The evolution of the education system in India has been endearing and unbelievable. From Gurukuls to highly modernized schools, we have come a long way. There was a time when teachers used to have chalks and blackboards in the class. Then, a few big schools installed large LED screens in the classes to enable visualised learning. Today, this physical classroom has reached computer screens of students. Online tutoring is trending across India with more and more students availing the facility.

This trend became a necessity very recently when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. Every school, college and university took it to the online platforms for easily facilitating the teaching process.

This is the biggest reason that the availability of online teaching jobs in the Indian market has seen a sharp hike. Academic subjects, musical instruments, painting, singing, dancing, yoga and what not! If you are skilled, you can take online lessons easily with a minimum of resources.

E-learning stage
The various e-learning platforms are the new virtual classrooms for students. Source:

Types Of Online Teaching Jobs 

If you are thinking that online teaching is confined to academic subjects or taking lessons, you are certainly mistaken. There are various types of online tutoring jobs that are available in the e-learning industry.

Online Teacher

Online teachers usually work under a defined organisation. There are many schools and universities that provide distance learning facilities to students across the country. You can secure a job in any one of these to start your venture as an online teacher.

There are also many coaching institutes which provide classes on competitive exams, CA/MBA subjects, Engineering subjects, etc. All these institutes will provide you with a group of students who are willing to take online lessons. These jobs are as secure as any other teaching jobs that are available offline. However, the positive side of the online platform is that you would not need to travel to the institute every day.

Online Tutor

Just like home tutors, you can work as a freelancer by availing online tutoring jobs. The online tutors have a much broader window as they are not subjected to teach any particular bunch of students. You have the feasibility of teaching any skill within your area of expertise.

You can also design your own online course on the subject matter that interests you. It can be maths, social studies, philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics or any other subject. You can also provide homework help to students in need. The online tutoring platform is expanding very rapidly in India.

Online Fitness Trainer

The awareness of Yoga and fitness has set out the online platform for gym, Yoga and Zumba trainers to showcase their talent and earn money. Online yoga classes are very famous these days in a lot of cities in India. Not only that, but the availability of students is also very high given that youngsters, children and elders are all willing to learn.

There are a lot of elderly people who cannot leave their houses to travel to fitness classes. You can teach them Yoga asanas through the online platform.

Skill Developer

There is a huge difference between skill and knowledge. Academic knowledge is limited to university degrees whereas skill is related to art and music. Multilingual ability, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, painting, etc. are different types of skills that people love to learn.

If you are an expert in any of these art forms, there is an online job available for you. Today, skill development programs have become a part of dinner table conversations. People are willing to enhance their hobbies and follow their passion once again. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

A teaching and student online
Connect with students all around the country with online tutoring platforms. Source:

Educational Content Editor

The online teaching websites provide various courses for students. If you feel you are not comfortable in front of a camera and so, online tutoring is not for you then think again.

You would be delighted to know there are many online jobs where you can work as an educational content creator and editor. In this role, you edit the written work of other teachers and also provide summarised notes of textbook lessons. It is one of the best jobs you do from home.

Personality Developer

Are you a confident speaker and soft skill trainer? If yes, have you ever thought of providing online personality development classes? Well, if not, you definitely should give it thought immediately.

With these skills, if you are dwelling upon what are the benefits of teaching online in India? Then you should know that the online tutoring business is a very vast platform where one can teach almost everything.

There are many students who struggle to crack a job interview because of a lack of confidence and convincing soft skills. If you are trained in this field, try teaching the art of cracking interviews. You can provide them with lessons by reaping the benefits of an online tutoring platform.

Writing Coach

Excellent writing skills can also help you in getting an online teaching job. If you have an in-depth knowledge of grammar, punctuation and research errors, you can work as a writing coach.

Students and professionals who struggle with their assignments or projects can seek your help. This is a type of job people usually fail to consider as who thinks of utilising their writing ability in this way? While speaking a language is very easy, possessing good writing skills in the same is not possible for everyone. Providing them online classes can set your career in the right field.

Time To Start Implementing Your Plans

Now that you are aware of all the types of online teaching jobs that are available in the Indian market, it is time to start implementing your plans.

If the digital teaching platform is relatively new to you, it is important to learn the nitty-gritty of online tutoring services. With so many online jobs for students too, the platform is exposed to almost every opportunist. There are many technicalities that might seem alien to you initially.

However, if you start preparing yourself for the job, it would not take much effort. The students have to be strongly influenced by you so that you can conduct your classes with ease.

The first and very important thing to know is that you have to be confident in front of the camera. Also, if you are camera conscious, work on your skills and performance. The best online teachers are the ones who can make their classes interactive and fun. The physical absence of a teacher in a class does make a difference.

Students are most likely to get distracted if the classes are not captivating enough. Thus, plan how you will take your classes and start implementing it.

Learning music online
Take your passion for music to the e-learning platform. Source:

Polish Your Soft Skills

Good soft skills can always help you in the teaching field whether it be online or offline. Voice modulation, body language, facial expressions, proper eye contact, etc. are all the necessary attributes that should be possessed by an online teacher.

The teacher recruitment panel also demands these skills in the candidate. The atmosphere of online classes is very different from that of the offline one. Students attend the classes within their comfort zones. They can take out plenty of reasons to miss the class. You should be able to attract their attention.

Good soft skills work as a driving force in these cases. Online classes are not only limited to children or youngsters. Suppose you start working as an online language tutor. So, middle-aged and elderly people who are interested in learning the language can also take classes from you. This brings the need for voice modulation and body language which has to be different for both groups of people. Thus, polishing your soft skills are very important for addressing the students.

Grab The Right Opportunities!

Online learning platforms are filled with new opportunities for tutors all around the world. There are plenty of options as mentioned earlier. Recently, the Indian government also announced online higher education for students who cannot pursue a regular degree.

You have to be active and keep looking for the right opportunities. Do not wait for a knock on the door! You can register yourself on online platforms like Superprof which is a bit out of the mainstream ones. The company promotes young talent across India and gives them the chance to encash their passion and hobbies.

Online session with the help of smartphone
Virtual classes can be created with some basic tools and equipment. Source:

The platform works as a connecting channel between online tutors and students who are willing to take online classes. Suppose you make a profile on Superprof as an online math tutor. Now the students who would search for a math tutor in your city will get to see your profile. This way students from every corner of your city can connect with you for availing online classes. Take the right start towards building a successful career.

The rise of online tutoring in the last few years has been incredible. The internet has clearly changed the education sector for everything good and better to come. You can dive into this new world of online learning for building your teaching career.

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