Music is a way of life. Each one of us likes some sort of music that soothes our hearts and mind. And some of us also possess the ability to produce music by ourselves. If you have that talent, it is a great thing and if you are seeking to learn, then this article is for you. There are many musical instruments that you can learn. One of the coolest one among them is the guitar. There are many types of guitar styles that you can learn.

In a country like India, the craze of the guitar is very high, this is the reason why so many reality shows are organized. It is for the search of fresh talent. If you are from the southern city of Hyderabad in India. There are many guitar institutes to learn from. Here in this article, we will take a look at some of the best guitar institutes in Hyderabad where you can learn how to play the guitar.

Guitar Classes Near Me | Learn How To Play Guitar

Well, in the journey of learning to play guitar, there are many things that you need to master. Some of the primary ones are having a proper understanding of the music like the music theory, types of guitars, types of chords, etc. These need to be under your belt if you want to learn guitar. Here are some steps that you can undertake in order to be a pro in the guitar. Learn to play guitar in Pune and Mumbai

Choose The Best Guitar

Guitar Learning
Different Types of Guitar Source: Freepik Credits: Pchvector

The very first step to learning guitar is to have one. Also, you need to finalize the guitar you want to learn first. There are many guitars that you can learn like classical guitar, jazz guitar, rock guitar, bass guitar, blues guitar, country guitar, etc. You have to make a decision that which guitar you are going to learn. After that, you can proceed with the learning process.

If you don’t have a guitar, you can rent one or ask for it from your friends. You can learn about it and can buy your own when you are trained.

Which guitar to buy: Well, this is a bit tricky question as your guitar might seem great in the beginning but with time it may not remain the same. Hence, we suggest that you use the guitar of the following brands:

  • Squier
  • Yamaha
  • Redwood
  • Farida
  • Ibanez

Few Requisites For Guitar Learning

There are some pre-required things that you would need in the journey of learning guitar. They are guitar tuners, frits tester, etc. The guitar tuners are of various types like microphone based tuner, vibration-based tuner, pedal tuner, and smartphone apps. You can use these to tune your guitar. 

To be a professional in guitar, you need to be sure that which string produces what sound. If you will have this knowledge, then only you can train yourself better. 

Strings And Chords

Coordination is a must while playing the guitar. Hence, it is essential to know about the strings of the guitar. The knowledge of the proper location of the strings forms a solid foundation for playing chords. There are five basic chords of the guitar named as C major, A major, G major, E major, D major. Playing guitar chords is a bit tricky task but can be done if you have the proper knowledge of chords and chord progressions. With a good hand on guitar chords and notes, you can learn various other chords like power chords, jazz chords, bar chords, barre chords, etc.

Having knowledge about the fret of the guitar is also necessary as they are the places that help you in playing folk music chords, flat pick country music, classical style, and heavy metal.

Music Theory

guitar learning
Man playing a guitar composing

A good guitar player or a guitar teacher has an excellent knowledge of music theory. The term music theory here means that you should be able to read sheet music. There are many valuable aspects that a music sheet contains. The benefit that you will get from reading the music sheet is that you will learn various chords and scales. This will help you in handling chord progressions more easily. Moreover, when you will learn and practice chords and the major scale of the guitar, you will get to improvise your music. With enough practice, you will get a hold on the notes of the fret on the fretboard. Know more benefits of learning guitar here. 

Practice And Persistence

No matter how much knowledge you have about the facts mentioned above, they will be of no use if you don’t have the practice. Along with guitar learning, you should also focus on playing guitar songs. Try to play songs that you like regularly and you will see improvement in your guitar playing. Another factor that is required along with practice is persistence. Playing guitar on a daily basis also makes you improvise music on your own. 


It is completely normal to be demotivated by your slow learning. For all those who get in this while learning not only guitar but anything else, we need to tell you that no one becomes a master overnight. You need to keep yourself motivated all the way along the path of learning the guitar. No matter how many times you fail, you always need to be motivated for your goal. 

Guitar Classes Near Me | Types Of Guitar Tutoring

Well, now as you have a clear idea about what you need to do for becoming a good guitarist, now, you need to finalize the type of tutoring you want to take. There are various types of tutoring like:

Private Guitar Lessons | How To Play Guitar At Home

Private lessons for learning guitar are one of the best ways to learn guitar. There are various benefits of learning from a private teacher. One can get personal attention from the tutor and as much time as he or she wants. Plus, a private tutor can teach you various guitar tricks along with fingerstyle and fingerpicking. Find a guitar teacher for you in Ahmedabad.

In Guitar Studio Classes

One of the best ways to learn guitar is by going to the music studio of the tutor. There you can get the actual environment for learning guitar. You can also collaborate with other students and learn many more new things related to the guitar. In a music studio, you can also indulge yourself in drum lessons, piano lessons, and various other types of guitars like acoustic, bass, classical and more.

Guitar Classes Near Me In Hyderabad

Guitar learning
Playing guitar in a music class. Source: Freepik Credits: Macrovector

If you are the resident of the city of Hyderabad, there are many places where you can go and learn any guitar style you want. Also, you can refer the link to learn guitar in Bengaluru and Chennai. Here are some of those places:

Dolce Music Institute

Tagged as one of the most premier music schools in Hyderabad, Dolce Music Institute was founded by a skilled musician named Alexander in 1999. The school enrolls 400 students every year and offers premium quality music education and training related to various instruments. The school caters courses for various western classical instruments like Piano, Keyboard, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, etc. You can also enroll yourself for Music Theory, Songwriting and specialized courses like Flamenco, Jazz, and Blues Guitar.

Shalom International School For Music

Located at some of the prime places in Hyderabad, Shalom School of Music offers various courses related to different music instruments both Indian and Western. And now, they are even considering expanding their portfolio. All the music programs are designed by highly experienced and regarded artists and contemporaries. Along with learning instruments like guitar, keyboard, dholak, and drums, you can also learn Notations, Sight Reading, Technical Skills Improvisation and Aural teaching.

Philips School Of Music

The Philips School Of Music provides its candidates highest quality music education that includes instruments like violin, guitar, drums, electronic keyboard, and theory of music. It does not end here, there are many other things that you can learn. Along with tutoring, Philips school also has its own store with different musical instruments like pianos, digital pianos, violins, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, drums, keyboards and more. If you want, you can by one for yourself from here.

Along with these, there are many best guitar classes in Hyderabad like Rock On Institute of Music and Arts, Guitarmonk Classes, GIG - The Music School, etc. You can enroll in them and get your guitar classes started.

To find guitar teachers in other Indian cities, refer to the following links:

Guitar Classes Near Me | Superprof

To find a good guitar tutor, you need to visit these centers or you can also look for them online. One of the best online platforms to look for online tutors is Superprof. At Superprof, you get a lot of choices for tutors not only in Hyderabad but all around the country. You can opt for the one you like based on their achievements, user reviews, and qualification. Plus, you get a free demo class so that you can get comfortable with the tutor. If you are not satisfied with the teaching technique of the tutor, you can choose another one as per preference and budget.

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