Life is a series of ups and downs, and that is what makes it exciting and worth living. In the current time, life has become more about financial growth rather than personal. People are more focused on making money than looking at their own life. In a populous country like India, where problems are a regular part of everyone’s life. There seems to be a requirement for life coaching. 

Life coaching is necessary for almost all of us as we all have become a part of the system that crushes us in a way that we forget to get a life. If we talk about difficulties, they are a part of every person’s life. It should be dealt with not just ignored to solve itself. It is no wonder why India holds the top rank in south-east Asia in terms of suicide. This is all because some people don’t possess the ability to think clearly about what their life means. 

This is why life coaching has become necessary. Here in this article, we will take a deeper look into the various aspects of a life coach and life coaching. 

A life coach can help you unlock all of your potential
To unlock your creativity and become fully you, work with a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Life coaching is a process where a professional help you in making your life a better one. Now, a sports coach will teach you about the techniques to keep your game up to the mark. A music or dance coach will help you in improving your vocals or dance steps based on the type of training you have opt for. On a similar concept, an educational coach will help you in improving your learning skills related to the subject.

An executive life coach will teach you the ways one should look at his or her life. In India, many of us don’t live our life to the fullest just because we are bound by the barriers of society’s rules or family backgrounds. This is where the role of a certified life coach comes into play. India is a country where our ancient thinking and customs highly affect the way we live our life. Hence, life coaching in India has become necessary. Currently, there are many life coaches in India that offer life coaching services, but it all depends upon you who you choose. An individual who provides professional coaching has certain qualities that help in the overall personal development of the person. In the next section, we will take a look at those qualities in detail.

Life coaching courses | Qualities of a good life Coach 

To become a life coach, it is very necessary to be a part of the situation that your client is in. Although, it is not entirely feasible if you will be a life coach that people trust. The link here describes more on building clientage.

Some coaching skills and qualities that are the part of life coaching courses and a life coach should have are:

  • Be Motivational

One of the best qualities that a personal life coach can have is a motivational nature. People have a lot of issues that give rise to self-doubt in them. And having money can not solve every problem of their life, especially when it is emotional. Hence, a word a motivation can play a huge role in improving the quality of life of a person. For example, it may not be easy for anyone to succeed in one shot, but being a personal coach has to be that constant fire that triggers him or her to give another shot at it. A good life coach always keeps the spirits of his/her clients up. 

  • Be a Strategist

Life coaching is not only about word of mouth. It is good that one can motivate someone to do well, but there has to be a strategy for life coaching courses. Some valuable aspects that clearly define life coaching strategy of a coach are:

  1. Making you aware of the goal through probing and answers
  2. Understanding the obstacles in your way.
  3. Providing your regular coach training exercises.
  4. Examining the timeline of your work.
  5. Taking feedback from you regarding the exercises.
  6. Providing you with results and methods to improve them.

If your life coach training includes these aspects, you have a coach with good coaching skills. Click on the link to find more coaching skills.

Life Coaching is teaching you how to aim for your goal. Source: Freepik Credits: ijeab
  • Be Accountable

Results are the parameters on the basis of which you judge your own and your coach’s performance. Whether it is the case of a business coach, health coach, career coach, or a wellness coach. In any case, the results of your life coaching training are not good; it is not entirely your coach’s fault. But, if your coach accepts your results and feels accountable even for a small fault, he or she is the best. In India, accountability is mostly pushed onto someone in different ways. Hence, a coach who accepts his/her fault and leads you to the path of a better life is the best one.

  • Maintain Communication

Communication is the best way to solve any life problem. If you are facing a problem in your life, go and talk with a more experienced person. He or she will put you on the right track for dealing with it. In the case of life coaching, a good life coach is a person who communicates with you on a daily basis. It is said that the key to happiness is somewhere in your daily routine; this is exactly true. A life coach has the ability to search for that one thing in your daily routine that needs correction. Whether you are overthinking about something that is not a big deal or something that is stopping you from exploring the bright side. He or she is there to enhance the quality of your personal and professional life.

  • Be a Leader

Leadership is the quality that is not possessed by everyone. In order to be a leader, your actions need to inspire others to do the same thing. The life of a life coach is highly influential for the clients. If the coach has a work Life balance, his or her clients tend to believe in him/her more quickly. Hence, the leadership quality is also what a life coach should have under their umbrella. 

Life Coaching is a method to turn your life around. Source: Freepik Credits: Ijeab


What shouldn’t a life coach be?

A life coach should have the above-described qualities that will help you achieve your goals. There are some factors that do not make a good life coach. And before choosing one, you should be aware of all the good and bad qualities of a life coach. Self awareness is the key to prevent making the wrong choice.

  • Judgemental

As mentioned above, people are bound by society and family obligations. In India also, this is one of the problems due to which people sacrifice the life they actually want. This happens because they are judged based on their decisions. In the case of a life coach, you should make sure that your coach helps you in finding solutions rather than discussing what made you make that decision. He or she should not judge you but should motivate you.

  • Dominating

A good teacher is never dominating over his or her students. The same is the case with a life coach. The dominating nature of the coach may sometimes lead to making the wrong decisions. Also, it prevents the other person from sharing his or her opinion. In the worst cases, people might also end up hiding what they feel from the coach. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that domination should not be a part of a life coach’s attitude.


You will not be verbally abused by your life coach but s/he will certainly get tough with you when warranted!
Yelling is not among the coaching tools your coach might employ but they will certainly be tough when needed Source: Pixabay Credit: Ashish Chodhary


  • Uncertified

The most important aspect of your life coach should be that he\she should have valid life coach certification. In India, where the population is more, make sure you choose a coach that has life coaching certification India for his/her life coaching business.

Ways in which a life coach can improve your life

A good and qualified life coach can help you bring out the best out of your life. Some of the things that a life coach do for you are:

  • Help you rediscover yourself and find the purpose of your life.
  • Enhance the quality of your relationships.
  • Assist you as a career coach
  • Make your more confident and assertive
  • Become more successful in every aspect of your life


In a nutshell, a good life coach should be the one who improves the value of your life, both personal and professional. Superprof platform offers you various choices for life coaches to choose from. It is free, and you can get an instant answer from the consulting person. All you need to do is enter the city name in India, and you are good to go. You can study the prices of the people and book a free consultation to take a look at their coaching methods. It becomes easy for you to choose when you know about their coaching style.

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