar from here can be helpful in enhancing and raising your skills. Find the best guitar teacher in Chennai.

  • Institute of Modern Music

This music school is located in the Shivajinagar area of the city and has to offer some of the greatest teachers that help in learning various instruments. From acoustic guitar lessons to jazz rock progressions, the place will offer it all. The place is the best to cover your guitar basics and learning to play the guitar becomes super easy and comforting when opted for this institute to learn the music. Pick a guitar teacher for you in Kolkata.

  • My Guitar Academy

This is one of the prominent places to learn guitar from. The level of quality they are providing at an affordable cost is what makes them one of the best institutes to learn guitar from. You can find students here from intermediate and advanced levels to beginners level. The teachers here are professional musicians and work on improving your harmonic and pentatonic scales and provide you with more knowledge about the music. 

How to Pick the Best Guitar Class for You?

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Man Playing Guitar in a Dark Room. Source: Unsplash Credits: Hans Vivek

Picking a guitar class can be confusing especially when you are a beginner and have no idea what a guitar class is like. So to save you from the confusion, you can check on the given factors to find that the teacher you are looking for is appropriate for you or not. Find a guitar class in Mumbai.  

  • Check if they have a Good Teaching Experience 

The first thing that you must consider while picking a teacher for yourself is that he/she must have good teaching or playing experience of the guitar. Ask several questions to the teacher about their life and experience with the guitar. This will help you to build an understanding with the teacher and if he/she is appropriate for you or not. 

  • Budget

Though some teachers are brilliant and have a great understanding of music, the price of their class is also way too high. Firstly you need to fix a budget for your music class and then accordingly should pick the teacher for you. 

  • Style of Teaching

The style of teaching plays a very necessary role in your guitar learning process. You first have to decide why you want to learn guitar, is it for casual learning or do you want to achieve something specific through music. In case, you are up for a casual learning, then you can choose a teacher who has a little laid back and casual attitude. 

Whereas, in case you want to master guitar in every way then go for a teacher having a good experience in the field of music so that they can guide you well in the process of your musical journey. Know the essential needed for learning guitar. 

  • Comfortability

One thing that often people don’t pay much attention to is the comfort level of them with the teacher. It would be best if you had a strong connection without fear with your teacher. Only then would you be able to speak your mind to the teacher clearly. It is essential to interact with your teacher without having doubts in your mind to get the most of the positive results when you learn guitar. 


Learning guitar is one of the most pleasurable activities you will find in your life. So you must ensure that you pick the right teacher for you to learn guitar so that all the fundamentals and basics can become clear and you can get the most out of your guitar class. Superprof can be of significant help to find the appropriate music teacher for you. So choose the best institute for yourself and become the master of the guitar. Good Luck.

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