In this era of technology and smartphones, apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. From counting the number of steps, we have taken in a day to scanning our documents to upload in a form, there is an app for everything. The convenience of using an app has led newspapers, television channels, shopping websites to make their own apps. Gone are those days when we open our laptop or desktop, put in passwords and wait for the webpage to open up. Apps can give you what you need in just one click.

People are even learning new languages with the help of apps. Hindi is the most widely used Language of India and the second most commonly spoken language on Earth and you can learn it easily through your smartphone! Take the help of a Hindi language online teacher or private tutor to read, write and be conversant in Hindi.

Hindi tuition through an app

How convenient and easy it will be if you can learn the Hindi language on the go. Just download some apps and start learning as per your convenience. You can pause it, restart it or forward it whenever necessary. Most of the apps are free or even if they charge a small amount it is negligible when compared to the benefits and ease of using it. There are courses as per your level of expertise and hindi tuition classes conducted by tutors. You can start from the basics and make a strong foundation before moving onto complex learnings - all in your free time! This will make you more prepared when you start learning this language in school or college, or when you are having a conversation where Hindi is the medium. There are online programs and certificate courses teaching different modules of the Hindi language from various universities that you can access through their apps. A strong base will make it easier for you to tackle hindi class 10 or 12 efficiently. Learning hindi has never been easier with the progress of technology!

Apps are super easy to download and some are free.
In this new digital age, most of us have laptops, tablets and smartphones on which we can download apps. Photo on

The advantage of Hindi is that it is a phonetic language which means it sounds the same as when it is written. Moreover, it is a language that is filled with synonyms. In order to understand the nuances of Hindi it is essential to study it from the beginning. Use a Hindi dictionary and read different Hindi literature to have a firm grip on one of the most widely spoken Asian languages. Learn how Hindi and Urdu came into existence, the influence of Sanskrit and how the Arabic and Persian script influenced it. Hindi is the lingua franca of India. Practice what you learn, converse in Hindi with your colleagues or seniors, learn how to be grammatically correct and how gender influences the sentence formations!

Apps that will teach you Hindi

There are a lot of apps that can help you master the Hindi language. From teaching you to write to improving your pronunciation there is an app for everything. See here how to learn Hindi in a few simple steps.

Here is a list of apps that have the highest rating in Play store. They can provide you with Hindi Language courses which you can learn in your own sweet time!

  1. Learn Hindi. Speak Hindi
  2. Learn Hindi through English
  3. Learn Spoken Hindi From English
  4. Learn Hindi Quickly Free
  5. Learn Hindi
  6. Learn Hindi step by step
  7. Hindi Alphabet, Hindi Letters Writing
  8. Learn Hindi Phrases | Hindi Translator
  9. Hindi Alphabet
  10. Learn Hindi- 6000 Words

Apart from them, there are numerous great language learning websites or apps which have structured courses for you to learn any language like Unacademy. Google translate can help you in translating any word from any language to Hindi and vice versa. There are other apps as well which can translate a spoken word to Hindi instantly. You can even search “spoken Hindi classes near me” in Google to get a list of top-rated Hindi tuitions or Hindi tutors near you! Take a mock test to see how you fare while upgrading your skills. Online coaching classes can help you ace Board exams and Entrance exams.

A lot of foreign travelers are taking up basic Hindi communication classes to ease their travel in India. India is a diverse country where each state has its own language. In West Bengal people speak Bengali, in Punjab they speak Punjabi, in Gujarat they speak Gujarati and so on. It might not be the National Language, but it is the most widely spoken language. Most of the communication for official purposes is done by speaking or writing Hindi.

Though there are some controversies regarding Hindi being the Official language of India, it is the only language that is more or less common throughout. Hence, it is a necessity to at least learn the basics so as to communicate more effectively.  The Hindi spoken in North India is different from that spoken in Patna or Chhattisgarh and the Hindi in Uttarakhand will be different than the Hindi spoken in Assam, but the basic is the same everywhere.

Watch a Hindi cinema or video in an app

With the evolution of technology, we can watch thousands of movies at one click. To adapt to this change Hindi movie channels have made their own apps for ease of access. You can speak Hindi more fluently by repeating your favorite movie dialogues. Watching movies can make your grammar strong, give you a lesson in proper sentence formation with apt use of vowels, nouns, consonants, verbs, adjectives, and phonetics. Infotainment helps you to learn in a fun way!

Find the best podcasts to learn Hindi here.

You can watch movies across different years to see how the Hindi language evolved. The more you watch the more you learn. Most of these apps are free or you can make in-app purchases to increase the list of movies. You can also watch English movies dubbed in Hindi to improve your versatility. There are also apps dedicated to Hindi videos where you can learn Hindi while having fun. You can search across genres as per your interest, make a watchlist or a playlist or keep them downloaded to watch later. Watch Hindi news (Samachar) or serials free of cost and as per your comfort. Watch a Bollywood movie or read Hindi newspapers.

There are apps which enable you to watch movies in other languages, like Hindi.
With Movie apps, you can stream Bollywood films and catch up with all the big stars. Photo credit: haileyse_ada on

Find below a list of apps where you can watch a wide range of Hindi movies-

  1. ZEE5
  2. JioCinema: Movies TV Originals
  3. Eros Now
  4. Hungama Play: Movies and Videos
  5. IndiaTVShowz
  6. AltBalaji
  7. SonyLiv
  8. Voot
  9. Hotstar
  10. DD Classics

A smartphone is a powerful tool if we use it correctly. There are numerous apps that can help you master the Hindi language, but you need to take the initiative. Also, there is no meaning in downloading and keeping an app if we do not practice what we learn. A private online tutor can make you understand the correct ways and point out your mistakes, but you need to rectify them and up your game. The courses in these apps are not time-bound. You can solve sample CBSE papers to prepare for a Board exam or take mock tests in Hindi Bhasha, all in an app.

Excellent work has been done by these apps to help you fasten your Hindi learning-

  1. Mondly: Learn Hindi Free
  2. RBhasha Hindi
  3. Drops: Learn 30 new languages
  4. Duolingo- Learn Languages for Free
  5. Hindi Language Basic

There are so many other languages of India but Hindi binds them together. Almost all the national exams like IIT jee, SSC, Aieee, Upsc, Aipmt, Cbse, etc are conducted in the Hindi language as well, so if you are proficient in written and spoken Hindi you can easily ace these examinations.

Tab containing e-learning app.
E-learning makes learning easy and fun. Source: Hindustan Times


Out of all the Indian languages, the most common is Hindi so it is essential to have an adequate vocabulary to be conversational in it. Learn a new Hindi word every day! Apps can help you learn this language in an easy, effective and fun way.

A person who is multi-lingual is respected all over the world and it can open new channels and job opportunities for you. And how convenient and easy is it when you can start learning by just subscribing to an app. Parents should encourage their children to download and learn in a fun way. Professionals can also refine their Hindi skills by taking part in advanced courses on Hindi Linguistics. Hindi is still the First Language of the majority of the schools. You might be speaking in your local dialect but when you go out of your state Hindi is the only common language by which all the communication is done. So, in order to express yourself and to get a job done you need to learn Hindi. Take the help of technology to improve your Hindi proficiency and dexterity.

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