The concept of mathematics goes beyond numbers, equations, geometry, and algebra. It is more than that, which makes it all the more interesting.

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In order to demonstrate the fun aspect of Maths, children should not only rely upon textbooks and academics but also approach the subject from several different angles.

They should be acquainted with the artistic, scientific, historical and fun sides of the subject and how they are related to everyday happenings of their lives. Taking a cue from that, it can be deduced that there are several instances of daily life that can convey various examples for Maths student.

This particular concept of allowing kids to view Maths as an integral part of the day-to-day lives can go a long way in benefitting them towards individual successes in the sphere of academia, as well as motivating them to learn about the particular subject.

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The History of Mathematics

Maths is not a modern concept. It has been in existence ever since humans have existed. The application of mathematics had been a significant part since the dawn of humankind. The concept of counting, measuring and evaluating existed since the prehistoric times as much as it is used in modern-day life.

The use of mathematics is something that we just cannot avoid in our day to day activities. Basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are functions that we use in our everyday life. Even telling the time on a digital or analog clock demonstrates the use of mathematics.

Practically, everyday use of mathematics cannot be discerned from an average level textbook. This is due to the adaptation technique that makes us perform such functions, like counting, estimating and evaluating without even giving it a second thought. As we all know that there is a very strong connection between mathematics and science, we can all agree that Maths provides us with the basic tenants of understanding along with science.

Maths goes through various historical and evolutionary changes that help in its application in modern-day life. Although we use operations like probability, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus to determine our surroundings and daily life, the history of mathematics is in itself, rich. The concept of mathematics is very much proof of the curiosity of mankind and the entire human race.

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Mathematics is the Root of All Existence

Plato, in his Philebus, regarded the beauty that is related to mathematics with what people regard as “absoluteness’. A few years later Plutarch came up with the concept of geometry and according to him this particular subject or the concept signifies something eternal and intelligible. Now, the old meaning “intelligible” is not “comprehensible”, rather according to it refers to something sensible. Geometry is something that can be apprehended by both the senses and the intellect.

Pythagoreans regarded mathematics as the first philosophy and as the root of all existence starting from music to astronomy.

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Maths is a subject that has a long history  ¦ source: Visualhunt

Have Fun with Mathematics via Games

Games always increase the fun, even when it is something like mathematics. Math games are a unique way to teach children about Maths without losing their interests in the long run. Math games can be fun and thus, help in the encouragement of curiosity and inquisitiveness. These kinds of games also teach children to gather their thoughts and organize them accordingly.

Maths games also increase their level of concentration and help in the promotion of the trial and error method to come to a solution. This usually implies that the kid can have the chance to develop flexible tactics to solve a problem. The kids, in this case, learn in a fun and playful manner, something that they lack when practicing Maths in a classroom. Maths games also include puzzles which befit the trial and error method as mentioned earlier.

    1. Mathematics centers on logic and deductive analysis. This is also true in terms of the aforementioned Maths games. Games like Sudoku puzzles and the Rubik’s cube help an individual in grasping the logical patterns of Math That is why; it is helpful to introduce children to these games at a young age.


    1. Maths games make children adept in the trial and error method and help in overcoming the obstacles they face in life in the long run. These games set them up on the road to success that not only leads to a great academic life but also the life post academics.


    1. Learning something via playing proves to have many advantages. For instance, it shows that Maths is not at all boring but a fun subject. Maths also helps in teaching kids about the importance of rules and regulations and following those rules, respecting and revering other people and succeeding with resorting to cheating or any other unfair means.


Nowadays, many students and children are getting interested in the subject of mathematics, thanks to these games for Maths online. They are both fun and educational as they cover a wide range of mathematical topics, also helping in revising the things they study in class.

Online Maths tutors in popular websites help children with their homework assignments. The very transition of doing Maths from paper to a screen can help in turning a simple homework into something quite interactive and fun. At times, the teacher uses the Lego to teach the subject to the students, which again encourages the student to learn the subject and they feel interested in learning Maths.

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A Real World Approach to the Concept of Mathematics

Mathematics is not only limited to children. This is a topic that helps us with the rest of our life. For adults, mathematics can help in solving the problems of everyday life. Good and solid knowledge of mathematics can help you in many ways, such as understanding scientific works and info-graphics and articles that we see in the journals and the newspapers.

Some examples of mathematical applications in everyday life are budgeting, negotiation using numbers and estimates, measurement of distances and journeys, calculation of purchases and items, doing the taxes, determining annual, monthly and weekly incomes, capital purchases, working out probable outcomes of games, construction, and creation, calculating the fee online tuition for Maths and other subjects, getting the best kind of deals, problems with variables and constants among many other things.

Mathematics is a very significant and integral part of our lives nowadays. Maths also plays a role in pop culture in shows such as Numb3rs and crime drama, which uses Maths in several criminal investigations.

Mathematics and its Uses in the Workspace

The application of Maths is evident in many jobs that are out there:

    1. Aeronautical Engineering: It is the branch that deals with aircraft and modern-day on air transports. Maths is a strong skill that is important here. Mathematicians, coming from all disciplines, hone in their skills and abilities to create reliable and environment-friendly transports for the civilians.


    1. Banking: Mathematics is a big thing in the banking sector. It helps in communicating, providing security measures and in investment. Banking is a profession that involves Maths and numbers to evaluate stock data and financial documents. Finance is also in case of engineering and business traders and engineers need Maths to evaluate their goals and deals.


    1. Aerospace Engineering: It is no surprise that engineering involves Maths, no matter what branch it is. Thus, it is impossible to learn about the universe, its being and existence and its exploration without the need for Maths. Maths is also a very important paper in the entrance exams for engineering schools.


    1. Insurance and Agencies: Maths is very important in this sphere as the subject is needed for determining policies that would suit the needs of the clients. Database and statistics are the most used parts in this case. This is taught mainly in from 10th standard onwards.


    1. Consultation: This is a profession where mathematician use statistics to determine the audiences and viewers reacting to an advertisement, show or anything entertainment related. They help large advertising companies and corporations in the optimization of their services and agendas.


    1. Education and Teaching: If you are passionate about the subject of mathematics, you can always opt to become an educator. Teachers play a very important role in society as they help in training and educating the younger generations, which, in the long run, makes the world a better place. Becoming a Maths teacher means that you are providing invaluable service to a group of learners. There are many certified online tuitions for Maths.


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Maths is a vital subject in many workplaces ¦ source: Pixabay

Maths has its use in our everyday lives. So, if you are passionate about the subject, then you can help others in mastering their mathematical skills, too. You can become an online Maths teacher and help students with their studies and homework.

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