Dancing involves the rhythmic movement of the bodyto the beat of the music, as an expression of an idea or emotion. Dance is a powerful tool to release positive energy, an intense expression that is performed to delight. These are the two primary concepts of dance, intricately linked to each other, as an art form.

There have been many surveys and scientific studies on the benefits of dancing, not just for the dancer/s, but also for the spectators. Here are some great reasons why dancing is important to human beings (ask the peacocks!)

  • Dancing gives you a mental break from the monotony of daily life.
  • It’s one of the best ways to prevent, even treat osteoporosis.
  • Dancing helps to build confidence and improve social interactions.
  • Dancing makes you happy.

With the increasing use of technology in our lives, we have started to downgrade the importance of our own feelings and emotions. Dance is a great way to channelize our innermost spirit, and also bring joy to others, in the process. Delhi or Hyderabad, Pune or Mumbai, dance education in India has a bright future!

Most indigenous dance forms of South Asia, especially India, trace their origins in the temple myths and legends | Source: Visual Hunt

Types of Dance

Dance has been divided into various forms (genres and styles), on certain distinguishing grounds. The primary distinguishing feature between different dance types is their function - for example, dance can be theatrical, religious or recreational. Distinctions can also be made on the basis of tribal and ethnic connections and folk dance. The third type of distinction of dance forms can be done between amateur and professional.

The most common type of categorization of dance styles is between and theatre and non-theatre dance.

Theatre dance involves the separation of the dancer or a group of dancers and the spectators. The major genres of theatre dance include ballet, contemporary dance, and Indian classical dance. Non-theatre dance forms include such genres as tribal and ethnic dance, folk dance, and social dance.

Join a Dance Class in Bangalore

Are you looking for kathak dance classes in Bangalore? Is your preference more hip-hop, disco, funk, or do you search for a dance studio or dance academy offering belly dance near me? Now, that you have set your dance preferences and know the positive influence of dance in your life, check out these dance institutes in Bangalore, offering varied dance training courses. You can also look out for online dance lessons or a private dance coach/ dance tutor if group dancing is not your learning style. Let the music take control!

Choose your dancing style and find the best dance classes in India.

Agni Steps Dance Academy (ASDA)

ASDA brings you the perfect combination of beginners' courses across various styles of dancing, specialized workshops in dance as well as professional dance training courses.

Dance Development Courses

Choose your most suitable course according to the age of the learner and style of dancing.

  1. Junior Division (5-8 years) - comprises yoga classes, Indian classical dance forms, cinematic dance classes, martial arts, and theater.
  2. Intermediate (8-21 years) - comprises yoga, Indian classical dance, hip-hop dance, martial arts, and theater.
  3. Senior (8-21 years) - comprises yoga, Indian classical dance, hip-hop dance, martial arts, Indian contemporary dance, and modern contemporary dance.
  4. Weekend Classes for Junior Division (4-14 years) - comprises yoga classes, Indian classical dance forms, cinematic dance classes, martial arts, and theater.

Take dance classes near me in India.

Aerobics and other forms of dance workouts are gaining popularity in Indian cities | Source: Agni Steps Dance Academy

Pre-professional Dance Development

Based on a diverse curriculum, and taught by experienced and accomplished dance faculty, the program is developed for students aged 11 to 24 years. One can learn classical ballet, contemporary, Indian classical, hip-hop, jazz, and theater. Opportunities to perform on stage and in various national and international dance competitions are also provided.

Children and Teen Classes

  • Open Classes: Trial classes to explore one's interest in various dance forms such as Bollywood dance, freestyle dancing, etc.
  • Parent and Toddler Movement: Aimed at developing a strong bond between mother and child through singing, music, and games.
  • Gymnastics: Dancers benefit from training in movement and tumbling with aerials, handstands, and jumps.

Adults Dance Classes

  • Ballet classes
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Aerobics/ Dance Workouts
  • Gymnastics

Summer Intensive for Professional Dancers

This intense immersive program is designed for intermediate and advanced dance students to learn modern and jazz dance.

