Assistance is a part of every aspect of our life. In case of any problem in our life, we require professional assistance. Whether it is a personal issue or professional, we all feel the need to talk to an experienced person for getting around the problem. 

On the professional side, if you are facing any issue with your health, you need to get in touch with your health coach. In case you are confused about making a career choice, you need to get in touch with a career coach. Based on your issues, your coach will lead you to a better way of dealing with your problem. 

Become your best self with life coach training
You will become your best self through life coaching training Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

In a similar way, what a life coach does is help you in dealing with your life in a better way. He/she will offer you professional training for overcoming the hurdles you are facing in reaching your goal. In India, life coaching is not an easy thing to master. You need to undergo proper training and certification programs to become a life coach. For undergoing the said life coach training, you need to have access to resources. The further sections in the article will explore the resources that one can opt for. Let’s Begin!!!

Elements of life coaching certifications

Talking about life coaching resources, there are many resources to be a life coach. Most of them are online. India, where internet usage is highest, one can easily opt for an online certification program. Although, there are many of them that provide training for becoming a life coach. But, you need to be careful while making a choice as there are many elements involved in the training. You should be aware of all those elements and certification requirements. 

Some of the elements that complete the life coach training process are:

  • Worksheets and Planners for life coaching

The first element of life coach training is understanding yourself. If you understand yourself, then only you can move on to coach others. Hence, the certification training for a life coach should have specific worksheets with a series of psychological questions. These questions will make you understand your vision and work on it as required. Also, you can use these questions to understand your clients.

  • Motivational Quotes

The questions alone are not going to do the job for you. You need to keep the client motivated as it all comes down to their life. If you want to start a life coaching business, you need to have a healthy mind with motivational quotes in it. More than that, you need to be careful about the timing when to speak. There are many aspects of human nature, motivate your client based on the issue and mental state. The presence of motivational quotes in your Coaching training is essential.

  • Business Model

Why do you want to become a life coach? The question that has mostly one answer, for business. Hence, getting knowledge of a business model is very important for running your life coach business. The various elements that form the foundation of the business model are buying and selling products, marketing about your products, managing the expenses, financing the business and many more. You need to be patient as you cannot build a business overnight, it takes years of hard work. Teaching you a business plan is also an indispensable part of the life coach certification.

  • People Skills

Above all of this, you need to have people skills. Whether you are a business coach, wellness coach, career coach, or an executive coach, the skill set of a life coach should have various people skills. Some of the people skills that should be a part of your life coach training are:

Good Communication: A life coach should be a good communicator. You have to communicate well with your clients to understand and fix their problems.

Good listening: Listening is the most important aspect of being a good life coach. You have to be active as well as an effective listener. You need to understand the intent behind the client’s words.

Creativity: In order to provide a solution to your client, you also have to creative. Offering your clients a plan to overcome the obstacles in their goal path is all that creativity is about.

Motivator: Motivation is the backbone of every solution. You need to provide your client with the right motivation for bringing him or her on track. 

All these skills should be a part of the certification program, whether it is a free online life coaching certification or coaching certification in person.

If time management is a problem for your client, present him with a free worksheet!
Should your client wonder where the time goes, present him with a free time management worksheet! Source: Pixabay Credit: Alles

Life coaching resources

For becoming a life coach in India, you need to have access to some professional coaching. It can be online or offline. Apart from that, you can also look into other ways of gaining knowledge about becoming a life coach.

  • Free online life coaching certification

One of the potential online resources for learning life coaching is the coaching tools company. They offer both free and unpaid tools for boosting you towards your life coaching goal. Some of the tools that will be a help for your development and for your clients are: 

The prebuilt online templates that this site provides you are:

  • Client info sheet template
  • Intake session template 
  • Questionnaires

Apart from these, there are also other valuable resources that this website offers you, for example,

  • The Wheel of Life 
  • Solo Build it
  • BE DO HAVE model

 And many more. Apart from this, there are various online life coaching training websites available online. One of them is Coach transformation. They provide 4 days of classroom training, followed by online training. In case, someone wants to pursue distance learning, he or she can opt for a fully online course. The coaching course includes various modules that make you aware of all you need to know regarding personal growth, coaching techniques, and many more aspects that help you give your clients the best life. Some of the modules are:

  • Coaching and Self-discovery
  • Listening to learn
  • Self and Coaching
  • Communicate to Build rapport trust and intimacy
  • Mindfulness to mindlessness
  • Communication to awareness
A professional explaining the worksheet to the client. Source: Freepik Credits: Katemangostar

These modules bring out the best in you and prepare you for the challenges coming ahead with your clients. Also, there are various benefits to getting official certification training. Some of those are:

  • You will have a technique: The certification training will teach you a lot of techniques to deal with your clients. For example, the ways to pitch a question to the clients, the way to motivate the client. Some of the other techniques include the accurate way to conduct the interview.


  • You will grow: This is a part of every training module, whenever you engage with something new. You will grow. In the case of life coaching, you will learn a lot about suppressing negative thoughts. This will help you in your personal growth and also in assisting your clients.


  • Tools: The life coach certification course provides you with various tools like assignments and questionnaires for your clients and also for you. These tools boost your knowledge about yourself and about your clients. Overall, it enables you to understand your clients and their issues.
  • You will learn to face and overcome obstacles: The life coaching resources will help you in the overall development. Also, as a professional life coach, it will make you aware of the obstacles that you have in your life. In addition to this, when you know yours, you can also help others in identifying theirs.



Apart from just formal training and certifications, you can also learn from various other resources. For example,


  • Seminars and workshops: This is one of the prime resources to get knowledge about being a life coach. Attending seminars and workshops helps you in networking more. Hence, you can learn more from the people who are in the life coaching business. 


Turning Point

When you will complete the learning process through various resources like seminars, workshops, training, and certifications. You can start your life coaching business, but it also needs to be planned. You have to employ the business model and start working on bringing clients.

The next step is vital when changing one's life
Be the life coach that brings about meaningful paradigm shifts. Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

The day you will be successful in bringing clients and serving them in the best way possible, the day when you are sure that your clients are ready to live a better life, your work is done. Once your clients are fully aware of their full potential and achieve their goals, they may also encourage others to do the same. Isn’t that great?


As we have studied all the resources from where you can learn to be a successful life coach. If you are looking for a professional life coach, Superprof offers you a platform where you can search for a nearby tutor based on the city name in India. You can easily look for choices according to your expenses and can even get a free class. This will help you in understanding your coach well before getting into the contract. I hope the information on this page helped you in the best way. Good Luck with finding a life coach.

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