“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” - Margaret Mead

Yoga is a great way for parents to share something with their children. But that’s not all! There are also tonnes of other benefits of doing yoga. They’re all good reasons to start doing asanas and breathing exercising with your kids. After all, yoga is available for all ages, levels, and abilities. It’s very flexible, after all.

So how can you do yoga as a family? What do you have to do?

Let’s have a look at yoga for ages 1-100.

Workshops for Family Yoga Sessions

If you’d like to show your kids the joys of yoga such as stretching, building self-confidence, and the different poses, a yoga tutor or teacher is probably the way to go. While tutors are usually the best option, not every tutor offers yoga classes for kids.

After all, a child’s yoga class won’t be the same as that of an adult. So how can you find yoga workshops for families? Don’t panic, we’re here to help.

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How do you organise a family yoga session?
Family yoga sessions have to be different to adult yoga sessions. (Source: janeb13)

As you could probably imagine, yoga classes tend to be more expensive in London than elsewhere in the country and you’ll usually have to look for nearby yoga workshops. That said, there tend to be more yoga teachers in bigger cities, too. Just make sure that you look for yoga sessions for the whole family.

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How Much Do Yoga Tutorials for the Family Cost?

The cost of family yoga tutorials will vary depending on how many of you there are. Most of the time a yoga tutor will charge you less if you book more sessions at once or a session for more of you. For example, if a private yoga session for one costs £30, a session for two might cost £40. It’s unlikely that it’ll cost double. If this is the case, have a look around. Most parent-child yoga sessions are for two or three and a session for six will probably just be a group tutorial.

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How much do yoga classes for kids cost?
Generally, the more people in a yoga class, the less you'll be paying per person. (Source: 1588877)

As we already mentioned, sessions in the capital tend to be dearer than elsewhere. The average cost for yoga sessions in London is £41 but elsewhere around the country, this figure tends to be lower.

There are also yoga clubs and groups around the country offering family sessions and some charge much less than a private yoga tutor. In some cases, however, you’ll need to pay for the whole year. There’s also a good number of tutors who will offer you lessons in bulk for less. If you’re sure that you want to do several sessions with your child, this might be the way to go.

If you can’t get to yoga classes or find a tutor in your local area, you can always do online yoga sessions. With Superprof, for example, you can do family yoga sessions with an online tutor and in most cases, they’ll be cheaper. Yoga’s for everyone.

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The Benefits of Doing Yoga as a Family

Whether you’re doing yoga as a family, prenatal yoga, hatha yoga, or vinyasa yoga, there are plenty of benefits to doing yoga. Both parents and children can benefit from yoga.

What are the benefits of family yoga sessions?
Both adults and children alike can benefit from yoga sessions. (Source: StockSnap)

Firstly, yoga can benefit families by creating stronger bonds between parents and kids. You’ll have shared memories of yoga sessions and time spent together. This allows you to watch your child grow up and get better at yoga and they’ll soon be genuine yogis you can be proud of.

After that, they can move onto mindfulness, flexibility, and working as a team. There are some poses like the magic carpet pose or the boat pose that require two participants.

Yoga is a great way for kids to learn more about yogic practice. Mindfulness, inner harmony, concentration, and many other aspects of yoga will be worked on and developed. Even basic yoga relaxation

A yoga teacher will usually go through breathing techniques (known as pranayama) and each asana in a kids yoga session or a family yoga session will be adapted so that the whole family can do it.

So are you and your children interested in yoga? Struggling to find a yoga centre near you?

It’s not the end of the world!

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How to Organise Family Yoga Sessions

Does working on your breathing, yoga poses, and mindfulness with your child seem impossible?

Organising a yoga session as a family isn’t that complicated.

What happens in family yoga sessions?
Certain things won't be done in children's yoga sessions due to a child's attention span and physical abilities. (Source: janeb13)

Firstly, you need to think about where you’re going to do it and how many people will be attending. You can do yoga in the living room, garden, a public park, or a rented yoga studio. However, usually, you won’t want to travel too far.

You’ll need to have the right equipment including a yoga mat, weights, bands, water, suitable clothes for yoga, and versions of all these that are suitable for kids. Safety is the most important.

Next, you’ll need to think about what yoga poses you want to do. Depending on the age of your children, some poses will be better than others. Some of the simplest and most enjoyable include:

  • The candle pose, which is fun and natural for kids.
  • The cat pose, something that’s good for mindfulness, flexibility, and also fun for kids.
  • The magic carpet pose, a two-person pose that’s great for young kids.
  • The boat pose, another two-person pose that kids will enjoy. This allows you to build up trust between one another.

Yoga is great for adults and children alike and can be a positive influence on your family life. Similarly, there are plenty of physical benefits to doing it, too.

Ready to salute the sun together?

You’re ready to go!

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If you'd like to learn more about the yoga practice, relaxation, or the benefits of yoga, consider getting in touch with one of the many talented yoga instructors on Superprof. In addition to family yoga, there's also Power yoga, hot yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, and yoga therapy!

There are three main types of private tutorials available from the private tutors on Superprof: face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each type comes with its pros and cons and the one that's right for you and your family will come down to how you like to learn, what your budget is, and what your goals are.

Face-to-face tutorials are usually a bespoke service where the tutor tailors every session to their student. While these sessions are usually between a single student and the tutor, in the case of family yoga sessions or kids yoga sessions, a face-to-face tutorial will have a few attendees. Since these tutorials are tailored to the student(s), the tutor has extra planning to do outside of the tutorial and will usually charge more than other types of tutorials to cover the cost of their time and travel. However, these are usually the most effective type of tutorial available.

Group tutorials tend to be cheaper per person per hour than face-to-face tutorials since there are multiple attendees and in the case of family yoga sessions, multiple families. With several people and groups of people footing the bill, the tutor can charge less per person or group per hour. Of course, this means that they won't tailor their sessions to your family and will instead provide something that's generally better for everyone attending rather than dealing with the specific wants and needs of a few students. These can be a good option if you'd like to tip your toes into yoga without making too much of a financial commitment.

Finally, online tutorials allow yoga tutors to teach anyone from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a decent camera and a stable internet connection, you and your family can be taught remotely. This is a great option for those living in rural areas with limited options when it comes to yoga sessions.

If you're a new student, there's also the possibility of getting the first hour of tuition for free. Whether you're doing Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, yoga for kids, baby yoga, or Ashtanga yoga, you can learn yoga on your terms with a private tutor!

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