Maths is regarded as one of the cardinal subjects in academics and is often considered as a benchmark to evaluate an individual’s IQ. A student having proficiency in maths is likely to possess the ability to understand and comprehend things more easily than one who finds maths less a subject and more a struggle with numbers. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your child is getting proper guidance in maths and is continuously developing his/her problem-solving ability, irrespective of the fact that he has been scoring well in exams or not hitherto. The next question that pops out of this is what it means to get proper guidance.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes in the mind is the school’s maths teacher, whom we expect to nourish the students’ skills throughout the course.

Having said this, we are also aware of the fact that in India, the productivity of classrooms is far from being even average. The teacher to student ratio in India is so poor that the country even lags behind its neighbours. Recently a report surfaced out revealing that nearly 1 in 6 elementary school teachers in India are not professionally trained, thanks to the low budget allocation on this and even lower spending. All these bring the need for procuring a private online maths tutor.

How a Maths Tutor Can Help?

A classroom teacher is expected to teach the classroom as a whole and he/she will not be responsible if a student fails to score satisfactorily. However, the case is entirely different with a private tutor, who is hired just because of the limitations of classroom-based teaching. There are several benefits of having a maths tutor for your child.

Full Attention

If the classroom has a single teacher handling 40 students, then technically a tutor can be 40 times more attentive to your child than the classroom teacher. This helps a tutor to identify the strong and weak points of the pupil. For instance, if your child is good in Algebra but fails to grasp the roots of Trigonometry then this strong and weak points of him/her can be taken into account only by a private maths tutor and not a classroom teacher.

Double Revision

If you think that if your child is doing well in the classroom and hence he/she does not need a maths tutor, then you are probably mistaken. Besides regular school classes, learning the same thing at home will help your child to improve their problem-solving skills. And while these classes will remain closed during exams, only a tutor can help your child to revise things efficiently. A private tutor will also ensure that nothing is left uncovered before entering the exam hall.

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Flexible Learning

Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” and there is no denying to this. It is the teacher’s duty to enhance the creativeness in a student and to raise his/her curiosity level. Obviously, this requires pliability on the part of the teacher who can give the student his/her space to develop the right yet own way of learning things and this can only be taken care of by a private tutor.

Scaling With Progress

Whether your child is going to a CBSE, ICSE or state board affiliated school, there are certain levels which demand a great leap. From primary to secondary and from secondary to higher secondary, you must be well aware of the fact that the difficulty level increments substantially. For example, a student learning simple mensuration, statistics, algebra and trigonometry in CBSE class 10 will suddenly have to deal with advanced level calculus in class 11. A person acquainted with this will certainly understand the exponential jump in difficulty. However, a private tutor can assist in assuaging the strain falling on your child. For example, a CBSE maths tutor can help the tutee studying in CBSE board school to understand the basics of calculus before he/she proceeds to advance levels.

Finding Maths Tutor Nearby

In 2018, a report published in India Today, take the curtains off the fact that there is a shortage of 45% of teachers in government schools. The case is not much different with most of the private school, in which, the shortage is reflected as a significantly low teacher to student ratio. Rest assured, this void is filled by the availability of a surfeit of private tutors. If you are one such parent but wandering on the web searching ‘maths tutor near me’, then you are probably skipping the first step.


The very first and foremost thing you can do to get a maths tutor is seeking one in your locality. There are numerous benefits of hiring someone from your locality to teach maths. Also, not only in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai but getting a private maths tutor is much easier in most of the cities. A private maths tutor from your locality can be found easily. He/she can be one of your relatives or friends who can teach in a much more comfortable environment rather than being extremely professional and strict with routine. The best thing is that there are high chances that you would be knowing him/her and also his educational background, teaching experience, and all.


If you can get a private maths tutor in your locality then it is all good but things do not go as easy as they seem. There are certain limitations in getting a local maths tutor. The first and most obvious one is availability, which is followed by the fret whether the hired tutor is in line with your needs or not. The overall chances of procuring a quality maths tutor for your child, who is also local, is considerably low. Nonetheless, there are other alternatives, in which, the thing that deserves all words is hiring a tutor from Superprof.

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Why Should You Choose Superprof For Best Maths Tutor?

Maths is one such subject that requires extensive guidance. Owing to the limitations of finding a private maths tutor from the locality, parents often tend to think that online coaching classes or merely YouTube videos can do enough work. Far from being true, this is not less than hammering own’s toe. Online coaching sessions do have exclusive benefits such as they are highly cost-effective, easy to get, customisable and there are myriad options to choose from. However, online coaching institutes don’t offer you the freedom to choose as per your needs. Instead, the tutors are fixed, which most of the times are not known to the student until he/she actually starts attending the classes. So, here comes the role of Superprof. It gives the conventional tutoring methods a technological pillar by acting as a mediator between tutors and students. For example, hiring a maths tutor in Delhi or any other Indian city requires just an internet connection. Superprof presents a whole bunch of options to choose from along with several exclusive features.


Choose According to Subject

Superprof allows you to search for private tutors with respect to the subject. Just by entering ‘Maths’ along with your area pincode in the search fields present on the homepage itself, you can view an exhaustive list of all private maths tutor nearby you registered with Superprof. For instance, typing ‘maths’ and 70000X in the subject and pincode fields respectively, will let you choose from numerous private maths tutor in Kolkata.

Be spoilt for choice and check out a range of different teachers
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Test And Try

One of the key features offered by Superprof is that one needs to make no commitment to continue with the maths tutor after the first class. The first lesson is offered for free by every tutor registered on Superprof. Furthermore, you can view a brief bio of all the tutors such as their educational qualifications, teaching experience, etc. in order to sort out the best according to your needs. On top of this, you can also filter the list on the basis of the type of classes, location, rate (fee), time in which the tutor responds and level of his/her education.

No Commission

Superprof is completely transparent and solely act as a mediator between tutors and students. While vouchsafing the service, it charges zero commission, which is quite rare these days. This brings down the cost of hiring a tutor by a considerable extent.

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Maths is something that transcends the barrier of subjects. Besides being a standalone subject, it is also used extensively in physics, chemistry, accountancy, etc. Moreover, it also enhances the learning ability of a child, which will assist him/her in other disciplines as well. Thereby, it is of utmost importance that one should not take maths tutoring lightly, at least not when Superprof is there to help out.

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