Some people excel in learning Hindi through apps or by listening to podcasts but some still need a human connection. But due to time constraints, it is not always possible or feasible to go and learn from a Hindi teacher, physically. Technology can ease that deficit by bringing students and tutors together online in a platform, where the lessons can be given and taken virtually. You can sit anywhere and start learning Hindi, from a Hindi tutor by logging into the various available websites, while saving time and money! The debate of online learning vs classroom learning is never-ending but you need to decide which one is more beneficial and fits in your daily life better.

Learn Hindi with a tutor
A good Hindi teacher will tell you that the easiest way to pick up the spoken word is through a cultural immersion | Source: VisualHunt

Online Hindi tutorials

The benefits of learning online surpass the learning done in a school in a lot of ways. A lot of students who are trying to learn Hindi are switching to digital portals as they are more convenient and flexible. Moreover, there is endless content available and taught by innumerable tutors. Every student wishing to learn the Hindi language can select from an online study program, use online learning materials or find a private tutor who can make you an expert in Hindi language. Most of the basic courses are free while some websites charge a small fee to give you an in-depth advanced learning guide. Hire a teacher who can help you master the Hindi language.

Check here for a complete Hindi learning apps guide or hire a teacher online who can guide you as per your need. Another advantage of online hindi tutorials is that you can have more options. For example, you are sitting in Assam and can find an online tutor in Chennai who has great reviews and enroll for his classes. It is not possible or convenient to physically go and take classes from him. The internet opens up a lot of options for everyone! There are a lot of qualified tutors who can teach and instruct you so that you become a master of this language.

You need to be clear about why and how you want to learn Hindi. It can be because you want to apply for new job vacancies or for teacher jobs in a Montessori. You might want to learn a Second language or work as a substitute teacher or a Teaching assistant in a Nursery school. Whatever be the reason there is an online Curriculum to fulfill your needs so that you can grab the opportunity. You can opt for self-courses or one-to-one tuition. You can pay for advanced courses or take free lessons, as per your needs. They can help you prepare for your Board exam, Cbse and Common entrance exam for IIT, Pre-medical, Aipmt, Ugc net, etc.

Use your preferred search engine to look for a suitable teacher or course.
The best place to start your search is by browsing the Internet! Photo on VisualHunt

Paid and free online Hindi content

There are innumerable websites that can help you with free content. Webpages like DuoLingo, HindiPod101, MindurHindi,  Loecsen, etc can give you a lot of basic content for free to upgrade your language skills and fluency. For advanced courses, there is a small fee for subscription purposes, but the benefits are huge! Fill their Online form, pay the fees and start learning from the list of the available Teaching programs. There are preparatory courses that can help a Research fellow or Job seekers. Young learners and Aspirants can improve their Career level by taking these online courses or enrolling in a Language skills development workshop.

Once you grasp the language you can flourish in an Eligibility test for Government jobs, Teaching jobs or become a part of the School education system or Department of education of your State government. You can also apply for Jobs overseas as a Kindergarten teacher or teacher aide as per your proficiency. Teaching opportunities are in abundance with the whole world starting to learn a second language to ease the process of communication.

Hindi words and phrases have borrowed heavily from other languages of the world | Source: VisualHUnt

 Advanced courses are not free but there are a lot of websites which are value for money.

1.      Verbal Planet

It takes you step-by-step from the basics of Hindi to advanced levels. You can learn at your own pace and time. Pay for a course or an entire program as per your convenience. There is a tutor for everyone! From a one-on-one class to courses on Language and literature, grammar and pronunciation you can find whatever you wish for. Be it for hindi class 10 or hindi class 8 you can find someone who can guide you in every step.

2.      Superprof

It is easy to maneuver and convenient to browse through. You can find teachers from anywhere in India like Haryana, Kerala, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and so on. Everyone is highly qualified and can guide you to become a master of the Hindi language. It is a commonplace where tutors and students meet, interact and learn. The rates vary from one teacher to another, but it is not directly proportional to their experience or expertise. There is one free lesson that can help you test the waters and see if you are compatible with the tutor. It is better to shortlist 2-3 teachers and work with them to have a better understanding. Once you zero in on one tutor make a Fee payment and start learning. It is essential to bond with them in order to make learning fun! From a Primary stage or Elementary level to an advanced state, the online tutors can guide you efficiently.

3.      Udemy

You can learn to read and write in Hindi by applying for a course as per your needs.  Tutors can help you with proper pronunciation and how to speak correct Hindi in a step-wise manner. There are structured courses for beginners as well as for students of advanced levels.

4.      Preply

For a small price, you can get tuition from the best Hindi teachers available. You can go through their profile, teaching experience, students currently learning from them and reviews to select from whom you want to learn. Get a free trial lesson and then decide on your tutor.

Here is a list of Hindi language learning websites which can help you outshine the competition.

Tips for getting that Hindi teaching job

There are a lot of Teaching positions in the Central Government of India. You can apply online for a Teacher eligibility test in a Job portal if you are qualified enough. You can also sit at home and teach students through online websites as discussed. The Govt. has Teacher recruitment drives where you can check for School jobs or Job openings as a Primary teacher, Elementary school teacher or as a teacher of Secondary education in your home state of Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Kashmir, etc. Give an Entrance exam for Bank jobs or for jobs in the Public service commission. You can be a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya or in Engineering colleges if you have an adequate understanding and fluency in Hindi.

Students appearing for exam
Coaching classes are a common source of backup for Delhi students. Source: DNA India

To get that coveted job in this world of cut-throat competition, you need to be exceptionally good. Take the help of an online Hindi teacher or enroll in spoken Hindi classes near me. Along with getting the guidance to take a Practice test or Take the quiz from different websites to rate your progress. You can then climb the ladder of success at a much faster pace with more ease than others. Practice whatever you learn and repeat the difficult areas and learn from your mistakes. Everybody is unique so do not compare with a fast learner and get disheartened. Be true and sincere in your learning and you will surpass your own expectations. For this a hand-holding by knowledgeable tutors is essential who can tailor a course in Hindi for your maximum benefit. Take their help, ask questions, go the extra mile and you will be reaping the benefits in no time. Be patient while learning and make the foundation strong. In order to overshadow your competition, learn from the best. Invest your free time and improve your knowledge by reading different genres of literature, practice writing, and spell and pronounce the difficult words loudly in order to master them. Your tutor will guide you when you deviate, teach you right from wrong and be a companion in your success.

The online platforms give you a buffet of options and free trials can help you decide on the Hindi teacher you want to work with. That along with the flexibility of time and custom made courses are a huge bonus. You do not need to disrupt your day-to-day activities and you can learn in your free time from these tutors at your convenience! However the proper selection of the area of focus, suitable courses and tutors and determination to work hard in order to learn and be proficient is important.

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