Dance involves the successive performance of hand and feet movements that are presented as an aesthetic piece and an expression of human emotions and spiritualism. Dancing is often considered the mother of all forms of art. India has seen the origin and evolution of some of the most celebrated dance forms in the world - Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Garba, etc.

Dancing is a form of storytelling, devotion to a higher spirit as well as poetry in motion.

A true dancer should be able to convey his/ her emotions through the proper postures and hand gestures (mudra)Although age is never a barrier to start dancing, a dancer does need to be fit, flexible and disciplined. An aspiring dancer needs to devote his/ her time, energy and positive attitude towards the learning and mastery of any type of dance.

Make a Career in Dance

Maintaining a full time, successful career as a professional dancer can be difficult, especially in a country such as India. However, there are other ways to retain your passion and love for dancing and remain active in your specialized field of dancing.

Here are some career options as a dancer in India.

  • Dance teacher
  • Choreographer
  • Owner of a dance company
  • Yoga or Pilates instructor
  • Dance photographer/ dance videographer
  • Dance costume designer
  • Dance therapist
Being a dance teacher has its own share of rewards and satisfaction | Source: Visual Hunt

Pro Tip: When you search and apply for any of these jobs, don't forget the valuable lessons from your journey as a dance student - discipline, punctuality, dedication, creativity, kinesthetic awareness, etc.

Dance Education in India

Dancing can be divided broadly into three categories: classical, modern and fitness. Fusion dance is also on the rise in contemporary India.

Delhi or Hyderabad, Pune or Bangalore, dance education in India has a bright future!

Schools of Classical Dancing

Many renowned universities and colleges in India offer degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in performing arts. Some of these schools include famous names like Sangeet Natak Akademi, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (Delhi), Nalanda Dance Research Centre, etc.

Private Dance Schools

Dancers, already well-trained in classical dance styles, may want to expand their dance knowledge and expertise into other dance genres such as ballroom dance, jazz, western classical ballet, etc. For such dance enthusiasts and dance professionals, there are a number of private dance studios and dance academies such as the Gati Dance Forum.

Courses in Modern Dance and Fitness

These include private dance tutors and schools offering courses in freestyle dancing, flamenco, hip-hop dance, aerobics, salsa, Zumba, samba jive, etc.

Find dance classes in Chennai.

Find a Great Dance Instructor in Mumbai

You can be someone looking for dance classes in Borivali (West), or, perhaps, you are solely interested in belly dance classes in Mumbai. Depending upon your interest and the amount of dedication you are willing to put into your dance lessons, choose from a number of dance courses on offer in Mumbai.

Take dance classes near me in India.

Split Solo Dance Academy

Choreographed dance performances come together through discipline, teamwork, and synchronization | Source: Split Solo Dance Academy

The Academy (SSDA) was founded in 2009 with the aim of dance enthusiasts as well as to serve as a platform for cultural events and stage performances. It boasts of a 20,000+ student community in the country.

SSDA was the first dance institute to introduce jazz-funk to the Mumbai dance circuit.

The Academy believes in the amalgamation of dance techniques and styles in order to bring out the potential of a dancer. Learn dance from some of the most passionate and dedicated dance teachers from across the country and the world. Here are the types of dance you can learn at this prestigious dance school.

  • Jazz Funk: An amalgamation of jazz, hip-hop dance and funk designed to help with body posture, flexibility, and strength.
  • Urban Choreography: A newly evolved form of dance choreography, influenced by varied dance styles but interpreted personally by the choreographer.
  • Contemporary Dance: A combination of modern dance, classical ballet, and jazz.

TR Dance Company

Founded by the extremely talented Tanushree Dhaundiyal and Rahul D’lima, the TR Dance Company aims to provide in-depth dance training in Jazz and Modern. The TRDC curriculum has been carefully curated to bring about holistic growth in dancers across all ages.

TRDC dance training programs can be availed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Situated on Hill Road in Bandra, the TRDC studio is spearheaded by a dedicated team of dance gurus who are adept at guiding students in bringing about positive changes in their lives.

Incorporating dance into our lifestyle is a certain path to happiness } Source: TR Dance Company

Dance Classes on Offer

Primarily, the dance classes offer three genres of learning - Jazz, Modern, and Ballet.

  • Jazz: Learn Classical, Funk and Street Jazz.
  • Modern: Learn the Cunningham, Horton, and Release techniques.
  • Ballet: Learn a combination of RAD, Vaganova, and Cecchetti methods.

There are also kids' dance batches available for students of 4 to 10 years of age. Moreover, the Company also conducts occasional workshops in Tap Dance and Ballroom Dance (Salsa, Jive, Cha-cha).

Kolkata offers some of the best dance courses in the country.

Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute

The Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company has been voted the numero uno dance company in the country. The Company, along with the Terence Lewis Dance Scholarship Foundation Trust, makes up the TL brand, that has dedicated itself to the promotion of creative excellence and has contributed to raising the status of dance in India in the eyes of the world.

'Find the Right Course for Yourself'

The Institute's website asks you to answer a few questions about yourself and suggests the most suitable dance training program based on your answers. Answer wisely as only the most sincere and devoted ones are selected. Mind you, this one is THE dance gurukul where you invest only if you are ready to go through the emotional, physical and monetary hardships.

Seeking guidance from a celebrity dance teacher can work in your favor if you are looking for a career in dance | Source: Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute
  1. Dance Pe Lo Chance: A specially designed format for dance reality show aspirants; tuition fee - INR 90,000/- (12 weeks)
  2. Diploma in Dance Foundation Course: An intensive dance training program for those who seriously consider dance as a career choice; tuition fee - 3,00,000/- (12 months)
  3. Young Masters Program: An accelerated course for youngsters to fast-track their dance careers; tuition fee - INR 35,000/- (8 months)
  4. Performance Scholarship Program: Get a chance to perform alongside Terence Lewis, the world over. The program offers a unique chance to learn and earn with dance.

VR Dancesport

VR DanceSport specializes in Latin Ballroom dance forms like Salsa, Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Jive, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Samba and so on.

Group Dance Courses

These are intensive training sessions spread over 12 hours. Essentially, two dance forms are covered in these classes - Salsa & Jive / Cha Cha & Bachata. The 12 hours are divided across 8 weeks with 1.5 hours of training/week or 2 hours of training/week for 6 weeks.

Choose your dancing style and find the best dance classes in India.

Private Dance Classes

Personalized attention is provided to the individual learning needs of each student in private dance lessons. This helps in refining one's dancing skills, dance techniques, musicality, dance vocabulary, as well as partnering skills. Overall, private lessons build more confidence.

Big Dance Centre

Nowadays, it is easy to pick up the dance steps performed by your favorite stars in the silver screen with tailor-made dance courses on offer | Source: Big Dance Centre

For students specifically interested in learning Bollywood style of dancing, the Big Dance Centre is just the right choice! The Centre offers dance classes in a wide range of styles and disciplines, across all levels of experience - beginner, intermediate or advanced and professional dance classes.

Bollywood dance is a unique blend of several dance styles, including Kathak, Odissi, Bhangra, Garba, Jazz, Salsa, Hip-hop, Bharatnatyam, Contemporary, Latin, Belly dance, and Jazz, among others. However, Bollywood dance has managed to come up with its own essence that is at once identifiable as well as attractive to its audience. The dance moves require the perfect balance of rhythm, timing, energy, and expressions.

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