In recent months, online tutoring jobs in India, fulltime as well as freelance, have become the center of a growing trend towards online education. There have been widespread announcements of schools and colleges moving their courses online, due to the rising threat of COVID-19.

Apart from teacher training, skills, and experience, online private tutoring jobs also require the teacher to adapt to new learning environments and adopt different learning strategies.

Here are a few ways to learn the ropes and improve on your existing teaching skills for home tutor jobs.

Structuring Your Lessons for Online Tuition Jobs in India

A teacher's job, while working from home, for a few hours or days every week, from anywhere in the country, is not an easy one.  Students search for tutor profiles that reflect years of experience, expertise in specific subjects like maths and English, as well as detailed contact information. Make sure you have all these bits of the information listed on your online tutor profile.

Think outside the box
As an online tutor, get creative and experimental with your lesson plans. | Source: Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

Key Elements of a Good Tuition Lesson Plan

It takes time, diligence, and an understanding of your student's learning goals and level of learning abilities. The overarching goal of any online tutoring lesson is to motivate students to do better than the level they are at.

Creating the Basic Structure

Tutors who work from home must work harder than teachers working in a conventional teaching environment, such as a school or a college. The first step is to identify and understand who you are about to educate. 

From your initial conversations, try to form an idea about the learning styles of students, their level of understanding of a subject like mathematics or English (this will vary from subject to subject), their areas of weakness and strength.

Plan The Stages of the Tutoring Session

Consider starting your online classes with a warm-up activity for students that will help to prime their brains to take in the lesson content. Students need time to ease into a lesson.

Set Aside Time for Discussion

For an hour of online teaching, set aside at least 10 minutes of time for discussion and reflection on the subject matter. For two hours of classes, your discussion session should be longer. This will allow students the time and space to ask questions, clarify doubts, if any, and raise new insights.

Making a Big First Impression in Online Teaching Jobs

With online tutoring jobs, teachers with or without experience, and even a teaching certification can opt to supplement their monthly salary. This is one of the biggest benefits of online teaching jobs in India. Moreover, a private tutor gets to choose the days and the number of hours he/she wants to devote to work.

Inspire Confidence in Students

It is advisable to start with small, achievable tasks in your first lesson. Young minds are intuitive. They can tell if you are a teacher who willing to invest considerable time and effort in helping him/her, or whether you will be agitated by a slow learner. Ultimately, it comes down to the following three points that dictate how your first lesson goes:

  1. Students immediately get the feeling that you are a teacher who genuinely cares about their needs. You have them convinced that the lesson is not going to be a waste of time.
  2. Reach out to your students ahead of the first lesson to display your professionalism. For example, call ahead and ask to know about their expectations from private tuitions.
  3. Become the teacher who is different than the ones who came and went without making an impact. Spend ample time with your students to learn what they want and need from you.

Finally, do not forget to ask for feedback on your first lesson. You can involve the student's parents in this discussion.

An online teacher
Interactive online classes turn out to be the most fruitful ones. Source:

Online Tutor Job Tricks to Motivate Reluctant Learners

You may be a high school teacher or at a higher level of your profession at a college or university. However, students who need help with coping with changing landscape of education in India, are looking for teachers, irrespective of their level of education, who can adapt to the shifting demands of digital technology and the varied learning needs of students.

Motivating Reluctant Student Through Online Jobs from Home

Working from home has its own challenges. For a teacher, reluctant learners can become a nightmare. For this reason, online tutors must devote an hour or two to educate themselves about potential challenges in this regard before commencing online tuition, and how to address them.

Learn About What Interests Your Students

Students learn differently. And, they have their own likes and dislikes. While some may enjoy English prose, there are those who love the challenge of Maths and Science. Even the same subjects may inspire different emotions in students. Take the first two days of online lessons to learn about these student preferences.

Use a Multisensory Form of Instruction

Facilitate learning through the use of all the senses. This improves the power of retention in students, not to mention the engaging nature of the lesson. Students will feel more involved in the process of learning when they actually get to hear, see, or feel the things you, as their teacher, are talking about.

How to Impart Values as a Private Tutor

It is the job of a teacher to foster the harmonious growth of the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual qualities inherent in his or her student or students, depending on the number of learners he/ she is teaching.

Tutoring Tips for Value Education

Model your online tuition sessions on the level of experience you possess and the level of learning your students are at. One of the important tasks in a tutoring job is to reinforce what children learn at home. 

Remember, a student will develop his first view of the world depending on what their families value at home. And it will take more than a few days or hours to unlearn them if required.

Ethics and values
Value-based education teaches us to distinguish between right and wrong. | Source: Tumisu from Pixabay

Start Small, Work Your Way Up

For primary students, it is important to not only teach students certain values but to keep working with them to understand why they are important. Start small as primary school kids will not understand bigger issues like climate change, sexual identity, or racism.

Set an Example

Imagine you spend hours talking about universal values, but your student fails to apply it in practice. To avoid this sinking feeling, you can set an example yourself, as their teacher. For instance, for an hour of tuition on tolerance and respect, you can:

  • Show how to pay attention while listening to others, without interrupting
  • Introduce them to ideas of diversity and individuality, and foster inclusivity
  • Demonstrate how to manage emotions and take fair decisions.

Online Tutor Jobs for Teaching University Students

Teaching a class of school students can be vastly different than tutoring university students. The difference in age and experience apply as much to teaching as it does to learning. In fact, some tutors will agree that, in their experience, university students are easier to teach as it gives them ample scope to experiment with learning tools and online course design.

University students come with a higher level of learning and curiosity than school students. Therefore, it is best to admit if you do not know the answer to a query posed in class. Not knowing is perfectly acceptable. However, remember to assure your student that you will devote time at home to finding out the answer and reverting with it in the next lesson.

Teach an Online Class of University Students


  • Start your online class on time.
  • Notify your students of any change in class timings at least a day before the scheduled class.
  • Be prepared with the necessary tools and lesson plans.
  • Take note of your student's demeanor while tutoring.
  • Listen to any student queries carefully.
  • Be adaptable and ready to adjust your lessons.
  • Recommend additional learning resources.
  • Use varied presentation resources, such as PPTs, video tutorials, storytelling to engage the student.
  • Be patient.
  • Engage in Q&A.
  • Relax and inspire your students to do the same.
Get innovative with the learning resources you use as an online tutor. | Source: Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash


  1. Do your student's homework for them.
  2. Ignore students who might need support in a group lesson.
  3. Rush students through a lesson.
  4. Scold students harshly or talk rudely.
  5. Change the length of lessons or tasks within a lesson in an ongoing class.

Effective Strategies to Ace and Improve Tutoring Jobs Online

Freelance online tutoring jobs are quite different from teaching a class of students at school. A private online tutor must adapt and adopt new and effective strategies to support learning, irrespective of the student's own level, and the subjects one is teaching.

Practice Cooperative Learning

Also called small-group learning, cooperative learning is an instructional strategy in which small groups of students work together on a common task. Online learning provides an interactive platform for participants looking to engage with each other.

Exercise Differential Instruction

Every student learns differently. As an online tutor, your job is to understand these variations in students in order for your tutoring to be effective and have a lasting impact year after year. This is where differentiated learning comes into play.

Be Open to Experimentations

Tutoring jobs provide tutors with ample learning scope and opportunities to experiment with their styles of teaching and create a new kind of pedagogy. These jobs remove the restrictions imposed by conventional teaching methods.

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