Music is a wonderful form of expression that has the potential of touching the strings of your heart. There are some people who listen to music to reduce their stress while some create the music themselves because it brings a layer of happiness and fulfillment by creating the music. Whatever may be the reason but having music in your life is a blessing and every person should avail of this beauty of music in their lives. 

To learn the art of music, people often start by picking an instrument and find ways to excel in it so that the fundamentals of the music can be understood properly. In India, there is a huge variety of musical instruments and one can start by picking any instrument from guitar to sitar to tabla to keyboard. 

The young generation, however, takes the most interest in learning guitar as learning it, helps in having a grip over both Indian and Western Music. In this article, we will study several places throughout India from where you can start your journey of the guitar. 

Learning Guitar in Pune

Pune is one of the major growing cities in India. Though each state and city of India has an affinity towards music and guitar, Pune being close to Mumbai has made its own place in the hearts of guitar lovers. 

A lot of population living in Pune is young so the demand for guitar learning is also too high. From beginners to advanced guitar players, all sorts of people are into the guitar learning and teaching business. Some of the best coaching classes to learn guitar in Pune are:

  • Musico Guitar Institute
  • 6 Strings Guitar Classes
  • Institute of Modern Music
  • My Guitar Academy

Learn To Play Guitar In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the most important cities of state of Gujarat. The city is well advanced and there are thousands of musicians living in the city. In the very famous Navaratri of Ahmedabad, hundreds of musicians from across the nation come to the city and show their talents. 

Here is where a lot of young kids get fond of the music being played and get inspired to learn the guitar and other musical instruments. In Ahmedabad, one have all the needed facilities to learn guitar. From private lessons to online guitar classes, all are available. 

The best institutes for guitar learning in Ahmedabad are.:

  • Dream Tunes 
  • Music Maniac
  • GuitarMonk
  • RCA Music Academy

Learn to Play the Guitar in Bengaluru


guitar classes
Learning guitar can highly enhance your attention level. Source: Freepik Credits: JComp

The capital city of Karnataka is no lesser in the field of music. Bengaluru has earned its name by turning itself to the IT hub of the nation. With lots of people in the corporate industry in Bengaluru, there are more music lovers. Not just the corporate sector but famous colleges like IIM are also the reason that Bengaluru is no short of showing its creativity in the field of music.

Whenever a rock band comes to India, Bengaluru is the first place for almost every band. This is so because the demand for music here is quite large. Likewise, here are several guitar enthusiasts who start learning guitar from the age of three years. Some of the best places to learn guitar in Bengaluru are: 

  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Bengaluru Guitar Academy
  • Trill Route Music Academy
  • SOUNDAWAKE Muisque Academy
  • FS Garage
  • J J Tutorials

Becoming a Guitar Player in Chennai 

When the talk comes of music, how can the south Indian charm remain silent? Some of the most significant masterpieces of music from classical Indian instruments have originated from this city. This city has an old culture for music and the city still maintains its love for music. 

In this current generation,  the instruments are not limited to traditional Indian instruments but a huge population has shown their interest in learning guitar. From electric guitar to acoustic guitar and from rock guitar to jazz guitar, people have mastered the skills in every guitar type and guitar form. 

The strumming patterns and chord progressions that are practiced by hundreds of guitarists every day is what makes the guitar courses fun for the students. Some of the best guitar classes in Chennai are: 

  • MMC Music Classes
  • Chris Milner Guitar Classes
  • Seven Notes Music School
  • Strings Music Academy

Finding the Best Guitar Classes in Kolkata 

West Bengal is known for its culture and the dedication they show in every aspect of life. Kolkata being the capital of the state is a wonderful place from where many musicians have taken birth. Not going much far, India’s most loved and famous singer Arijit Singh is also from Kolkata. After the huge success of the star, there are thousands of young kids and musicians, who have dedicated their lives to music. 

