Human beings are instinctive dancers. In other words, we sway to the sound of any rhythmic beat. Dance connects the human realm to the natural realm. We dance to express our deepest emotions and to connect with other people (social dance). Dance makes us feel good!

We dance to celebrate, to heal, to mourn, to entertain, to portray our individuality, to pay homage to a presiding deity, or to simply express our gratitude to the universe.

Dance is a great medium of socialization. And, humans have an innate need to connect with other humans. Whether it the American square dance, the Viennese waltz, foot-tapping at a club with your friends or an impromptu gig at a family wedding, anyone can dance, irrespective of their age.

Mumbai or Pune - learn from the best dance teachers and dance studios in the country!

Classical Dances of India

Dance is a deeply-ingrained part of the cultural tradition in India. Folk dances can be found across every state and community of the country, while dancing is an essential form of expressing joy in any kind of celebration such as festivals and weddings. Dance is also an important feature of Indian cinema (so-called “Bollywood” style of dancing), too. However, dancing in the country lays its claim to worldwide acclaim, thanks to the rich heritage of Indian classical dance forms of India.


Native to the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, Bharatnatyam can be traced back to the ancient treatise on theatre, the Natyashastra, written by the mythic priest Bharata. Designated as a temple dance for women, this popular Indian dance form is often used to narrate religious stories of the Hindu tradition.

Learn Bharatnatyam or Kathak in Bangalore.

Human beings have been dancing even before there was a word for it in our vocabulary | Source: Visual Hunt


God's own country, Kerala, is home to this religious form of dance that draws its inspiration from the Ramayana and stories found in the Shaiva traditions. Traditionally the domain of male dancers, even when female roles are involved, Kathakali is at once recognizable by its distinct costumes and makeup.

Choose your dancing style and find the best dance classes in India.


Often considered a dance of love, Kathak is performed by both men and women. Originally popularized by Kathakas, professional storytellers who used a mixture of dance, song, and drama, Kathak too began as a form of temple dance before becoming an integral part of the court culture of ruling dynasties.


As the name suggests, Manipuri dance is indigenous to the northeastern state of Manipur in India. Rooted in the state’s folk traditions and rituals, the dance depicts scenes from the life of the god Krishna. The dance is often performed with the accompaniment of narrative chanting and choral singing.


Kuchipudi is a unique dance style that requires talent in both dancing and singing. Indigenous to Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India, the dance was traditionally performed by men. However, now it is predominantly performed by women.

Find the best Kuchipudi classes in Hyderabad.


Odissi is undoubtedly the most graceful form of Indian classical dance, as well as the oldest one of them all. It originated in the state of Orissa in eastern India. The dance postures replicate those found in temple sculptures. Odissi uses fifty mudras (symbolic hand gestures), making it one of the most complex as well expressive types of dance.

The Best Dance Classes in Chennai

Dance instructors are professionally trained to teach a variety of dance styles and techniques to students from beginner to advanced level. They are typically employed as dance coaches in schools, dance studios, and community centers.

A great dancer does not necessarily translate to being a great dance teacher.

Whether you are searching for western dance classes in Chennai, or your preference lies in Kathak dance classes in Chennai, the quality of your dance trainer is going to make a big difference to your dance acumen. Here are a few great places to learn to dance in Chennai.

Addicted to Dance

At Addicted 2 Dance, the aim is to make dancing an essential social skill that unites people of diverse cultures. Dance is treated as a fun activity, with an unwavering focus on adapting to the right techniques of the various dance forms taught here. Social dancing is believed to not only help people learn the right social etiquette but sometimes it has encouraged many to quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and so on.

Take dance classes near me in India.

Private dance classes are beneficial for those who are too shy to participate in group dance | Source: Addicted to Dance

The various dance courses on offer include:

  • Lindy Hop
  • Merengue
  • Miami Style Rueda
  • Cuban Style Rueda
  • International Latin Chacha
  • East Coast Swing
  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Rueda de Casino
  • Indian Jive

Apart from group dance classes, one can also opt for private dance lessons from experienced dance tutors of the dance school.

The Swingers Dance Inc

The Swingers Dance Inc is an inventive and progressive dance studio, founded renowned Choreographer B. Murali. The Academy has collaborated with several international dance companies to offer an ‘Internship Affiliate Program’, under the aegis of which, students are handpicked for a 6-month certificate course.

Dance Training Programs

The prestigious dance company offers curated courses in dance. Choose the most one for yourself!


Inspired by the West Bronx (NY) dance culture, this course covers dance styles such as urban dance, hip-hop, jazz-funk, lyrical hip-hop, commercial choreography, freestyle dance, and group jam.

Bollyfunk Teens

Elements of typical Bollywood dance moves are taught through funky and groovy hip-hop moves.

There is something on offer for everyone. Pick your dance style | Source: The Swingers Dance Inc

Dance Teacher Training Program (DTTP)

This is a three-month training program for dance teachers that covers topics such as:

  • How to teach a class
  • How to choreograph
  • How to warm-up
  • Evaluation by professional
  • Practical and theory Classes
  • 1-year teaching material
  • Dance teachers business module
  • Dance marketing tools
  • Basic administration

Certification Programme Young Dancers

Designed for children aged between 6-11 yrs, the program is split into 3 levels. The course also aims to increase stamina and stimulates concentration in children.

3-5 Years Boogie up – For Kids & Mommy

Designed for children aged between 3-5 yrs, these weekly classes are of 50 minutes each, spread over eight sessions. The last ten minutes of the class is dedicated to Zumba workout.

Kolkata offers some of the best dance courses in the country.


Designed for corporate and other working professionals, as well as college students, the course is a form of stressbuster that combines fitness exercises and dance workouts such as salsa, merengue, bachata, cha-cha, zouk & jive.

Dance X

A course in contemporary dance forms spread over ten months, the program encourages students to participate in stage performances to track their progress.

Professional Dance Certificate Programme

This course, split into three levels is meant for both teens and adults.. The course is open for anyone interested in concert forms of dancing and does not require any prior dance background.

Find out what Delhi has to offer in varieties of dance courses.

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is a repository of over 1500 talented musicians, artists, and performers, committed to preparing students for careers in music.

Founded in 1972, the School provides expert guidance to aspiring artists for their multidimensional growth and progress.

The Mahavidyalaya is especially adept at providing meaningful guidance to those aspiring to become professional classical dancers in India. It also offers courses in country and western dance forms.

Classical Indian dance forms require very specialized training | Source: Visual Hunt

Leo's Dance Academy

The Academy is an epitome of excellence in dance education. It offers a wide array of dance disciplines under one roof. These include Ballet, jazz, tap dance, contemporary, Zumba, salsa, and hip-hop.

The specialty of this dance academy is its offering of dance classes for the differently-abled dance enthusiasts.

Sign up and become an expert in your favorite type of dance - classical ballet, contemporary dance, classical jazz, street jazz, tap dancing, hip=hop dance, ballroom dancing (waltz, tango, cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba, mambo, jive, bolero), salsa, flamenco, swing, moonwalking, belly dancing - there are so many forms of dance you can choose from. It is simply mind-boggling!

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