The internet is a treasure trove when it comes to learning a new language. From free content to paid courses from reputed universities there is a buffet of options available. You can enroll in classes, download language learning apps or take private one-on-one tuitions from online teachers in various web portals to learn a new language or excel in it. Keep in mind that the internet can help you find the right resource, but you need to spend time and practice in order to thrive. Find here how Hindi lessons with a tutor can help you master the Hindi language. It is important to learn the language spoken by the majority of the people in India. There are numerous apps and podcasts available where you can read, write and practice or you can take the help of online tutors to guide you in advancing your grasp of the language. You can be anywhere in India be it Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh or New Delhi, all you need is an internet connection to download the lessons and start learning! From Coaching classes to how to do an Exam preparation in order to ace Competitive exams in Hindi they can coach you efficiently.

You can find what you need much easier now thanks to our advanced Internet.
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Take a Hindi class through a Hindi app

Hindi is the second most commonly spoken language on the globe. To be fluent in it has its own positives. You can be conversant almost anywhere in India and abroad. Moreover, someone with a stronghold of a second language is widely respected and it increases the chances of you securing a coveted job than others. Aspirants for the national exams like IIT jee, SSC, Aieee, Upsc, Aipmt, Cbse, Ugc net, etc which are conducted in Hindi language need to learn it in order to fare well.

In the era of technology, there are a plethora of apps that can help you learn a language. They are widely flexible and can make learning fun. Find here the top apps which will make you learn Hindi in a faster and easier way.

  1. Learn Hindi. Speak Hindi
  2. Learn Hindi through English
  3. Learn Spoken Hindi From English
  4. Learn Hindi Quickly Free
  5. Learn Hindi

There are a lot of trending apps teaching Hindi like Mondly: Learn Hindi Free, RBhasha Hindi, Drops: Learn 30 new languages, Duolingo- Learn Languages for Free, Hindi Language Basic, Learn Hindi step by step, Hindi Alphabet, Hindi Letters Writing, Learn Hindi Phrases | Hindi Translator, Hindi Alphabet, Learn Hindi- 6000 Words.

Most meditation chants are Hindi.
If you are interested in meditation and yoga practices then you may like to understand the culture of India and Hindi chants. Photo on Visual hunt

Hindi Podcasts can help in Hindi learning

You can also learn Hindi by repeating things you learn from Podcasts. It can be a news podcast or a podcast of Bollywood dialogues. Since India is obsessed with any Bollywood movie and serials, podcasts are rapidly growing in number and increasing their content in order to cater to a wider population. Some of the most famous podcasts currently are ZEE5, Eros Now, Zee tv, Voot, Hotstar, AltBalaji and so on.  The brain records what we hear and then our vocabulary and speech get influenced by it. Podcasts will help you learn how to hold a general conversation, how to ask for necessities while traveling and so on. In short, if you are an Indian learning Hindi is very essential!

Check here to test your listening skills with some Hindi podcasts.

From audiobooks, online radio, news channel to podcasts with the content on Hindi literature, the relation between Hindi and Urdu, similar words to Sanskrit and numerous details about the development of the Aryan and Devanagari script, you can find almost anything you wish for.

You can also try looking for the best apps to learn Hindi.

Excel in learning Hindi through game-like lessons guided by an online Hindi teacher or level up by practicing what you hear in the downloaded Podcasts as per your area of interest.

Some noteworthy podcasts are as follow-

  1. Aaawaz
  2. Saavn
  3. Duolingo
  4. BookMyShow Jukebox
  5. Audioboom

However, you need to make a habit of practicing what you hear, pronounce the difficult words loudly, rectify your mistakes and get opinions and advice from peers and tutors.

Top websites to aid in Hindi learning

A lot of websites are there to teach you Hindi. Search in Google "spoken hindi" classes near me to get a list of tutors. Find below a list of the favorite websites to learn Hindi which can help you clutch that second language!