The parents too are understanding the value of music in life and have started giving music lessons and instruments playing from a very young age. The population of young guitarists in the city is also very high. At any rock fest happening across the country, you will definitely find one of the Kolkata’s band, that’s how much they love the guitar. 

From fingerstyle guitar and fingerpicking techniques to learning the riffs on lead guitar, the institutes in Kolkata are truly dedicated and make solid foundation for the guitar learners. Following are the best guitar classes in Kolkata:

  • Guitar Training Centre
  • Academy for Musical Excellence
  • AMEC Music School Kolkata
  • Satadru Das Guitar Class
  • Arindham Das's Guitar Class

Guitar Classes Near Me in Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai has no competition and has its own place in the world of music. As the entire Bollywood industry is situated here, this makes Mumbai a place for its creativity and art. The city is full of musicians and guitar here is like a third arm for most of the people related to music. These musicians have set up various kinds of music schools and academies here for the children to learn guitar and other instruments. The guitar instructors here in most classes are highly skilled and help you get involved with the guitar in the right way. The best guitar classes in Mumbai are: 

  • Royal Trinity School Of Music
  • Kiran Roy's Guitar Studio
  • Sparsh guitar classes
  • Mallik Sir's Guitar Classes
  • 6 String Academy

Learning Guitar In New Delhi 

online guitar
A passionate person has a great advantage of learning guitar online. Source: Freepik Credits: Ruslangali

New Delhi is a miniature India in itself. You may find a person from every place in the country in the capital city of the nation. New Delhi is now one of the most advanced cities of the country and is not any lesser than any other state in any field. The students take guitar here from a very young age and till the time they are in college, they even start giving their own private shows in concerts and other places. The best places to learn guitar in New Delhi are: 

  • Noida School of Rock
  • Delhi Guitar School
  • Performers Collective School of Music
  • Music World And Guitar Classes
  • GUITAR ZONE Guitar Classes

Becoming a Guitarist in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a place of Nawabs and how can one forget that how much did the Nawabs love the music. Though there are no emperors in the city anymore, but the affinity towards the music has still remained in the city. A lot of students show their interest in learning the guitar here. The guitarists here are no less than others and can give some tough competition to any other guitarist. This is possible because there are several music schools for the training of these musicians. Some of the best guitar learning classes in Hyderabad are: 

  • Dolce Music Institute
  • Shalom International School For Music
  • Philips School Of Music
  • Guitarmonk Hyderabad

How Superprof Can Help in Finding the Best Guitar Class for You?

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You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar. Source: Freepik Credits: Bilahata

Learning the guitar is a wonderful journey that every guitarist feels proud to go through. So people, who are eager to learn guitar should make sure that they take proper guitar classes so that they can have the enjoyment of going through this amazing journey. 

Superprof is a wonderful platform that has the right solution for every problem that you face. There are millions of teachers available on the Superprof platform from where you can learn any activity, let it be related to academics, music, sports, etc.

There are all kinds of teachers available on this website. You can refer to this site to find the best guitar classes near you. It will show you the details of all the guitar classes available in your city and also will enlist the profiles of many teachers that teach guitar. 

In the profile, you can find the experience of the teacher related to the field. There are certain styles of music that different people teach and you can find about them when viewing the profile of the teacher. Check out the link to know more about different music styles, music theory and chords of the guitar

Superprof not just lets you see the profile of the teacher but will also show you the testimonials of different teachers given by the students. This helps you to see if a teacher is really good or not. 

Superprof will help you pick the best institute to shape up your music skills. They provide various ways of learning guitar such as guitar classes online, home tutoring, etc. Online guitar lessons are the trendiest way of learning guitar these days as you do not require to hold and commute with a big guitar at your back.

You just need to turn on your webcam and all the necessary info you will get on the screen. So whatever may be your choice, but picking a guitar teacher through Superprof will be easier for you and will get you the best results in the least amount of time. Good Luck!

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