Life is all about ups and downs, and that’s what makes it interesting and worth living for. In today’s time, life has just become a money-making game for everybody, which is psychologically not the right way to live. In a populous country like India, life is tough as there are a lot of issues that people face on a daily basis. Hence, this is where the concept of Life Coach comes into the picture. 

Now, the concept of life coaching is similar to other types of coaching, for example, sports coaching, education coaching, music coaching and more. The only difference is that other coaches teach you to be the best in the respective domain, whereas a life coach teaches you how to live your life in a better way. There must be many questions arising in your head regarding life coaching; let’s move on to the next section and learn what a life coach actually is?

What is a life coach?

Just like the coaches of other fields and domains, what a life coach does is teaches you how to live your life in a more productive and joyful way. In India, where the most common issue with people is an emotional attachment with the one who doesn’t even care. There are many other issues due to which the suicide rate in the country is the highest in South-East Asia. These are some of the reasons why Life coaching India is required.

Learn how to make decisions and accept the consequences with a life coach
A life coach is someone who gives people the tools to make crucial decisions and live with the consequences Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

A life coach will assist you in facing the issues and obstacles in your life rather than avoiding them and living in your own personal void. He or she will not judge you based on your situations but will help you in understanding them and get out of it. A life coach is not a therapist that will understand your emotional state and will help you get out of it. But, he or she would help you work towards your goal setting and achieving them.

The special skills and qualities of an executive coach are many, which will be highlighted in the article further. For now, you just need to know that your life coach will not be like your best friend who laughs and cheer you up. It sounds rude, but its the truth, he or she will work more towards your personal goals, self-awareness, skill set and helping others along with you.

Life coaching India | Skills required for life coaching

To be a life coach, you need to master certain skills. These skills affect both the psychological and physiological aspects. You have to be focussed by both mind and body to provide professional coaching to the clients. Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills that you need to master for life coaching India:

  • Way of communication

Communication is the crux of every relationship or problem. In life, the more you communicate, the more you will be able to learn about that person. The same is the case with life coaching; you need to communicate with your client om a daily basis for establishing that required intimacy. Communication involves both listening and speaking. You need to have an excellent hand on both of them for serving your client well.

Don't be abashed at learning new skills; there is always something new to learn!
There is always something new to learn and nobody knows that better than a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

A good life coach focusses on effective listening, which includes comprehending what the person is saying, and what is the intent behind that. A good personal life coach will calmly listen to what the other person is saying and will formulate a plan to solve the issue. In the case of speaking, a life coaching India professional will speak only to give valuable advice or motivation.

He or she would never complain about the issue the client is having. 

  • Morality

Morality is one of the indispensable elements in life coaching services. We all are aware that if you have to run a business, you have to follow a set of rules. Without following the rules, there is no way you can succeed in that business domain. There are very fewer rules that need to be obeyed for providing life coaching or life coaching training in India. Life coaching India is a huge market that requires the coaches to follow some ethics. If you as a client think that the coach will care about your break-up, then you are wrong. He or she is a professional who will only assist you in reaching your goal by overcoming the obstacles on the way. Life coaching certifications are important, India is a growing market for it.

  • A Can-do attitude

A person with a can-do attitude is always better than a person who is optimistic. Being always in thought that the end will turn upright is not a winning attitude. Whereas, the person who has a can-do attitude will always strive to do more, even if the odds are against him. This is one of the reasons that various tech giants of the world chose Indians as their CEOs. 

  • Organization

A good coach has the quality of maintaining organization within his clients; the word organization here means that he or she maintains work life balance and does not let them both mixed up. For example, an executive life coach will never take off his anger on his clients. In a similar way, he or she would never use another client as an example to help some clients.

Life Coach training 

To become a life coach, it is very necessary to be a part of some sort of life coach training program. Now how can you do that?

There are various ways of life coaching training in India; some of them are:

  • Seminars

Seminars are a great way to interact with people with the same domain as yours. You can learn a lot from the people that attend the seminar. The diversity both in the case of number and age will help you in networking with people and gain skills from them.

  • Workshops

Workshops are also a part of life coach training programs. The only difference in workshops is that they involve practical work. It means you get to interact with the clients and know their issues. This way, one can train his or her mind and body for their future coaching business.

A person making notes during a training lecture Source: Freepik Credits: Pressfoto

Life coach resources | life coaching certification India

The life coaching resources basically includes all those things that are included in the life coach certification program. They are divided into various modules that are offered by various online coaching websites. The life coaching certification also includes some physical elements. Let’s take a quick look at some of these elements,

  • Worksheets and questionnaires

These resources are useful for both you as a coach and for the clients. The worksheets, templates, and questionnaires help you in undertaking interviews and understanding the issues of the clients. These coaching tools also enable you to formulate a plan for solving the issue of your client.

  • Life wheel

This is also one of the resources that display the tasks you have been procrastinating. The life wheel helps you in viewing your on hold tasks in a single wheels keeps reminding you about performing them. 

  • Training modules

This includes all the modules listed in the coaching online platform. Some of the valuable modules that make the training programs more knowledgeable are:

  • Coaching and Self-discovery
  • Listening to learn
  • Self and Coaching
  • Communicate to Build rapport trust and intimacy
  • Mindfulness to mindlessness
  • Communication to awareness

All these resources have to be used properly to become a coach.

To find success as a life coach, you have to find clients to coach!
Finding success as a life coach means having clients to coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

How to find clients as a life coach

For starting a business as a life coach, the foundational step is finding clients. Now, there are various ways of finding clients. Although it is not that easy, they will surely result in getting you, quality clients. Some ways are:

  • Social Network Marketing in life coaching jobs in India

Life coaching India is a very wide market. Hence, to cover that there is no better way than the social network. Today, everyone owns a smartphone and uses at least one social network. Spreading the word about your life coaching services will yield the best results through social networks.

  • Banners

Though they are traditional ways of marketing but are effective these days. Banner marketing helps to spread the word as a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Meetings and Seminars

This is also an effective way of bringing in clients. The meetings and seminars enable you to network well with the audience and explain the concept of your business. Organizing them might be a bit expensive but will yield great results.


After going through the above article, you would now have an idea about the very concept of a life coach and how to be one. In case you are looking for a life coach yourself, Superprof will help you find one. Our state of the art online platform enables you to search for life coaches all around India and also in your specific city. You can choose any one of them based on your spending. You can also opt for a free class if you want to know the coach better. I hope this article helps you in the best way. Good Luck!!!

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