Online learning has become a part of many top-ranking institutes in India and abroad. With people having access to one or the other device, they can access any online course without any difficulty. With its help, getting a vocational or degree certificate has become easier than ever.

Online education offers students all the perks of setting their feet at the university of their dreams. Here, one can get added comfort of learning experience which has been tailored as per the schedule. We all at some point need tuition teachers to help us with our studies.

With varied courses popping up on the screen in a single search, one can freely enrol and complete the study with the convenience of time. Moreover, online education support has also encouraged the possibilities of tutoring India from abroad.

Online Learning Trend In India | Emergence of Online Jobs

The present world is a digitalised space where everyone can connect with everything. It can provide greater scope for the students as well as for the teacher by increasing the requirements of online tutoring jobs. Even during this pandemic, digitalised study programs acted as a viable alternative to on-campus education.

Online education is making student more self-dependents that private home tuitions. Source: Business Today

These programs allow students to get enrolled for foreign universities remotely, which is a dream for many of them. Also, online education encourages fresh talents to come up and show their skills to the whole world. For this, there are varied platforms anyone can choose to get noticed.

Not only for the completion of a degree course, but online education is also helping people adapt to the change that has taken place.

It is being said that the rate at which India’s e-learning is growing is lower compared to other nations. However, the swift move of schools and colleges to initiate digital learning during the crisis laid by COVID-19 pandemic cannot be ignored. Moreover, even after things get back on track, people who would have learned the value of digital learning by then will hardly rely on going back to brick and mortar institutions.

E-learning has proved to be the easiest forms of education because of its flexibility, lifestyle and likes. There was a time when people used to believe that there is a specific learning age that would not come back if wasted. Erasing the so-called restriction and myth, online education has proudly filled the mind of people with the fact that learning age never ends.

The best part with e-learning is that one never has to worry about age in order to get enrolled. If you had to give up your passion for learning music due to some reasons, you can still fill the gap now.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Tutoring In India?

Owing to the technological innovation that took place in the past decades, every person has gone online via varied platforms and for one or some reasons. Not only did the social media platforms have a healthy population of users, but online courses have also seen various sign-ups every now and then. The emergence of online education is not new in India but now, the country is experiencing a swift growth in the number of e-learners.

Online teacher
Online tutoring jobs provide tutors with a better balance in their professional and personal life. Source: Tavistock Tutors

As quoted - the two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.

The time has literally arrived for the country to match footsteps with the world. So, are you still confused about what are the benefits of online tutoring in India? Just read through.

Better Balance In Personal And Professional Life

Online education has become the most popular way of earning a while and also managing personal life simultaneously. In teaching jobs, teachers are burdened with the responsibilities of various things which makes their work more hectic. Moreover, during the board examination, they have to perform overtime duty as demanded by the educational institutes. This leaves them stressed and eventually hampering both their health and personal life.

With online education and assessment, a teacher is freed from the scheduled work and hence can serve the students anytime he wants. For professional teachers, checking online assessment is way easier than a bunch of answer sheets. Hence, online education makes things convenient for both students and teachers.

Work From Anywhere

More than half the land in India is covered under rural areas. People either move to cities to find a suitable job or open a business that earns them money. Moreover, proper education in these areas is also limited. There are only a few government-run schools for the students.

However, with online education, people residing in these areas are also getting better exposure to learning and education. While a student can get placement for distance learning, tutors can also find online jobs for teaching pupils in different cities.

Cost-effective Solution

Online education is a cost-effective solution to learn and progress with the world. It has created a school in itself. In addition to the degree course, people are also learning management skills with the help of free online courses available on various platforms. Altogether, it is proving to be a better cost-effective solution for studying.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

In the traditional learning system, students are restricted to a particular syllabus for the completion of the degree course. Primary elements of education such as social care programs, mental health sessions, professional development and project management skills, etc. are not given enough importance. Also, pupils cannot also learn foreign languages and gain any extra knowledge apart from basic academics.

In online education, students are introduced to diverse elements of education that helps them to develop better behavioural patterns.

Future Of Online Education In India

Although online education was introduced in India a decade ago, its existence gained popularity in recent months. It can also be said that the pace in its progress is the result of a pandemic that hit India badly. Whatever the reason is, it has now become a trend which can never be reversed. So, here are a few trends that can be expected in the near future-

Digital Classroom

You must have heard about digital classrooms. It is a great innovation in itself. A teacher can now reach the full classroom without much hassle. It also helps students in various ways such as by improving their learnability, work on screen precisely, better engagement in class, better communication and coordination. Moreover, every student gets a world-class education system and exposure sitting at home.

A digitally-equipped classroom
Soon India will have completely digitalised classrooms in every educational institute. Source: IndiaMART

Moocs And Distance Learning Programs

When talking about the popularity of MOOCs, India is among the leading countries that are making such programs accessible to many. It has opened up a great opportunity for students in the country to get enrolled and learn various courses. With the help of MOOCs, students can learn about new skills, share knowledge and take part in anything they want and all that without burning a hole in their parent’s pocket.

Webinar And Test Prep

Earlier, people were called to a specific location to attend a seminar. However, with e-learning platforms, they can take part in any meeting or training program without stepping outside their room. They can also prepare for tests using the online mode of learning.

Career Counselling

A decade ago, career counselling was not as important in India as it is today. It is through online education only that people are learning about the importance of career counselling. Students are getting it done easily with either their school teacher or private tutor. It has become a part of learning for students.

Online Education Impact On Job Market

The best thing that online education has brought to the country is an increased number of job opportunities. In earlier times, people were unable to think about anything else than their work. Office duties for employees like accounting finance or health social care service providers were way too hectic.

With online teaching jobs gaining prominence, anyone can opt to teach sitting at home. People can also choose to provide offline tuitions at home. To get students, they can use digital platforms such as Superprof, or a social media platform, etc. to advertise their service.

A classroom
A whiteboard is easier to use than a blackboard. Source: The Week

The job offered in the digital education system is not only for professional teachers. Anyone with even a basic degree like BSc Hons can teach students of junior classes. It thus opens the opportunity for earning for everyone.

Now, the retired professionals, housewives, aspirants of civil service exams, PhD students and others are offering private tuition to earn extra money. Many women who love to cook or have other passions are also able to share their knowledge and skill online.

To conclude, it can be said that online education has brought a whole new face of learning in the world of today where there are no restrictions. Anyone can use digital platforms to learn free online courses or get a paid degree even in fields like human resource management, which were unknown to many hitherto.

It is more efficient, precise and convenient for the students who are looking to learn while earning. In fact, by providing private tuitions, students are now able to earn pocket money that has made them feel independent. This is also helping their parents financially.

So, it doesn't really matter whether you are young or old, educated or possess some talent and skill, as long you have a passion that you can share, you are fit to provide online classes.

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