  1. Loecsen helps you to start learning Hindi from the basics and advance gradually. It takes you through the essentials of Hindi language so that you are confident enough in your daily communication.
  2. Verbal Planet helps you to learn at your own pace and pick and choose from different Language programs. Select from single tuition to a full-fledged course.
  3. Live Lingua is a completely free website to cater to all your Hindi language learning needs. Anybody can register and get access to eBooks, audiobooks, lectures, or can download content and learn from them.
  4. Duolingo helps you take personalized courses, maps your progress and rewards you. Basic courses are free while the advanced Duolingo Plus charges a small fee for the enormous content load it offers.
  5. Mindurhindi can teach you the Hindi alphabet and gives you Hindi lessons in English. For those who are proficient in English can opt for this webpage and learn the basics by translating simple English sentences to Hindi.
  6. Linguanaut teaches you the commonly used Hindi words like Namaste, Sukriya, Samachar, and helps you in Hindi translation, etc. to strengthen your Hindi.
  7. Learning Hindi has a lot of options like eBooks, audiobooks, lessons in grammar, pronunciation, beginner’s guide, intermediate level Hindi, etc. to help you excel in developing the Lingua franca of India.
  8. Rocket Languages has highly-rated tutors to help you master a Hindi conversation or you can self-learn by listening to interactive audio lessons to make your Hindi pronunciation accurate.
  9. Fluentin3months can make you fluent in Hindi in 3 months! From how to begin, progress and excel there are inputs for every aspect here.
  10. YouTube can help you get numerous videos to learn Hindi. Select them as per their number of views or your interest. You can download the videos you like and play them whenever you want.
Internet learning is a great of saving the pennies, and time!
Think of all the time you could save by using the Internet to learn rather than going to and from classes. Photo credit: Benson Kua on Visualhunt

Learn Hindi from an online Hindi teacher

Every student who wants to learn the Hindi language can select from any online study program or course, use online learning materials or find a private tutor. They can provide you with Hindi books, Sample questions, Sample paper, Full pdf of a Textbook to enrich your knowledge. They can also guide you on what Toppers do differently or how to outshine others in a Hindi Board exam. From a basic School education to Secondary education or Pre-medical to Prelims of IIT, learning Hindi can up your game. Some colleges teach Information science, Accountancy, Computer science and engineering, Social science or All subjects in Hindi. Admission test to Board exams learning Hindi is required especially in India.

Some content is free but most advanced courses charge an amount but the content they offer in return is enormous. Some widely followed webpages are mentioned below-

1.      Superprof helps you to find teachers from anywhere in India like Haryana, Kerala, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, etc. who are highly qualified and can guide you to become a master of Hindi language. It is a commonplace where tutors and students meet, interact and learn. The rates vary and you can select anyone after taking a free lesson to check for compatibility.

2.      Udemy can help you read and write in Hindi by giving you options of tutors who can guide you in various aspects.

3.      Preply charges a small price to give you tuitions from the best Hindi teachers available. You can go through their profile, teaching experience, students currently learning from them and reviews to select from whom you want to learn.

You need to learn Hindi in order to give an Entrance exam for Bank jobs or for jobs in the Public service commission. You can be a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya or in Engineering colleges if you have an adequate understanding and fluency in Hindi.

Read a Hindi book or its Pdf form, watch Hindi news or Hindi movies in your Tata sky. Search for Hindi Books download, Textbooks to learn Hindi in Google as per your need. Even Hindi teachers can help you learn Hindi to ace an exam in junior school or can teach you advanced Hindi class 12. It might be an Optional subject for the majority but in the Contemporary world, it is essential to learn it. Read Hindi newspapers, Reference books, download Free pdf to clutch the language. You can speak your mother tongue Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati in your own state but you need to speak Hindi to communicate better elsewhere. Also, to make your life easier it is essential to learn a second language which should be Hindi Bhasha since it is one of the most widely spoken languages of India.

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