Everyone in this world is unique; for example, everyone is born with a specific inbuilt quality that is different from others. That’s what makes us humans. On the other hand, Life coaches are a bit different from others. Not in a superhero kind of way, but yeah, in terms of skill set. Life coaches are those who have certain qualities that empower them to live a better and balanced life as compared to others. They help other people to face their problems and eliminate them while making their life better. The concept of life coaching is not easy to master; you need to gain skills and qualities to become a professional and certified life coach.

Your life coach may look like anyone else, but possesses certain characteristics
Life coaches come in all shapes and sizes, but they all embody a certain set of characteristics Source: Pixabay Credit; Geralt

Talking about skills, there are many core competencies and skills that need to be mastered to be a life coach. You also need to be skilled emotionally to understand the situation of the target person clearly. If you have those skills of life coaching, or you are ready to learn and develop them within you. Then, Check out the following sections below for knowing more. These skills are an integral part of the life coach resources offered in life coach certifications.

The Attitude required for personal life coaching

As they say, attitude makes you 100 percent. The same implies to life coaching. It is no wonder why some of the giant firms of the world have Indians sitting on the CEO designation. All that made them special among various others was the attitude. The attitude should not be underestimated as the person with an optimistic attitude may also fail just because he/she didn’t have a can-do attitude. That right, you may be highly sure about the output, but as long as you are not prepared to fight what going to come on the way. You are not going to win. Hence, the people who may not be optimistic but have a can-do attitude in them. They can do wonders and attain the best life. A life coach will never advise you to wait for the end and see how things turn out for you. A good life coach will be a mentor and will always encourage you to build solutions for your problems that stand between you and your goal.

This can-do attitude will help you turn your life around!
Your life skills coach should imbue you with a can-do attitude! Source: Pixabay Credit: PDP

The power of communication

Communication is the best way to solve any life problem. If you are facing a problem in your life, go and talk with a more experienced person. He or she will put you on the right track for dealing with it. In the case of life coaching, a good life coach is a person who communicates with you on a daily basis. Basically, communication has two aspects named as speaking and listening, 

  • Listening in personal life coaching

A life coach focuses more on the listening part than on speaking in the coaching courses or coaching programs. This is because most people listen to reply, not to understand. A good life coach focuses on effective listening, which includes understanding why the person is saying, and what is the intent behind that. A good personal life coach will calmly listen to what the other person is saying and will formulate a plan to solve your problem.

Headphones represent the sense of effective listening Source: Freepik Credits: mrsiraphol
  • Speaking in personal life coaching

The part where all the life coaches know exactly what you want to hear. This is the best part where a life coach motivates you through simple yet encouraging words.

It is said that the key to happiness is somewhere in your daily routine; this is exactly true. A life coach has the ability to search for that one thing in your daily routine that needs correction. Whether you are overthinking about something that is not a big deal or something that is stopping you from exploring the bright side, he or she is there to enhance the quality of your personal and professional life.

Organizational skills required for life coaching

One of the key cruces of life coaching is the proper organization of all your clients. It is necessary for various reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Emotional breakdown

It is possible that some clients might completely breakdown in front of you while discussing their problem abut their breakup. But. It is highly important for you to be in your ethics and provide them with a solution to make their future better. You, as a coach, should not get emotional over their story as it will affect your organizational structure.

  • Outrage

In converse to the previous point, if you had a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you need to take out your anger on your clients. You need to maintain that decorum that is required for a healthy human conversation while dealing with a client. Hence, if you are running a life coaching academy, it is highly important for you to be practical w.r.t your work and deal with the clients in a calm way.

  • Dedicated attention

Another important aspect that falls under the organizational skills of a professional coach is dedication. Being a client, you should keep in mind that your coach does not talk about any other clients during the life coaching session. Being a coach. It is unethical to talk about other clients with a specific client. All these aspects form a part of the modules taught in the life coach certification program.

Role of Ethics in life coaching services

Ethics play an indispensable role in the life coaching services. All of us know that if you have to run a business and get clients, you have to follow a set of rules. Without following the rules, there is no way you can succeed in that business domain. In India, fewer rules need to be followed for obtaining a life coaching certification.

As a client, if you are thinking that you will go to a life coach for helping you in getting your neighborhood crush, it’s not possible. That person is bound by some ethics that he/she needs to follow. He/she can only help you in identifying your bad parts and assist you in improving them. They can also assist you in identifying the things that are standing in your way to your goal and how to overcome them. Life coaching has become an important tool for self-improvement and development. 

Be a motivator

It doesn’t matter whether you are a career coach, wellness coach, business coach, or a health coach. The factor of motivation should be a part of your personality. Being a life coach, you should know how to motivate someone. It is not always money that solves issues, sometimes a pat on the shoulder while saying, “you can do this” also fills the person with energy and encouragement. 

Being a life coach, you need to be very careful and alert while uttering words to your clients as you may say them as a motivation, but he/she might comprehend it as something else. For example, you said something to motivate your client, but according to their perspective, it turned out as judgemental. There should be no room for judgment when you are dealing with your client as a life coach. You need to be supportive of the client’s decision and offer them methods to bring them back on track to their goal.  

These are all human qualities life coaches embody
You'll find your life coach embodies all of these qualities and more! Source: Pixabay Credit: 905513

As a client, the power of motivation is in your hands, too, as when you are assigned a task by your coach, it is necessary for you to complete it. When it is inquired by the coach, you need to answer very carefully as he/she is not emotionally attached to you, so no excuses are going to work here. When you have performed all the described tasks by the coach and think that you are ready. Your formal relationship with your coach is over.

If we Sum up everything from above, the skills that are required to become a life coach are as follows:

  • A life coach should have professional certification from any recognized institution.
  • He or she should be a good motivator
  • Should know how to organize life coaching sessions with multiple clients
  • Should take care of the ethics
  • Should have a good sense of communication
  • Should possess a can-do attitude

All these aspects are form a part of life coach training and life coach certification.

Final Words

Life coaching is not just like any other coaching profession. It is different in many ways. If you want to be a life coach, you need to develop these skills in yourself first. We at Superprof offer you a very easy and convenient way to find the best life coach for yourself. All you need to do is type the name of your city in India and BOOM!! You will get hundreds of choices for choosing a professional life coach for yourself. Other factors that you may consider while choosing the coach is their price and if they provide a free consultation. You can opt for a free consultation if they do and check if you will be comfortable working together with him or her.

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