Podcasts are a blessing in disguise if we use them correctly. The best way to learn a new language is to listen to how the words are pronounced. Practicing them can help in refining your skillset.

Language podcasts can enhance and fasten the learning process. Be it a radio show or video, you can have anything you want at the touch of a button. Makers of language podcasts create them in a step-up fashion. So, you can start with the basics by learning the Hindi alphabet and progress to correct sentence formation by using adjectives, correct tenses, pronouns, nouns, vowels, consonants. They can teach you how to prevent grammatical errors in order to refine your Hindi. It is absolutely essential to master Hindi as it is one of the most spoken languages of India. The advantage of a Podcast is the on-demand content that is easily available.

You can also try recording yourself repeating the language they use.
Podcasts are great as they allow you to listen and rewind and re-listen to the lessons with just a few clicks of a button. Photo credit: Serge Seva on Visual Hunt

How Podcasts can improve your Hindi

Learning on the go is the mantra of podcasts. The convenience of downloading, storing and listening to a podcast in your free time is unparalleled. Podcasts are an excellent tool for learners of all ages.  They are easily available in the iTunes or Play store and are playable in all devices- be it an Apple or Android or Windows smartphone.

Check here for some great apps to learn Hindi and improve your Speaking and listening skills.

Learning cannot be made any simpler. All you need to do is download and play while you are doing your daily activities and upgrade your Listening skills. You will get to know the different dialects. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India and South Asia so being a master of this language has its own rewards. The brain records what we hear and then our vocabulary and speech get influenced by it. Podcasts will help you learn the basics like how to hold a general conversation, how to ask for the necessities like food, water, etc. Most of them are free while advanced Language courses podcasts may charge a nominal amount as a subscription. But the content is endless and since there is no time frame you can learn at your own pace without being burdened. You can always opt for a 1-week trial to understand if you like or need a particular Podcast to increase your fluency. If you do not like it in the end you can just unsubscribe from it. If you like it then you can pay an amount to get access to a massive content of Language resources. Select a particular Language course or learn some Common words or learn hindi from a hindi teacher online.

Podcasts are usually cheaper than paying for a course of lessons with a teacher.
Save money on podcasts by checking if they offer trials or demos first. Photo credit: Images_of_Money on Visual Hunt

Take Hindi courses online by utilizing Podcasts

Podcasts will help in Hindi language development and can also prepare you for a Placement exam or a job interview. There are numerous Regional languages in different parts of India but the most widely spoken language is Hindi.

Find below some Podcasts that are taking the internet by storm-

  1. Aaawaz
  2. Castbox
  3. Suno India
  4. BookMyShow Jukebox
  5. HindiPod101
  6. BBC Hindi
  7. Saavn
  8. Audioboom
  9. Rocket Hindi
  10. Duolingo

Learn Hindi while listening to interviews of famous persons, wellness shows, dialogues from Bollywood movies, stand-up comedy, film reviews and so on. There is a big library of audiobooks and different online radio channels for you to listen to. Refine your expertise by hearing speakers talk about a variety of subjects like lifestyle, technology, music, mental health, fitness, finance, etc. Practice what you learn with your friends or tutors. There are many Podcasts that will teach you about the History of Hindi language, the loanwords from Persian language, the similar words to Sanskrit and numerous details about the development of the Aryan and Devanagari script.

Devanagari hindi script
Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, the script of the gods | Source: VisualHunt


A Bengali, Gujrati or an Oriya can have access to the same podcast and learn the same Hindi. Now imagine if the majority of our population are hearing the same or similar podcasts, the interaction between themselves will be a breeze. You can be from New Delhi in North India to Maharashtra or from Arunachal to Himachal but if you have a proper hold on the Hindi language communication will never be a hindrance. And Podcasts can help you in a major way to attain the finesse. There are many Podcasts where you can interact and ask questions to the host. Never shy away from clearing your queries in order to have a strong base and understanding of the Hindi language.

Superprof helps you find the best websites to learn Hindi. Excel in learning by taking part in game-like lessons from an online Hindi teacher or level up by practicing what you hear in the downloaded Podcasts as per your area of interest. Check out the ratings and reviews of Podcasts to determine the best available content as per your needs.

Podcasts aren't just for learning, they can keep you entertained too.
Ramayan Hindi is said to be like a theatre for the mind. Photo on Visual hunt

Online Hindi tutorials

Apart from Podcasts, there are also other online tools to learn Hindi. Whenever you learn something new, repeat it a number of times. Speaking aloud helps you to understand better and rectify the pronunciations. Podcasts can teach you about Hindi literature, words, and phrases, language and culture, Hindi grammar, how the language developed from the Vedic Bhasha and so on. There are a lot of websites as well as online tutors who can help upgrade your Hindi language. There is a chapter for all your needs. Not everyone is at the same level of expertise. An online tutor can help assess the current stage you are in and take it forward from there. There are no defined time frames or set courses. It can be entirely customized as per the need and wants of an individual. Moreover, with the diminishing internet prices and easy availability of smartphones more and more people are getting tech-savvy and using it to strengthen their outlook, communication, and career.

Superprof can help you initiate the process of taking basic Hindi lessons to develop your confidence. There are a lot of web pages like I Speak Hindi, Learning Hindi, Learning Hindi Language, Verbling, Online Tutor, etc which can give a steady source of Hindi tutorials. Some of the best Podcasts to learn Hindi are Hindipod101, Languagereef, Hindi Glossaries Alive!,  Learn Hindi On The Go, Namaste Dosti, SBS Hindi, Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies, etc. These Podcasts will keep you motivated while you climb each step in learning the Hindi language and progress from a basic through an intermediate to an advanced stage of expertise.

Famous people have their own Podcasts and online shows which are free, and you can enhance your proficiency by listening to them. They are varied in content which can give you a broader perspective of how to use the language in a better and efficient way.

Find below some Podcasts available online-

  1. The Musafir Stories (a travel Podcast)
  2. The Indian Startup Show (on entrepreneurship)
  3. The State of Mind (on mental health)
  4. Advertising is Dead (a show on marketing)
  5. Maed in India (on music)
  6. The Taste of India (on food preparation)

YouTube is a one-stop place for all your needs. From learning the essentials of Hindi through short courses or perfecting your speech by listening to TedTalks, you can find almost everything you wish for there. It is not always essential to take a Language program or Online lessons to learn Hindi. You can thrive by just listening to a travel show or a review of a movie or by taking part in content development for Podcasts with a team. Once you master the language you can start your own blog or Podcast! Check out different genres of Podcasts available on the internet to gain a sound knowledge of the language.

A few well-known ones are as follows-

  1. Baalgatha
  2. Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi
  3. Indian Noir
  4. Audiogyaan
  5. Books That Speak
  6. Lehren Diaries
  7. Moneycontrol Podcast
  8. Movie Wala Podcast
  9. Red FM Bauaa
  10. The Bollywood Project

You can speak Hindi fluently by just listening to Podcasts as per your want and convenience. It might not be your First language or Mother tongue but since it is the most widely spoken language in India it is essential to learn it in order to progress both personally and professionally. Learning a new language does not mean that you always need to spend money. Podcasts are an example where you can learn what you want when you want, free of cost. You do not need to hamper your studies or job to learn Hindi. You can do it in your free time! All you need is a smartphone and the will to learn. 

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