The word ‘assurance’ follows up your mind right after you have invested in something. One has all the rights to worry about whether his time, money or trust that he pays towards something is for the better cause or not. The same feeling is developed by the parents who search and set a private tutor for the betterment of education of their children. But what if such a traditional form of home tuition is converted to online tutoring?

A few years ago, home tutoring services were provided to the children, which helped the enhancement of education. A private tutor visits the home of the child or vice versa in order to provide a private lesson as well as homework help. But with time, online teaching became one of the major sources of these forms of education. While many parents have already relied on the change for the better, many are still questioning its existence.

Myths Of Tutoring Online

People understood that the quality of school education wasn’t enough to complete the learning of the child. This gave birth to the demand for private tuitions or home lessons. Provided the low teacher to student ratio, shorter class session, etc., parents and guardians noticed that the child needed additional help and nurturing.

Hence, the role of a private tutor and coaching swept in where students were provided with revision sessions of every subject they felt weak in. Soon after, the result of the student showed some noticeable improvement and the practice started to multiply.

Scopes of online learning in India
Before you decide what online education actually, you will need to research well. Source: Education

The disadvantages of online education that we learn are mainly due to the myth that follows along with it. Here are a few reasons why any parent starts questioning the capabilities of online teaching method-

Virtual-mode Of Education

When private tuition started, the teacher and students had a face-to-face interaction during home tuition and coaching classes. Whatever the doubts of the pupil, he/she was able to clear it right away. But in online education, people think that virtual interaction would not be enough to clear the doubts of the child. Due to the lack of physical presence of the teacher, the student would not find much interest in the class.

Care For The Eyesight Of The Child

Parents believe that the eyesight of the child may get affected if they are made to sit in front of the computer at an early age. This might be true as well as a myth. There are various reasons for weak vision such as Amblyopia, Presbyopia, stress, malnutrition and birth-related issues.

Although the screen may make things worse, online learning is not a sole cause for bad eyesight. On the other hand, students can also take precautions such as stress-resistant glasses, reducing the blue light effect of the device, proper setup of the study room and so on.

Zero Skill Development

When a student is sent to school, he is exposed to the environment and children of the same age. This would obviously give him a chance to develop his/her communication skill and group working abilities. With online lessons, students are isolated and confined to their respective homes.

People believe that this may hamper their development skills since exposure is very much required for proper maturing of the child, both mental and physical. But what they miss out is the fact that the actual mental growth of the child takes place at home. Schools are restricted to only a few hours of the day.

Online Education And Its Advantages

Online education has brought a whole new face in the Indian education system. There is no denying that traditional education in this country is very limited and required exposure. For instance, an aspiring MBA student is all bothered about finding a placement in one of the reputed companies. Thinking beyond that becomes almost impossible since the person is flooded with the duties and responsibilities.

Moreover, the education system is not flexible enough to offer crash-courses as per the interest of any individuals. All of these negativities finally ended with the approaching digital studies.

Benefits of online learning
There are too many reasons why students must go for online sessions in India. Source: Jagran Josh

Say No To Sacrifice Passion

In many circumstances, a student has one or the other talent and passion which is sacrificed due to the demand for survival. However, with the introduction of the online education system, one has the opportunity to sign up for any course they want. So, irrespective of the age, one can learn from a wide range of disciplines available online.

Earn While Studying

Online tuition has provided students with the opportunity to earn while they are learning. Online education is not only a platform for school lesson learning but also a great source of teaching extracurricular activities since it respects talents. If a person has a flawless dancing skill, he/she can provide a lesson as a tutor to others via tuition online. One can also learn languages like English, French, Spanish, Arabic and so on with the help of online tutors.

Increases Earning Of Teachers

While the direct impact of online education is boosting the quality of learning, it also has a few positive outcomes for the teachers and tutors. Online education is helping the teacher recruitment process in the country.

A few years ago, parents used to hire only one tutor for the child who would teach him/her all the subjects. But now, parents have also learned the capabilities of a tuition teacher. So, despite a tutor can help the student with all the subjects, there could be a lack of quality teaching in the process.

Provide Better Guide

A person who has brilliant Mathematics skills might not be a fit for teaching History. Teachers have graduated in different disciplines and hence it is better to hire a Science student to teach Maths and other Science oriented subjects. This way, each child may get more than one tutor which increases the demand for a private tutoring services provider and thereby expanding teacher recruitment.

How Online Teaching Is the New Hope For India?

With the increasing opportunities for people to sign up as an online tutor, the education sector is indeed providing an excellent chance of earning. The best part is online education platforms value skills more than a degree, something which India needed. The country has a number of graduates but not enough opportunity to land a stable job.

A student
During the time of the pandemic, online education was the only active source of learning. Source: Hindustan Times

Moreover, the impact of COVID-19 is said to be worse on fresh graduates, since the pandemic left many places hollow. The only platform that is slowly witnessing an increment in the demand is online education. This is the phase when the country is going online as a whole and thus, anyone who has profound knowledge in any discipline can sign up as an online teacher. To utter the fact, online teacher recruitment is at its peak now.

How To Become An Online Teacher In India?

To become an online teacher or tutor is as easy as signing up for any website. All you will need to know is which site you are choosing and what will be its benefits. Mainly, the platforms where you can provide students with important learning materials are either paid or unpaid.

The unpaid ones are free of cost for the students but a teacher can always benefit from it. For instance, if a person is good at dance, guitar or painting, he can create his page on YouTube to teach the same. The more the followers the better for the creator. On the other side, YouTube is one of the most proficient sites students can refer to for learning anything for free.

Other than that, there are online jobs in India for students without investment. One such platform is Superprof, where any student can sign up and get requests for private tuitions. This is mainly suited for the ones who are an aspirant of higher studies. This way, a student can focus on his academics while earning at the comfort of his/her home.

One can also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to advertise the online tutoring service that they have started. These platforms are free of cost when it comes to using them to enhance business.

Final Words | Online Tutoring Worth it?

Online tutoring platforms serve as a great asset in the world of education. It has enhanced the learning opportunity besides expanding the scope for learning different disciplines. Surveys have already proved how many students have learned extra-curriculum skills such as spoken native languages, dance, painting, music and acting with the help of YouTube and other digital classes.

Traditional to digital education
Online education has no restriction for learning and it is the most accessible among all. Source: Franchise India

There is no investment when you sign up as an online tutor. In the past, the only way to get students was to ask verbally for it. The sources were neighbourhood, relatives and friends. But now, even the one who doesn’t know you will learn the fact that you are an online tutor for a respective discipline. This widens the chance for you to get more students.

Moreover, every business sector has seen a sky-rocketing expansion when they took it to an online platform. Teaching is no less than a business with even better convenience. Here, you are at the comfort of your schedule and your own boss. This is why even the biggest disadvantages would seem tiny in front of the benefits it provides.

Just select a platform like Superprof today and sign up to be an online tutor!

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