Practice makes a man perfect. That’s what we have heard since childhood. It is exactly true only if someone knows exactly what to do. And for knowing what needs to be done, you need to refer to an expert like a tutor or a coach. For games, we have a games coach. For wellness, we refer to a wellness coach and a career coach in case of our career. We just need to make sure that the person is a certified professional.

Similarly, in case you have a problem in your life. You need to refer to a certified coach for dealing with it. The term certified refers to an individual that has gone through some sort of life coach training. Life coaches are a lot different from other coaches. While other coaches focus on a single aspect, for example, a business coach will tell you only about business. Life coaches help you in overcoming the obstacles in the way of your goal. This may sometimes help you to solve various other problems in your life.

To be a professional coach in India, it is better to take professional coaching training and possess some specific resources. It is also not wrong to help someone without the life coaching certifications but having a certification builds trust in the mind of the client for you. Before jumping on to the certification part, let’s understand what a life coach actually is.

Cerberus' heads might argue among themselves on whether to become credentialed
Imagine Cerberus' multiple heads, arguing about becoming a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit OCV

Life Coaching in India | What is a life coaching expert

A life coach differs a lot from other coaches in many ways. Although he will not be the same as your friends are with you if you get one, it will be a win for you. Your friends try to cheer you up and keep you happy. They will also listen to your problems and provide you with some useful feedback and solutions. On the other hand, a life coach will not hear about your personal issue, for example, he or she would not care that you had a fight with your partner or you broke up with your girlfriend. 

This does not seem right, but it is the truth. You have to accept that your coaching sessions with your executive coach will be more of a qualitative talk about the goal setting and how to get there. Hence, through various methods like probing, questionnaires, and other information-gathering methods, your life coach will try to understand your goal. He will also help you realize the obstacles in your way. 

After properly analyzing your situation, he or she will formulate a plan for dealing with the impediments and find a way to your goal. He/She would not although entertain any psychological issues but yeah will help you in understanding that issue and refer you to an expert. 

The Attributes of a Life Coach

Being a life coach is not an easy thing; you need to prepare yourself first. Then only you can coach others. Although, if you have faced hardships in your life, and you have learned from them, it is good for you.

The combination of people skills, empathy, and motivational nature makes a good life coach. But, this is not enough; in India, people will only believe you if you are a certified professional with professional training. Coming on to the point of certification course and certification requirements, there are many points to master in order to become a life coach. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Your best friend may listen to you, but your life coach will hear you!
Like your besties, life coaches listen. Unlike besties, life coaches hear! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt
  • Effective listening

If you want to be a life coach, you definitely need to have effective listening skills. Listening makes a lot of difference to communication in personal life coaching. And, most of all, you, as a coach, have to be able to understand the intent behind your client’s words along with just words. Doing this will enable you to provide a solution to the client’s problem.

  • Emotional boundaries

It may sound rude, but setting emotional boundaries with your clients should be in your skillset to become a life coach. You are not there to make your client feel better after a bad break up or after a fight with their partner. You are there to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Hence, it is very important to learn about establishing emotional boundaries with your client in life coaching certifications.

  • Learning Modules

The most important aspect of being a life coach is excelling at the learning modules of the life coach certification program. There are a lot of benefits in pursuing a life coach training program, whether it is offline or online coaching. Some indispensable modules of the certification training are as follows:

  • Building rapport and intimacy with your client through effective communication.
  • Learning through listening in life coaching certifications
  • Awareness through communication
  • Sustaining awareness
  • Business Coaching assignments

These are some essential things that you need to excel at for being a qualified life coach. Although, there is no hard and fast rule for taking life coaching certifications for becoming a life coach. But, if you do, it might help you in exploring better ways for serving your clients. You can raise self-awareness among your clients and even help them attain work-life balance. This will not only help them but will also help you in personal growth. Let’s take a closer look at some benefits of the life coach training program.

Advantages of life coaching certifications

As a nice cuppa warms you on a cold day, so does knowing your skills as a life coach are accredited
Like a nice cup of hot tea on a cold day, you can bask in the glow that having life coach certification provides Source: Pixabay Credit; Conger Design

You have seen what you need for being a life coach. Maybe, right now, you might be thinking that you already have what it takes to be a life coach. It’s good if you have that but just to be clear about your thinking and to know more, let’s study some benefits of life coaching certifications. Maybe, this motivates you more to be a life coach, we will see. Let’s begin!

  • Coaching tools in a life coaching program

India is a vast country; hence, you have an advantage. The advantage in the sense that you will get to learn a lot of things about clients. Everyone is going through some problems, not only in India but in the whole world. The diversity of issues with people will enrich you with knowledge and give you ideas about the tools necessary for dealing with their issues. In life coaching certifications, you will work on various tools like life wheel, assignments, and questionnaires. These tools will not only train you but will also help you in discovering yourself. This is all you need for being a professional life coach.

  • Coaching techniques

Life coaching tools and techniques are very different from each other. Tools are something that you can use to learn something. Techniques in a life coaching program are defined as the way you use the tools to get to your target. These techniques include the way to communicate with your clients, the way you need to ask a question. The way you conduct the interview. The timing of the questioning and motivation that you provide to the client. All of these aspects are counted under the techniques required for life coaching.

  • Obstacles and how to overcome them

Obstacles are a part of every path you take in your life. Hence, it is necessary to be ready for them in every way. This is another aspect that is a part of the life coaching certifications. While going through a life coaching certification, you will learn how to overcome any obstacle. It’s not that you or your client does not know how to overcome it, but it is the way they might miss. For example, a health coach would know the exact way you should plan your diet, but you might just know that you need to plan your diet.

  • Motivation and Growth

The most important and a bit tough to the master skill of the life coaching certifications is providing motivation. You might think you are best at it, but it is not exactly true in all cases. Asking the client questions and getting answers from them is an easy job. But listening to the client’s issue and bringing him or her out of the trauma is very difficult. Hence, the coaching certifications also include sessions that focus on motivating the clients. Through motivation, you can also lead your clients to lead the best life with growth.

All these points sum up the benefits of a life coaching certification program. Make sure you consider these before taking your final step.

As a Life Coach You are giving a CHANCE to CHANGE to the other person. Source: Freepik Creidt: ilixie48


In a nutshell, we can say that it is better if you take a professional course for becoming a life coach. On the other hand, if you are a client and looking for a professional life coach, Superprof is here to help you find one. Through our simple city filter, you can easily find a life coach near your home. The prices of the coaches are listed; you can choose the one that fits your budget. If not sure, you can take a free first class and get to the coach well. I hope this article helps you most qualitatively. And that's not all, as a professional in life coaching, you can also get to know about how to find clients as a life coach to promote and succeed in your business. Good luck!!

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