Life Coaching is a new term that some of you must be hearing for the first, but it is overgrown and can change the lives of people. It is an extraordinary phenomenon through which the lives of the people can be set in a completely different direction for their good. Life coaches are not people who will listen to your story and will give you their advice but will practically change the story of your life.

There are many life coaching certification programs available these days that help people to become a life coach. Most people think of becoming a life coach because, at the needed time, they did not get the right guidance and had to struggle to find their passion. Now to save others from the same difficulties they faced, they become a life coach to help others. However, that is not the case with each one of them, some do it because they feel joy in helping others, while others look at it as a career option. Check the link to know what is a life coach.

Why be a buffeted paper boat when you could be a galleon?
A life coach's mission it to help you make your unfocused dream a reality! Source: Pixabay Credit: Pixel2013

What are Life Coaching Certifications?

To opt for life coaching as a career, there is precisely no training where you will be trained on how to be a life coach. However, if you earn life coach credentials from any recognized organization like the International Coaching Federation, it will be very beneficial for you. As you are new to this thing and will be just starting, so it will help in boosting your credibility. ICF released these stats a while ago which suggests:

  • More than 75% of the coaches throughout the world say that the clients prefer having a life coach that has some certification.
  • Coaches who hold credentials are more likely to get a recommendation by the people. 
  • More than 80% of clients of life coaches said that it is highly essential for the coaches to hold some credentials or certifications. 

The ICF itself offers certifications that are widely recognized for the training of life coaches. The prime focus of the programs that are offered is on building skill sets and knowledge of the coaches. Also, they make sure that the trainees are committed to high professional standards. 

What are the different life coaching courses?

Several online coaching websites offer the course of becoming a life coach and will provide you with the life coaching certifications. All these courses are designed differently, but most of them focus on the basic skills that are required for becoming a life coach. In training, you will be trained on the various marketing strategies of selling, seeing the demand, and much more. Also, you will be taught the different aspects of administration, skill-building, and working with the clients. Life Coaching programs are a great way of learning and building new skills. Read our article to know, skills required to become a life coach.


reality and options are reversed in this GROW model
Here, the GROW model of coaching, where reality and options are reversed Source: Pixabay Credit: TheDigitalArtist

Training for Life Coaches

As told earlier, it is not mandatory to have the training to become a life coach. However, undergoing training will highly enhance your skills and work quality. Also, the clients who are smart and keep the knowledge will surely want to see your accreditation associated with the work. It is always best to have a certification and training in the field you are willing to work as a professional. There are numerous personal life coaching programs available on the internet.  International Coaching Federation is a reliable source where you can undergo training in becoming a life coach.

Steps for getting trained as a life coach

For the training, the first step is to grow your perception to a point where you can see things more clearly than the others. 

The foremost step that is taught to you is deciding the goal that you want to achieve. Then comes the reality of the situation that you are in. You might have many fancy ideas in your mind, but that is not the truth until they are in action. 

Reality is an essential aspect of the training as well as in life because it determines the actual situations that you are going to face. Once you see the reality, then you would be able to see the obstacles that are coming in between you and your goal. 

Identifying the obstacles is a significant step in training, as well as in the teachings you will give later to your clients. You should have a mind that can see the obstacles and how those obstacles can be encountered. Also, you may require to see and check the practical options that need to be done in order to achieve what you are looking for. 

Last but not least, comes the way that is required to reach the goal or the destination that you are aiming for. Having an idea and planning for it are definitely necessary things to be done, but they alone will never get you the results. For achieving the results, action is required. The last step is to see what are the actions that are necessary for you to be done so that you can reach your goals. For that, you will have to set goals from the beginning.

To become a successful coach, you need to have a vision and the courage to implement the plan so that you can effectively reach your goal. You must see the life coaching resources that can help you accomplish your goals efficiently. Once you get trained on these things, you may get the life coaching certifications that will help you get the clients, and you can start with your work. 


What you earn is what really has value!
Nothing is quite so valuable as what you earn! Source: Pixabay Credit: Kristopher K

How will I get trained as a Life Coach?

On enrolling in a life coaching certification course, you will be provided with the appropriate training that will help you comprehend the knowledge and skills that are a must for professional coaching. The training programs entirely depends on the place you are taking the training from. Different institutes have designed the modules accordingly, so it is better to undergo the training from a reputed source. Most of the institutes have the same methods and modules to train the people for life coaching. However, their ways and techniques may be different. All of them provide life coaching certifications after the coaching programs. 

What is taught in the training?

The basic module of the training is based on the communication process. Most of your work that you will do as a life coach will require a high amount of communication with all kinds of people. Communication itself is a huge factor in deciding the number of clients you will get. Communication is not just a one-way thing and is about both actively listening and speaking and making the other person see your point of view. In the training, you will be taught the various levels of communication and how it can be used to grow your mind and the business. 

To undergo professional coaching of becoming a life coach, you should have a great understanding of the psychology of the other person. Also, you need to know the various techniques that may be required for making the other person see your point. 

Once you are able to get this part right, then the training program will go-ahead and will train you some other aspects that are needed to become a life coach. The other parts of the training include how one gets fulfilled by doing this job and how to maintain the balance so that you are able to see the bigger picture and are can set the direction of the client in the right manner. All these aspects are studied in detail and proper training is provided so that you are practically able to implement it when required. You may study from the given link on how to get clients for your business

Another important aspect of the training is Synergy. This is extremely factor in the profession of a life coach. The goal of the life coach is not just to help clients by telling them what to do but to work on it together. For that, you must have the synergy to make it possible for the client. That will require a high amount of involvement in the work you will be doing. 

All these techniques will be studied thoroughly and deep knowledge of each of the topics will be shared in the training. It will emphasize on the psychology, philosophy, and techniques of coaching. The coaching programs of the training schools are quite beneficial and later you also get the life coaching certifications that are good for your business. 

"Good Thing Take Time" Be consistent and your hardwork will pay off. Source: Freepik Credit: Racool

What is the need for undergoing the training?

You have now read enough to know what all will be taught in the training and how can you get the life coaching certifications. Now, you must be thinking, why should you spend all this time and money in the course if it is not even required. There can be several answers to this question. Even if you already have enough skills and commitment to become a life coach then also undergoing the training will be of great benefit to you. The courses are specifically designed for this purpose and many people have invested their time and energy to find out the techniques with which the quality of the work can become more efficient. 

Also, a person should always be eager to learn more and more. More knowledge you will have about something, more efficiently you will be able to use it in your work. Besides that, when you go through these types of training, your mind starts to work in a better way. 

The profession of a life coach is all about enhancing your and other lives for the betterment. It is only possible when you will be open to all the possibilities and have the right skillset and attitude for it. Also, with the training, you will get certified which will definitely help your business in so many ways. So it is better to get trained first and have the life coaching certifications before you enter into this wonderful venture of helping yourself and the others. Good Luck!

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