Education is an all-encompassing process of developing and realizing the potential of a person. In being such a process, education and learning are also constantly evolving processes.

It is the job of a teacher to foster the harmonious growth of the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual qualities inherent in his or her student or students, depending on the number of learners he/ she is teaching.

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The irony of online, work from home jobs, is that they use the same tools of education that are held responsible for turning students away from their inner humanity - computers, and online technology.

Teaching Values to Young Learners

Teaching jobs not only require the teacher to teach the subject matter in a particular discipline but also transform the self-centered and egotistic student into one who is integrated and responsible as a global citizen. The private tutor plays a pivotal role in imparting values in young learners.

Education, whether online or otherwise, must teach students to apply basic human values in their daily lives, especially in a time when the onslaught of new technologies are turning our thoughts to mechanical data.

Value-based education is a teaching framework in which values are taught both explicitly in the classroom and implicitly by example. Like any other branch of education, one can only teach values through specific tools and methodologies.

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Tuition in a classroom environment is easier as students feel they have to adhere to the class etiquette. However, you might feel drained after spending hours on online tutoring at the end of which your student learns nothing new about our cherished universal values!

Ethics and values
Value-based education teaches us to distinguish between right and wrong. | Source: Tumisu from Pixabay

Objectives of Value-based Education

If you are a teacher who is into online work from home jobs and are wondering how you can inculcate values into your student's mind by way of a computer screen, here are some things you can consider to address your concern.

Teaching jobs are not easy. The job of an online tutor can be even more challenging than conventional private tutors who work from their own homes or at a student's home. Tutoring someone on values can be a challenge to teachers, especially if it is a case of online tuition. 

The first step is to identify some of the learning objectives that you wish your students to achieve. The world of value-based education can be extremely fulfilling for teachers as well as learners alike. It offers a holistic approach to the development of academic, social, and interpersonal skills.

Devote an hour or two of your time on developing your own point of view on the values you would like to teach. Apply them for a few days in your personal life. Once you do this, you will have more clarity on how to convey the message implicit in a specific value to your student.

Some of the objectives of teaching values to young learners may include:

  1. Holistic development of the student - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  2. Development of acceptable behavior and responsible citizenship.
  3. Development of respect for other
  4. Inculcating love and respect for one's own country and culture, while respecting those of others
  5. Development of tolerance and understanding of diverse views (religious, cultural, political, and so on)
  6. Enabling students to form sound judgments
  7. Learning to respect their own emotions and opinions, without hurting those of others.

Tutoring Tips for Value Education

Model your online tuition sessions on the level of experience you possess and the level of learning your students are at. One of the important tasks in a tutoring job is to reinforce what children learn at home. 

Remember, a student will develop his first view of the world depending on what their families value at home. And it will take more than a few days or hours to unlearn them if required.

Start Small, Work Your Way Up

For primary students, it is important to not only teach students certain values but to keep working with them to understand why they are important. Start small as primary school kids will not understand bigger issues like climate change, sexual identity, or racism.

Your online lessons should consist of teaching them skills that are of everyday value. Online tutors working from home may find it challenging to use a personal experience as an illustration.  Students might be unable to view the same context as you are trying to convey.

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A home tutor
A private tutor not only assists you with homework but acts as a mentor. | Source: FluentU

It is advisable to go into your online class with simple lessons, such as start by asking students to say “Please,” or to await their turn before speaking. These small values grow and build on one another until students begin to understand the bigger picture.

School is the ideal place to start teaching the correct values towards refugees and develop an understanding of different cultures around the world.

There are lots of manners and values to work on, but teachers can start by reinforcing them slowly and individually. Before wrapping up your lesson for the day, spend a few minutes practicing what you have taught. Check to see if they remember what they learned half an hour ago.

Set an Example

Imagine you spend hours talking about a particular value, but your student fails to apply it in practice. To avoid this sinking feeling, you can set an example yourself, as their teacher. For instance, for an hour of tuition on tolerance and respect, you can:

  • Show how to pay attention while listening to others, without interrupting
  • Introduce them to ideas of diversity and individuality, and foster inclusivity
  • Demonstrate how to manage emotions and take fair decisions.

Set Learning Scenarios Through Practical Lessons

Children may find values to be vague and difficult to understand. Help students understand the importance of the values they are learning, by creating the opportunity to put them into practice. Teach your students with the help of case studies and role-plays. Pick a scenario that you would like them to enact.

Example 1: Throwing trash on the floor or littering the neighborhood.

Lead the way by showing them how you must pick up your own trash and keep your room tidy. Let students understand the value of cleanliness, which, in turn, fosters self-respect and commands other's respect as well. These are all values that need teaching.

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Example 2: Learning to say "Thank You"

Teach students the value of gratitude. For instance, you can ask them for a pen, or some other item, though you will have to contend with the restrictions of online teaching. Say “please” as you ask and "thank you" when you get what you requested.

Now, let students repeat after you. Basic manners and etiquette, gratitude, and respect for things others give or do are some of the values students will learn from this exercise.

The value of gratitude
Saying "thank you" can be the most satisfying as well as the most challenging thing to do for many. | Source: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Break Lessons Into Smaller Chunks of Learning

You probably spend multiple days of week teaching classes online. Set a routine for value education as well. Break your lessons down into small, manageable chunks for the students to follow. This will also help boost your credibility as a teacher.

Day 1 of the tuition week: Introduce the idea of the value.

Day 2: Tutor your students on how to apply the value by giving them an example

Day 3 and 4: Set scenarios for them to apply their learning and see if you have been able to foster a positive view.

You don't have to be a qualified tutoring professional in order to be able to teach someone else basic values. Your willingness to see good in this world is all that you want to work in your favor in this case.

Technological evolution is constantly throwing up challenges to the teaching profession. However, teachers must remember that there are certain lessons that a machine cannot churn out.

Whether you are tutoring university students or school level tutees, imparting some positive values is essential for optimum teaching outcomes.

The role of values in education still matters, as made evident in the recent global crises relating to humanitarianism. Online private tutors can contribute to this kind of learning as education seeks to adapt to the next level of evolution.

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