There is a famous saying that preaches, “Change is the rule of nature”. Whoever coined this phrase was definitely very realistic.

As the change that technology has brought in our lives is incredible and commendable. Today, one of the biggest fruits of technological development is the establishment of online learning platforms. The e-learning business is expanding very fast in the world and in India.

The reports reveal that the online education industry will register a minimum of six times of growth in 2021. The total worth of the industry is approximated $1.96 billion with around 9.6 million users in the country. These enormous numbers are enough to give a clear picture of the development of online teaching platforms. The business is catering to the needs of students as well as teachers by connecting them through online classes.

Let us know more about the impact and development of this newly flourished industry.

Online mode of learning
The E-learning industry enables you to use digital devices in learning something fruitful. Source:

Parents Are Preferring Online Classes

Indian parents are always concerned about their child’s education. Most of them had to go with their child to tuition classes so that they can assure that they are travelling safely and investing their time in learning only! However, the way online learning is taking over the traditional teaching methods, preference of parents has shifted.

Class Schedule

Online lessons can be scheduled as per the flexibility of the students. The availability of more time slots is also a factor. No time is wasted in travelling from one place to another as neither the students nor the teachers have to leave their homes. This also allows the parents to spend more time with their child. The class schedules can be decided with the consent of both parties.

Flexibility And Convenience

The conventional education system was much more time-bound than it is now. Earlier, students had to keep rushing from school or colleges to different tuition classes. This did not allow them to spend much time at home. The online course platforms offer flexibility and convenience. There is no need for children to travel here and there. Also, the biggest tension of parents was the safety of their kids, especially girls. This tension is also eliminated as they can do their classes from the comfort of homes. 

Lower Cost Of learning 

Most of the online courses and online tutoring classes cost lower than the regular ones. The availability of online teaching jobs has increased the supply which in turn reduces the cost. This is also something which prompts the parents to choose online classes. The cost of education is already very high in today’s world. People are trying to cope up with the increasing costs. In such a scenario, the online course market place is cheaper and beneficial.

Interaction With Teachers

This is one of the most important concerns of every parent. It is not possible for them to keep a constant track of their child’s performance. Also, most of the parents are both working individuals and can hardly crunch out the time for interacting with the teachers. With e-learning platforms, this has become very easy and convenient too. Teachers and guardians can interact face-to-face whenever the need be. This also creates a healthy pressure on the children to perform better so that their parents are not bound to hear complaints.

Availability of Multiple Courses

There are multiple courses available on online platforms. No student is confined by his geographical location or travelling distance. The learning management of a child is much more feasible now. The pressure of academics does not succumb the students’ wish to adapt new hobbies and follow their passion. Dancing, singing, painting, playing musical instruments, learning a new language, etc. are all made possible with online classes.

A teacher guiding her student
Parents can observe their child’s progress and growth in education. Source:

Learn From The Best Teachers 

There are many families in India who reside in the outskirts of a city or under-development areas. Finding a good online tutor in such locations is no less than a headache. The most probable option was travelling a long distance to avail best education facilities. Also, students who are pursuing higher education had to struggle a lot to find teachers of their subjects. Online course platforms almost eliminate these problems. Parents can hire the best teachers in the country to guide their children.

Quick Teaching Methods

There are students who have to travel 3-4 km daily to attend a tuition class of one hour. This not only strains out their energy but also affects their focus in the class after so much tiredness. 

With online classes, students can save a lot of time. Moreover, online tutors use quick and easy teaching methods for explaining a subject. After all, teaching from a PowerPoint slide is much faster than writing manually on blackboards. A one-hour online class can turn out to be equally productive as an offline class.

Learning Under Observation

Children need utmost care and observation during their teenage period. This is the time when most students get distracted from their studies. Bunking classes and roaming around with friends become very common happening during this time. Since online classes can be easily attended from home, parents can keep an acute observation on their child’s learning process.

Safe And Secure

There is no debate about the fact that online learning is a safe and secure process. The technology enables the parents and teachers to record the attendance, performance as well as attentiveness of students in the class. Assignments and projects are also provided online which can be kept in the history of the website. This relieves the parents from all their worries regarding their child’s career security.

Students Can Also Work From Home | How To Work From Home As Students?

If one analyses the market condition for jobs in India, he would find that there are plenty of part-time jobs that are done by the high school students. Some do these jobs out of need and some out of passion but the result is very appreciative. If reports are to be believed, the employability of graduates jumped up to 50% in 2019.

The e-learning platforms have also a big part to play in this growth in future. There was a time when youngsters were conflicted with the thought of how to work from home as a student?

There were not many options for one to earn money without hampering his education. Today, there are plenty of options on online teaching platforms for students to acquire jobs that suit their career or passion. This would not need a lot of time-investment or effort. A high school student can easily give piano lessons to others through online classes.

Online session
Children take more interest in visual learning than in textbooks. Source:

Facilitates Affordable And Accessible Learning

The online teaching platforms facilitate affordable and accessible learning to all the students. There is absolutely no discrimination or restrictions. A child from a mediocre family can easily avail the best online course.

If one analyses the online education market carefully, he can also find websites that offer free online education. Also, there are many websites that enable the students to find the best teachers within their budget.

Superprof is a leading example in this case. One can select his budget, location and interest to filter out the suitable online tutors for him. This saves one from the struggle of searching for the right match. Also, there is the option for online jobs for students as they can also teach by getting students from the site.

The best part is Superprof provides a free demo class from the teacher of your choice. This provides one with a better understanding of how the classes will work out in future. The independence of choice can be enjoyed with Superprof.

A Sustainable Career Option 

The online tutoring industry is growing rapidly. The current situation of the world economies has also inclined people to choose the online learning option. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is worsening day by day, people are confined in their homes.

An online session
The learning process is made simpler and easier with online classes. Source:

Only the digital devices are serving as the window to the outside world. The news reports are claiming that the e-learning business would see much more growth in the coming years given that people are now much more comfortable with the online platforms.

There are dozens of companies who are making huge investments annually for hosting online courses in India. Also, the recent awareness of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is also supposed to make a positive impact on the industry. Thus, choosing online teaching as a career option can turn out to be the best choice. The sustainability and growth of this industry are definitely unbeatable.

It can be concluded that the benefits of online learning far outweigh the minor liabilities which is not going unnoticed at all. So, this enormous growth would positively generate more employment opportunities in the form of online teaching jobs. The kind of positive response that the students and teachers have given to the industry is outstanding.

It was like yesterday when Indians were totally confused whether this will work out or not. The tables have definitely turned within the last couple of years. The Indian education system is up for the change.

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