Mathematics is a subject which gets extreme reactions, first from students and then from their parents. Either the student loves it and thus he puts in the huge amount of dedication that is required to study it, or it is included in the timetable just as a means of having a bright future, as the parents seem to think.

However, generally, maths can be quite addictive if taught properly. Today’s parents do not think twice before spending thousands of rupees on tuition teachers. Different students like different aspects of maths, such as some students only like algebra, or calculus, or geometry, or the student might enjoy doing maths as a whole.

Uses of mathematics in various art forms

Often people think that there is a war between science and arts but these classifications are not at all true and greatest artists such as Leonardo da Vinci has proved it wrong. In most of his paintings such as The Last Supper and the mysterious Monalisa, the painter has used the golden ratio of maths. 1:0.618 is regarded as the golden ratio in maths.

For example, in case of the Monalisa, the golden rectangle had been drawn around her eyes, neck, on the top of her hands and on various parts of her body. This has made the painting aesthetically pleasing. Hence, maths is not just the subject of an accountant or a CA, rather it is something that even the artists use. Not just painters, sculptors too use maths to create various forms of statues and sculptures.

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                                            Maths has even been used to inspire great artists the geometric work of Kandinsky ¦ source: Visualhunt

Reasons why students might not enjoy the subject

  1. Knowledge required is not up to the mark: There is basic knowledge that every student needs to study any subject. Students might lack such knowledge in the subject for not being able to follow whatever they learnt in the class and thus they might now have a weak foundation that does not allow them to understand the higher-level problems of the subject.
  2. Memorizing problems: Maths is a subject that is all about the practical approach, but sometimes there are things that need to be memorised by the student. They need to remember tables, formulas, different procedures to solve a particular problem, etc. The lack of memorizing power can be problematic while doing maths and might somehow reduce a particular student’s interest from the subject.
  3. Vocabulary issues: If a student does not have proper vocabulary then they might sometimes face problems understanding the instructions and other information that a student needs to understand while doing maths.
  4. Conceptual problems: Students might face problems in grasping the concepts that they need in order to solve mathematical problems. While doing sums in higher classes if a student has basic conceptual problems then it can be hard for them to stay interested in the subject and continue doing it.
  5. Lack of reasoning prowess: In order to be good in mathematics students should have good reasoning power in order to grasp the logic behind whatever they learn. If they lack in their reasoning power then it will get hard for them to follow classes, and they will need proper guidance to do the same.

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mathematical curiosity is applicable in our everyday life
Maths: a discipline as old as time ¦ source: Pixabay

There are a number of objectives for tutoring in maths

Maths tutors are a great help for both, students struggling with the subject as well as the students who just need some minor guidance but actually like the subject and find interest in it. The tutors follow a number of objectives in order to improve the performance of the student as well as to help them get interested in it.

      • Students need tutors in order to understand the maths concept that they learn in class and to revise the ones, which the student already understood.
      • Tutors help in overcoming the student’s weakness in the subject.
      • Tutors prepare the students for small class tests as well as big exams and help them score good marks.
      • Tutors tend to make the students grow stronger in the subject by brushing up the knowledge that they have already acquired at a basic stage, i.e., in their lower classes.
      • Tutors also can make a student overcome the fear of the subject, which is a very common thing in students.

Online maths tutors

In this technologically advanced world, we often take online tuitions for different subjects; similarly, we can do the same thing in case of maths. Taking online tuition for maths can also be beneficial as we do not find teachers according to our criteria near us and thus we need online maths teachers in order to get classes according to our needs.

  1. Saves time: Going to maths tuitions might take up a lot of valuable time of a student but they can do maths online and save time on traveling to the area where they take classes.
  2. Affordable: Online maths tutors are more affordable than traditional tutorials. The online tutor’s fee might not be always lesser but the additional expenses are reduced, for example, they can save the commuting costs in addition to time and energy.
  3. Comfortable learning environment: The students can learn in their home which is more familiar to them and they are more used to that kind of environment. There are other options for these criteria like to bring a maths teacher home, but almost always the teacher fee is very high and sometimes it is not affordable.
  4. Convenience and flexibility: This plays a very important role. In case of online tuition for maths, the student can keep classes according to their timetable throughout the day. Therefore, while taking tuitions for maths online the student has more say in deciding their classes’ timings.
  5. More interactive in nature: In the case of online classes, the student gets to interact with a variety of maths teachers who teach maths online and this interaction with a variety of people helps them in their studies.
Letting children learn maths through play will develop their self-esteem
Lego: an unlikely teaching resource ¦ source: Pixabay

Benefits of taking maths classes

  • Maths tuitions: Tutors might help in the student’s better understanding of the subject and give personalized advice in order to improve their performance. Maths teachers might show the student some new procedures that would make the learning process easier and more interesting for them.
  • Maths classes for a better understanding of the surrounding world: Maths helps the student to be more logical and have good reasoning skills that would in turn help in the student’s decision-making capacity. Different basic maths chapters like division, multiplication, arithmetic, etc., help in different stages of our day-to-day life. Knowledge of these topics will help them to make informed decisions later.
  • Growth of career prospects through tuitions: Whether its online classes or simple traditional maths tuitions, it provides the student with better career opportunity because having maths skills, as a part of their CV will make them a better candidate than others in the eyes of the employers, as maths is one of the most sought-after subjects in today’s employment sector.
  • Always up to date with the class: It is impossible for maths teachers in schools to take individual care of each student of the class. In addition, the student might be shy and afraid of what their fellow pupils might think of them if they would ask their teachers to solve their problems. However, in the case of tuition, either online maths tutors or traditional maths tuition classes, the student does not face this problem.
  • Learning procedure that is suitable for the student: The schools follow their own curriculum and speed and it is inevitable that there are a huge number of students in every class and every subject who are unable to follow the pace is set by the school and thus in turn lag behind. One-on-one maths online tuition or otherwise helps the student to learn things that they missed in class.
  • Maths tuitions help the student to be more confident: When a student takes private tuitions, they are well aware of what is going on in the class and is not lagging behind anymore. This gives a boost to their confidence regarding maths, which helps them to take big exams on the subject without much problem.
  • Different maths learning courses: There are three different maths lesson categories such as, private home tuitions, intensive courses and organizational workshops that include online tuition for maths, holiday courses, etc. that might help the student.
  • Maths classes provide many opportunities: The maths tutors should be qualified enough in order to provide the student with the type of knowledge that would help them gain the success that they desire.
  • Maths tuitions to offer value for money: Maths tuition fees can be of different range for the Indian market but the tutors give lessons that are actually helpful for the students and are helpful for their career.
Without maths, our society would cease to exist
Maths has an important place in our daily lives ¦ source: Pixabay

So, what do you think? Maths online tuition is a cool way to learn maths or not? Well, if you are planning to crack the IIT entrance exam or if you have the dream of securing a government job for future then you should start giving it a thought from now only and stop fearing mathematics, it is nothing to be afraid of and your online teacher can help make maths fun!

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