There is a huge upsurge in the quantity of private teachers who excel at providing coaching for mathematics in India. Where this spike in private tutoring can work in your favor, making a choice amongst all of them will be difficult for you. 

On average, 55% of the Indian students opt for private tuitions. This shows the massive web of private tuitions spread throughout the country. 

What are the qualities that one should look for in their math tutor, and how can anyone know that they are making the right choice. 

There are a lot of questions that should rally through your mind whenever you are trying to find a good math tutor online or offline. These can be questions like: 

  • Should I study from an undergraduate or an engineer?
  • Should my teacher be strict towards the curriculum, or should he/she go out of the syllabus to teach me?
  • What will be the pros and cons of getting coaching from a younger or an older tutor? 
  • Will my tutor help me with my tests, Can I pass the exam after being taught. 

Wait wait… Don’t panic. There is a way to answer all these questions and get you the required help. Follow ahead to know what comprises an ideal math teacher in India. 

Indian teaching curriculum can be fast-paced for some students. Source Freepik

Does Experience Counts or not?

The parent whose child has just entered the 6th class and the student who is going to progress to the 10th standard, there is something familiar between them. They both are scared like hell. 

Why? Because the 6th standard math is where things start to get serious. And the 10th standard is like the first most important and defining standard in a student’s life as per the Indian education system. 

You will know this better than me, that the 10th Standard results will stay with you for your whole life. So, it is better to get tutored by an experienced person than to get coaching from a novice just so that you can save up on the tutoring fees. 

Post the 6th standard, the student seems to struggle, and that is why getting a private math tutor with some good experience will help a lot. Not only as a subject, but mathematics is also seen as an attribute of your intelligence. 

The Indian education system relies on merit, and until the 10th Standard, math is a compulsory subject. Getting lower grades in this stage will only hamper your or your kid’s chances to get admission is valuable and career-making colleges. 

You must have heard the adage, “With great power comes great responsibility,” but what appears to be missing here is “Money.” A good math tutor online or otherwise will charge a good price from you because they have the knowledge and expertise in one of the most difficult subjects at school. 

Hence, you need to take care of a few things before choosing your mentor: 

  • Always ask about the experience that your tutor has. Here too, having experience in teaching a 30 student class and teaching one single student is a lot different. So, it is better to ask about the one to one class experience from the tutor. 
  • Asking such questions before paying the fee or attending the first class will help you make a better choice. 

Superprof has made it very simple for you to choose the right online math tutor from India. When browsing through the tutor profiles, you can check the number of years they have been teaching, their interests, teaching methods, expertise, and much more.

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All of this is aimed to help you know the math tutor better and make the right choice. 

There are plenty of people ready to share their knowledge to help you
Why not turn to a physicist for maths help? ¦ source: Pixabay

Should I Study from Math Tutors who are Self-Taught?

The Indian curriculum is set in a manner whereby it is mandatory for the students to learn a few subjects until they complete the 10th Standard board exams. It is only when they enter 10+1 that they are allowed to choose subjects of their liking. But for more than 10 years they have to handle mathematics, English, Science, and a couple of other subjects. 

This begs the question of which teacher shall you choose for your coaching. Because you will find some teachers, who have obtained a master’s degree in mathematics and others who are self-taught. But, they still hold the same level of expertise as any other post graduate in the subject. 

So, in a way, the onus is on you to familiarize yourself with the teacher and then start the learning process. Some teachers specialize in Algebra, others in Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, and whatnot. 

Looking for something good in all this? Well, think of the value that you will get from someone who specializes in a subject area in which you lack. That way, you will get targeted coaching from your tutor. 

Do you know what the best thing about self-taught math tutors in India is? It is simple, “They are not to-the-book teachers.” 

It won’t be like spending hours flipping through the pages of your curriculum book and then solving each question, only to find that none of those questions came in the final exam. Yes, that happens, especially in India. 

So be it a professional teacher or a self-taught or even an undergraduate student, you need to look for the right private math teacher. 

A piece of advice, don’t limit your thinking to the curriculum. Mathematics is an amazing subject, explore it a bit, who knows you or your kid may develop an interest in it. 

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Benefit from the experience of sixth formers or undergrads
A different perspective could be just what you need to inspire a love of maths ¦ source: Visualhunt

Should your math teacher have a drawer full of Certificates?

Necessarily, NO. You can learn from a math teacher who has taken this job as a part-time business. Or even from a housewife who teaches in her living room in the evening. Or you can also join a professional institute where you will find certified teachers who are also teaching some school or college. 

Everyone has a different teaching style and take different roads, but the ultimate aim for all of them is similar, that to teach the understanding of mathematics to their students. 

Be it a housewife, friends, college student, your school teacher, or even a professional coach, you need to decide who can help you or your kid the best. 

Let’s find out the difference between a professional certified tutor or someone like a housewife or a college student:

It is not possible for one teacher to give one to one lessons inside a classroom within the limited time that they get. The culprit is the lower student pupil ratio in schools, which leads to the underdevelopment of the students. And due to this, if your kid is left a little behind, he/she can develop an ignorant attitude towards the subject, simply because they are not able to understand what the heck is going on!

In that case, getting an attentive teacher who provides one to one coaching can really help him/her to cover their bases. Another thing is that a college student or teacher will better know the nuances of the school curriculum. They can relate to the student on a better level because they are part of a similar system. 

Flexibility is the key here. Such teachers who have a good grasp of the subject combined with the required communication techniques can make it a lot easier for the student to learn. Added to this, they take the help of different methods and mediums to teach the subject. Everything is ultimately aimed to help the student feel comfortable and resonate with them.

A certified teacher, on the other hand, will take a straightforward approach to teach you. They will make sure that you are well ahead of your curriculum and are well prepared for the exams, boards, or otherwise. And this isn’t a bad thing. 

All in all, they will also ensure the student’s comfort level with one aspect before moving on to the next. The only downside to this can be that sometimes studying with the same style as in a coaching institute and in the classroom can be a bit mundane. It takes out that X-factor which you will get when studying from the Superprof math tutor online. 

Have a mini telephone or face to face interview with each tutor to get a feel for their teaching
Visualise your perfect tutor and use their qualities in your questions! ¦ source: Pixabay

The Question Round 

This is not the time to give an interview. Instead, it is to take one. With the information given above, you will be able to filter down a few names for the best maths teacher in India. To make a choice amongst all of them, you need to ask some questions. 

  • Since how long you have been a math tutor?
  • Can I know your Qualifications?
  • What is the monthly fee?
  • Do you specialize in any aspect of the curriculum?
  • What else do you teach along with Math?
  • Are you up for a one to one home tutoring?
  • Did you ever teach a student before, who had the same level of understanding as my child or me?

Add to this, you also need to look for some other qualities that would make an ideal teacher. This comprises qualities like patience, communication, inspiring, engaging, empathic, and a few others. Only after getting a suitable answer to these questions should make the final decision.

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