Natyalaya School of Dance & Music

The School was founded in 2011 with the single aim of spreading the essence of cultural dance and music. Natyaalaya now boasts of over 50,000 students across Bangalore, being ably taught and guided by a faculty of over 500 dance coaches. 

There are niche dance courses on offer, including both Western and Indian dance forms, for all age groups.

Belly Dance

The course encompasses all styles of belly dancing, across both the Eastern and Western branches. The Eastern (considered the authentic style) consists of Arabic, Egyptian, Turkish or Lebanese styles. The Western branch comprises American tribal belly dance fusion, Gypsy style belly dance, etc. The classes are complete with essential props such as veils, swords, Poi veils, Finger cymbals [Zills], Fan Veils, Drums, Isis Wings, Canes and Shamadan.


Affiliated to the Trinity College, London, Natyalaya offers certified courses in Kathak.

dance recital
Learn how to perform on stage in the specialized genres of Indian classical dances | Source: Natyalaya School of Dance & Music


With the accompaniment of classical Carnatic music and musical instruments such as the veena, flute, mridangam, and violin, Bharatnatyam recitals are directed by the Nattuvanar or dance guru, hand gestures and singing ‘Vaaythari’.


This has proved to be one of the most popular courses on offer at Natyalaya.

Western Dance

This is a graded course across three levels - basic, medium and advanced. Students are examined and certified at the end of each level


Natyalaya courses in Salsa cover all its major sub-styles, including LA and New York style, Cuban style and so on.

Find dance classes in Chennai.


This specialized dance form requires substantial physical strength. It includes acrobatics, breaking, robot, liquid, crumping, Harlem shake, jerkin, floating, popping and locking. Natyalaya trainers are there to provide proper guidance and support.

Payal's Dance Academy

There is a growing popularity for oriental dance forms in India, especially belly dancing | Source: Payal's Dance Academy

Founded in 2008, this premier belly dance academy in Bangalore, with branches in Mumbai & Hyderabad, the Academy offers courses in traditional oriental belly dance and its variants to over 10,000 registered students.

There are intensive workshops on offer as well, for those who cannot attend regular classes 

The Academy has its own store for selling props and proper costumes for belly dancing. Now, you no longer have to worry about having the proper attire for a stage performance!

Dance Phoenix

Experienced dance instructors at this fitness-cum-dance studio offer easy and fun-filled dance classes. The Studio offers varied options for all types of dance and fitness workouts. Pick the ones that most suit you and make dancing and fitness classes a part of your healthy lifestyle!

  • Bollywood Freestyle
  • Hip-hop
  • Kids Freestyle
  • Zumba
  • Salsa Bachata
  • Contemporary Dance

Debnrutyam Studio

With fifteen years of experience of having worked with aspiring and professional dancers from all walks of life, across the world, the Debnrutyam Studio is committed to imparting the intricacies of Indian classical dance forms, with all their nuances and technicalities.

Kolkata offers some of the best dance courses in the country.

spiritualism in dance
Dancing is an act of spiritualism that transports the dancer into a surreal world | Source: Debnrutyam Studi

Debnrutyam is a complete dance center for learning Indian classical dance - not only its performative technicalities but also its deep understanding of human feelings and expression of emotions. The Studio has its own four-fold approach to teaching dance, based on a unique lesson plan.

Angasudhi (body language) → Taal (stepping with rhythm) → Abhinaya (feel with expression) → Nrutya (mental harmony)

One can avail of personal dance training at the convenience of the student's home, in-house training in the studio premises as well as seasonal workshops.

The Dance Lesson Plan

The Studio has a unique five-part lesson plan that alternates between teacher-directed work and student-centered work for deep learning. The five steps include:

  1. Warming Up – Remembering
  2. Exploring the Concept – Understanding
  3. Developing Skills – Applying
  4. Creating – Analyzing
  5. Cooling Down – Evaluating

Dance is much more than hand gestures and body movements. It is a form of invocation, expression, and communication. Dance teaches us the importance of teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills. Get ready to find out how. Put on those pairs of ghungroo, or shoes, if you are going ballroom dancing,  today!

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