“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge - Albert Einstein.”

The quote justifies the power and resilience of a teacher. Maybe that is why teaching is one of the few professions which earns a high amount of respect and dignity. It is not just about conveying knowledge and conducting examinations. It is an art which shapes the future of society as a whole. From school classrooms to online tutoring, this profession has come a long way with time.

It would not be wrong to say that the establishment of a digital learning platform has given new wings to the teachers and tutors around the world. In India, it was no less than a daydream for skilled individuals to think of tutoring online. Today, the availability of various online teaching jobs has made those dreams come true.

If you always wanted to become an online teacher or a tutor, the right platform is set out for you. All you need to do is recognize the right opportunity and then grab it at the first chance.

From board to screen
Online platforms have brought the teachers from writing on blackboards to sharing on laptops. Source: insidehighered.com

Instructional Approach For Online Classes

The atmosphere of a physical classroom is very different from an online one. The physical presence of a teacher does create an aura in the class which is incompatible. However, you can create that magic in online classes as well.

It is neither impossible nor very much difficult to enact. The way you take the classes plays an important role. There are many instructional plans that you can work on for taking online lessons.

Online Lectures

It is a very cliche idea among most of the people that lectures are boring. Well, it was neither meant to be boring nor it is. You can conduct classes by giving online lectures on your subjects. A teacher should possess the art of making the classes interesting.

There are many successful online professors and tutors who use lectures to transmit information and knowledge. You just have to make sure that the right elements of speech are used. Giving practical examples, constantly modulating your voice, asking questions and sparking the students’ interest are some of the best tools that you can use to deliver impactful lectures.

One-on-one Discussions

Group discussions are one of the best and most useful instructional approaches to online and offline teaching. You can make sure that the students are understanding the topic just by making them participate in discussions.

As it is known, most of the companies conduct group discussion rounds in interviews. So, using this approach can also help your students understand how they can succeed in group interviews.

Interactive sessions help students gain confidence, improve their listening and speaking abilities. For instance, make your students participate in a discussion on any social issue while teaching social studies.

Practical Demonstrations

Online tutoring subjects are not limited to academics. There are various other skills and art forms that you can teach. In such cases, using a practical demonstration is the best instructional strategy to use. An online home tutor can conduct successful classes as prevalent as the offline ones. Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. can also be taught practically to primary school children.

Visual Simulation

The effectiveness of the visual learning process is well proven in the world. Reports reveal 90% of the information encapsulated by a human brain is visual.

You can make PowerPoint presentations, use digital or animated pictures to explain any subject or theory. In fact, this strategy can be used in teaching musical instruments as well. Pictures of guitar chords would be easier to remember than memorising its vocal explanation. Thus, try using simulations to explain key concepts and complex theories.

Everything is easy online
Using PowerPoint slides to explain mathematical equations can be a fruitful method in online classes. Source: susannedunlap.com

Fun-filled Games

This strategy works best with children who are attending online classes. Young students look for elements that they cannot find in typical offline classes. The best way to grab their attention and make online tutoring services a fun-filled affair is to play mental games in class.

Try asking riddles, conduct role-plays, etc. and mark their performance. Online tutors help in building the self-esteem and performance of their students. You should also contribute your knowledge into doing the same in a better way.

Discussing Case Studies

Discussions on what is happening in the real world can also prove to be a nice instructional strategy. Case studies help in creating curiosity among students which would make them love the learning process.

For instance, an online language tutor can talk about real-life examples of people who made it big with their language proficiency. This would invoke the will power in them to learn which would consequently help you in your teaching career as well. After all, the success of a student is the growth of a teacher.

Projects On Problem-based Learning

Problem-based learning is a very popular teaching method that encourages students to practice their skills. This usually involves giving problem-solving tasks and assignments to students either in a group or individually. This induces the students to improve their performance and be more active in the classes. Online tutoring subjects are diversified in today’s world which is why this strategy can work wonders.

Effectiveness Of Online Teaching

The time when people used to doubt the effectiveness of online teaching methods has passed long back. India has accepted the online learning platforms quite faster than it was expected. The increasing number of distance learning programs, online courses, institutes, etc. are proof that the education sector is welcoming the change.

There were so many hindrances that students used to face earlier. There was no feasible way of pursuing distance learning programs. Also, a student used to find it impossible to take classes from the best home tutors in town because of travel issues. Besides, one could not find time for enhancing his passion and hobby.

All these limitations have been eliminated with online tutoring services. This has also increased employment with the availability of private teaching jobs. With more and more teachers connecting with students across India, an online learning platform is definitely becoming an enormous success.

Student practices painting
Fuel your passion for colours by learning from online painting classes. Source: medium.com

A Bucket Full Of Benefits!

If you start counting the benefits of online classes, you would need a large sheet of paper. The personal benefits to students and teachers can make a long list. In addition to that, it has a lot in store for the economy of a country.

The education sector now has broader career prospects for people of all age groups. High school students can earn their own pocket money as well as practise their lessons simultaneously by providing online classes.

There are many guitarists, singers, painters, dancers, etc. who are limited by the geographical boundaries of their locality or town. They can now take the online tutoring platform for expanding their reach of students.

There were many speculations about the impact of online teaching platforms and what kind of results it would yield. Today, the growth and popularity of e-learning have calmed all that storm.

The Future Face Of Education Sector

When the entire education system became almost immobile due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the e-learning platforms that became the only solution. The whole world took it to the online classes to keep the education sector working. This is the time when people realised that online tutoring business can be efficient, effective and fruitful. Here-

  • Teachers and students are comfortable with the process.
  • Parents are also relieved because their children are learning under their observation.
  • The schools, colleges and universities are also able to develop coordination between the teaching department and the management.
  • Students from rural areas are able to accrue knowledge from experienced and skilled individuals of the big cities.
  • The distance barrier is removed completely.
  • New teaching methods and courses are being introduced to the people. Like recently, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) made its entry to the online education platforms.

Thus, there is no harm in saying that online classes would be the future face of the education sector with more and more people joining hands to offer services.

Start with e-learning
The expansion and growth of e-learning platforms have opened doors to new opportunities. Source: static.shine.com

Get The Right Platform To Teach

The growth of the online tutoring business in India is surely commendable. If you have the right set of skills and knowledge, take it to the right platform to prove your worth. Superprof is one such platform that is generating many private tutoring jobs for teachers around the country. It helps the interested teachers and home tutors to find students in their locality who are willing to learn online.

Parallelly, it is also helping the students to learn almost every subject, art forms and skills from their desired teachers. A student can search for a guitar teacher in any place, if you are offering classes in the same range, your profile would be visible to him. This way he can connect with you and you can start your classes easily.

You can enjoy your share of professional satisfaction and career growth with the help of online teaching jobs. Keep your spirits high and try to achieve your goals in this new arena.

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