Online tutoring has become a crucial form of education in India. It has expanded the traditional and confined boundaries of learning which never provided enough opportunities to the students. The traditional education system had limited syllabus and thereby, a finite scope for the students in their career. However, with the latest trend, the whole country is witnessing the emergence of digital classrooms, all thanks to the internet.

In the past, the role of a teacher was restricted to distributing knowledge but it is through online education that we know a teacher could do more. The assessment feedback that is provided via online teaching is a great example that defines the true role of a teacher.

Not only is he/she able to teach and cover the syllabus but can also review the child’s learning capacity, behavioural pattern and emotional stability. In short, online education has become a window to the character and well-being of the child.

Beginning Of Online Tutoring Phase

As people are heading towards a digital world, they are getting more and more exposure. In earlier days, they were not aware of the fact that the private tutoring culture in the country was not only about covering the syllabus taught in schools and colleges.

Black board and digital screen
From blackboard to a digital screen, online education has revised the learning system. Source: Inside Higher Ed

Private tuitions were actually a supplement for the students using which they can decide what to do in the future. Had online education not become popular, students would not have known various fields they can graduate in.

Every student in India required some serious career counselling simply because none could guide and help them in the right path. It is through online teaching learning that students discover their true self and the urge of becoming something that involves passion more than money.

Not only that, but people have also started supporting the idea of digital education with reasonable scope in the future in India.

Modern Education Technologies And Their Benefits

When you speak about online education, many people often get confused. They are unable to digest the fact that technology can actually provide anyone with a degree since it has become a school in itself. It helps to impart knowledge besides improving the interpersonal skills of a pupil. As a result, it produces a smart batch of skilled and intelligent aspirants.

For an online classroom, there are various basic requirements that both the teacher and the student must possess. Here is how online education works-

Digital Classroom

Each student gets a world-class education experience when he sits in a digital classroom. With the help of digital screens, a teacher is now able to access the whole class in one go. It has not only helped solve the problems but also improved the convenience for one and all. On the other hand, it has enhanced the learnability of the child by various types of instructional styles included on the digital screen. The digital classroom has too many benefits compared to the traditional classroom-

  • In the digital classroom, a teacher can look at everything and every child.
  • Since online teaching is done with the help of digital equipment, the usability of these tools becomes easier for everyone.
  • It is more convenient and on the go learning approach.
  • Chalk and duster are replaced by modern equipment.

Online Assessment

The online assessment is the process using which the students are allowed to appear for tests and exams. This is not new in India since many private companies and schools had already initiated such forms of examination. Here, all the students need is a computer with a webcam and internet connection. The benefits of online assessment lie in the following facts-

  • Students are freed from carrying essential items for examination such as pens, board, etc.
  • The invigilator is able to look after them more easily.
  • Better concentration during tests.

Video-based Interaction

People believe that face-to-face teaching is more effective. Little did they know that video-based teaching is more efficient and convenient for both the teacher and the child. It keeps the pupil engaged and entertained while helping him explore through various segments. Video conferencing is better than a physical interaction in many ways-

  • It helps the child become more self-dependent.
  • It keeps the interaction of the session active.
  • Better engagement from every child.

Benefits Of Online Education For Students

To accept and adapt to the change in the education system, one needs to understand why it was required in the first place. Online education came into being with the beginning of free courses available on major platforms like Google and YouTube.

Online learning benefits
There are too many benefits of online education one can have. Source: Quora

Many people started preparing a video session to educate on varied skills and discipline. Also, people can learn a wide range of facts from Wikipedia. These altogether started developing the idea of online courses.

Opened-up Teaching Jobs Opportunity

While there are so many benefits of online education, an online tutoring job is one of the best gifts it has provided. With a huge demand for jobs in the market, many students are left unhired. This is mainly because every company looks for the best among the finest talents on the campus, which leaves out students with lower grades. Online jobs serve for these aspirants as they can sign up for teaching jobs online.

Reshaping Society

Thanks to online education, many people now understand that the students with lower grades are not failures, they have far better talents which need to be valued. A student who is interested in arts and music is likely to fail if asked to study engineering. Even if he scores well, he would lack the passion and confidence that is required to be a good engineer.

Enhance The Quality Of Living

With every student being surrounded by one or the other smart devices, accessing online learning materials is no more a big deal. Online education has introduced values in the lives of people since they now have access to learning. The more they are reading online, the better they are understanding the structure of society. Moreover, even if they find anything difficult, one search on Google is now able to address them.

Whether students are in a posh city or rural areas, they all have equal access to online learning in some way or the other. Besides, people are also learning skills to acquire talents they have only dreamt of. Finding a tutor who would teach them how to play the guitar was not easy until digital learning came in.

Various Free Courses

Another great advantage of online education is free courses which are being offered by platforms like Google Learning, Coursera, etc. One only needs a smart device with an internet connection to get access to all such resources.

How To Earn Online As A Student In India?

The education system in India functions in such a way that students hardly get time for jobs. However, recently, many institutes are encouraging students to start internships during summer holidays or other vacation. There are also opportunities for part-time work. One can always sign up as a tutor and can make money in two ways - by providing online and offline teaching classes.

Teacher online
With the help of online education, anyone who possesses a specific talent can earn. Source: India Today

Online Teaching

Teaching jobs are not rare, especially in India where you can find a number of students looking for private teachers. This opens opportunities for the students as well who aspire to earn by sharing knowledge. They can choose to teach children of pre-primary and toddlers.

They can also sign up to teach skills like dancing, cooking, beautification, designing and so on. Websites like Superprof let everyone sign up as a tutor. Once you create your account on Superprof, you will be visible in the sight of the students.

Offline Teaching

Besides online jobs for students, they can also choose to become a private tutor. For this, they will need to advertise that they are providing private tuitions to the students. They can use their social media platforms as well to do so. If you want to start as a private tutor, be careful about the subject you offer to teach or else it will have a negative impact on your service as a teacher.

Teacher with a batch of students
A private tutor can guide students on how to use smart tools for learning. Source: KhabarLive Hyderabad

It is now very clear that to become an online teacher, you would not require any specified degree or certificate. If you want to teach English online, you would not need a PhD but a passion for literature. Teaching English online has also become very popular since it is one of the dominating languages in the whole world.

Making a living with the help of teaching is the easiest form of earning nowadays. The demand for education is rising along with the growing population and education being accessible to more and more people. Even people with a financial crisis are leaving no stone unturned to educate their children. This nearly says it all how important education really is.

Also, with the further advancement of technology, India may witness a complete format in the education system with everything getting digitalised. So, it is important for the present generation to become familiar with the new form of education in order to avoid any complexities while adapting to the change in the near future.

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