India is a populous country and there is a lot of craze for music here. No matter which part of the country you are, every person in the country is fond of some sort of music. It is no wonder why so many reality shows are organized from time to time to bring out that hidden talent. If we talk about music production, there are many opportunities in that. And if you want to be a part of it, you need to be damn good at your music instruments.

Talking about musical instruments, there are many musical instruments that are popular in the country. Some of the primary ones are tabla, piano, guitar, sitar and more. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, if you want to be a music producer or want to just learn a musical instrument like a guitar. All you need to do is spare some time and money for it. And if you are in Chennai and looking for guitar lessons, this article will help you a lot with it.

In the further sections, we will take a look at the various guitar schools, guitar classes and guitar courses in Chennai. So, if you want to learn to play guitar, stay focussed in the article.

What Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

Well, just like the avengers say “whatever it takes”. If you have that flame in you to learn how to play guitar, you should say the same thing to yourself. There are some essentials though that you need to have to be a great guitarist. Here are they:


Nothing is more powerful than this 8 letter word. Whether you are among the beginners for guitar or a professional musician. You will always need the practice to keep your talent brushed up and fresh. It is totally understandable that one might get irritated after a certain number of failures but who has achieved success in one go? No one, so practice is essential and you need to do it until your practice looks like a warmup for your guitar instructor. Visit this link for Guitar classes in Kolkata.

Learn Some Music Theory

guitar learning
Man playing a guirtar composing

A good guitar player or a guitar teacher has an excellent knowledge of music theory. The term music theory here means that you should be able to read sheet music. There are many valuable aspects that a music sheet contains. The benefit that you will get from reading the music sheet is that you will learn various chords and scales. This will help you in handling chord progressions more easily. Moreover, when you will learn and practice chords and the major scale of the guitar, you will get to improvise your music. With enough practice, you will get a hold on the notes of the fret on the fretboard. Know more benefits of learning guitar

The Best Guitar

Do whatever you want to but do it with your best guitar. Yeah, the first and foremost thing to take care of is the guitar. You can only learn how to play guitar when you will have one. And for choosing the guitar, you need to be sure what kind of music you like. There are various types of guitars in the market. Some of the primary ones are classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, blues guitar, rock guitar, jazz guitar and many more. You need to be sure about the type of music you want to get out of it. As a guitar can be a bit costly, try if you can get a guitar from any of your known for practice. It will give you an idea about the type that will suit you. Check the profiles for the best guitar classes in Mumbai.

Basic Skills

Whatever you learn whether it is singing, dancing or any other thing. You need to learn the basics of that to build a solid foundation. And if we talk about the guitar basics, there are many things to learn in it. The basic concepts of the guitar include chords like C chord, A chord, G chord, A chord, D chord. Apart from these, you can also learn some other chords like Jazz chords, Barre chords, Bar chords, power chords, etc. The basic concepts of guitar learning also include fingerpicking, fingerings, and notes. Brush your skills with guitar classes in Bengaluru.

Learn How To Play Guitar While Staying Motivated

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Learning guitar can highly enhance your attention level

Now, it is completely natural to get fed up after not reaching anywhere after a long time of practice. It bugs sometimes that you are not getting the proper result of the hard work that you have put in. And this is also a fact that success does not come overnight, you have to be patient and persistent for it. Make sure that you practice daily only to improve yourself not for anything or anyone else. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Be consistent in practice and keep your spirits high.

Learn To Listen

Listening is a very much underrated thing but it is the most crucial one. And if you want to learn to play guitar, listening to music should be your number one priority. You see when you will listen to music, you will get to know the exact sound of the notes and chords when produced. One more crucial thing that you can learn from listening to music is the timing of the music. It is always better to produce music through the rhythm that runs in your ear.

Add Variety In Your Guitar Learning Routine

If you want to be a versatile guitar player, it is very necessary for you to bring variety in your routine. It might be tough in the beginning but with the time you will enjoy it a lot. Playing a different variety of music in your daily routine makes it best for you also. Play along with the song of your favorite artists to learn more. Learn various guitar types at these guitar lessons in New Delhi.

Where To Get Guitar Lessons For Beginners?

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Guitar teacher taking class. Source: Freepik Credits: Macrovector

Now, you can choose to get basic guitar lessons on your own but it will not be that advantageous. This is because as a beginner, you may not know everything about guitar learning. You need to get a guitar tutor to learn better and faster. Now, there are various categories in the case of tutors also. You can learn from an online guitar tutor or from a private tutor.

Private guitar lessons: The best thing about private guitar lessons is that you get personal attention and the quality of learning is high. You also don’t have to travel out of your house. Refer to this for guitar classes in Pune!

Online guitar: Another way to get guitar lessons is from online sources. You can access it at any time and get the best experience while staying at home.

Group Lessons: This is like a conventional teaching center where many people learn at one time. Check out guitar classes in Ahmedabad here.

Guitar Classes Near Me In Chennai

If you live in Chennai, there are many centers for guitar lessons. Take a look:

MMC Music Classes

The MMC music classes in Chennai offer various courses for you to learn not just guitar but various other instruments also. They conduct drum lessons, keyboard lessons and various types of guitar lessons. You have the choice to opt for bass lessons, jazz guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, and others. Other courses that they offer include sound engineering, music theory, flute, etc.

Chris Milner Guitar Classes

With over 18 years of experience in playing guitar, Chris Milner has been sharing his versatile experience with those who are keen and passionate to learn it. He offers both private guitar lessons and lessons in his guitar studio. He makes sure that each student gets individual attention which is the reason why his music studio batches do not have more than 3-4 students. Chris offers the choice of learning any guitar type to the students like  Acoustic, Electric, Classical guitar and Bass guitar.

Seven Notes Music School

When you search for guitar classes near me online, there will be many options waiting for you. One of the primary options for you to learn guitar is Seven Notes Music School. The school offers superior quality education in various western instruments along with professional courses. The courses are for piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, saxophone, recorder, and some Indian classical music instruments.

Strings Music Academy

Experts in various types of musical instruments, the strings music academy helps in shaping musical and vocals talent in music. Their specialty lies in various musical instruments both western and Indian. The list of instruments contains guitar, tabla, veena, mridangam, drums, flute, etc.

You can get in touch with these popular guitar training places in Chennai. If you are interested in learning guitar online, Suerprof can help you with it.

Superprof | Guitar Classes Near Me

Looking for guitar classes in Chennai, go and register on Superprof and choose from a wide range of tutors with excellent experience and reasonable prices. The platform offers you to take a free class from the tutor so that you can see if the teaching style of a tutor is good for you or not, if not you can look for more tutors. You can take both offline and online lectures through Superprof. Refer here for Guitar lessons in Hyderabad.

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