There are a lot of apps and Podcasts to help you have a better understanding and grip of the Hindi language. Check the best Hindi language podcasts here as a recall. However, there are other means to learn Hindi also. A lot of websites offer content that can aid in upgrading your skillset. Hindi is the most widely spoken language of India, so it is essential to have a good understanding of it. These web-pages offer a buffet of free content and some charge a nominal fee for the advanced courses. But the benefits you receive and the convenience of learning at your own speed is too good to be true!

Everybody has different potential when it comes to learning. There are innumerable websites to choose from which can help in hindi language development for all types of individuals. If you are not comfortable learning Hindi from a particular web-page you can search and find a more suitable one which can cater to your need. You can take a hindi class or enroll in a course on how to speak Hindi. Learning a new language can be difficult so try to find websites from good language schools that are trained to conduct Language programs.

Don't take any chances, only use official websites or ones that come highly recommended by other users.
Careful, as learning from illegitimate sources can leave you feeling red in the face! Photo on Visualhunt

How the internet can help in Hindi language learning

The internet is an endless resource bank. To learn to speak Hindi fluently you need to invest time. There are numerous Hindi language learning apps and websites such as DuoLingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, etc. Research on which site is more apt for you. The choice of selection will depend on what you want to learn, how fast you need to learn, at what level do you want to reach. Select from Language courses, how to speak the Hindi language or learn about Hindi literature or sign up for Language programs. Tutors can guide you in the right direction. To speak fluent Hindi, you need to have a strong vocabulary. Pay special attention to pronunciation and grammar. Learn the proper use of vowels, consonants, verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and tenses in forming a correct sentence.

The internet has a lot of options for you- be it blogs by acclaimed writers from the subcontinent to international authors. Visit different websites and take free lessons to refine your listening skills, reading and writing techniques. People who are multi-lingual or know other languages are more favored and respected.

Use social networks to connect with others and take away lessons from them.
Social networks are a great means of learning from others. Photo credit: on Visualhunt

Role of social networking

Social networking is a big boom in the technology world if used correctly. You can sign up, connect and communicate with people all over India and the world and help each other learn. Hindi is one of the official languages of India so if you are a Master of It, then you will never face any difficulty holding a conversation in any part of India, be it North India, Madhya Pradesh or West Bengal. Just by browsing through the updates, blogs, stories, and captions of photos of various people you can improve your Hindi vocabulary, writing style, and reading techniques.

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Social media will give you a fresh perspective of the Hindi language and you will be in sync with the current lingo or trend. Reading news from the internet also helps in improving the way we think and communicate. You will be more aware of the surroundings. Due to the easy accessibility, most of the main news channels have their own web-pages and apps in order to reach out to a larger audience. You do not have to wait for a 5 o'clock news. You can read the main highlights of the day while coming back from the office with just one click by opening their website! It might not be your mother tongue but repeated practice with the help of web-pages from the internet can help you ace the learning process.

Learn how Hindi was derived from Sanskrit and how the Hindi alphabet is written in the Devanagari script. Hindi and Urdu go hand in hand so you might reap the benefits of both the languages at one go. Persian and Arabic language also influenced Hindi. You can find all of these on the internet and much more. The internet is a treasure trove if you know where to look.

The top web-pages to learn Hindi

There are a lot of web-pages on the internet but make sure you register in the reliable and highly rated ones so that you are not misguided or misled. However, even new web-pages can have solid content material, or you may feel comfortable going through the content of a particular web-page which is not in the limelight. As long as it is beneficial to you and you are learning as per the need of yours you can take a course from anywhere.

Find here some top-grossing free web-pages in the internet teaching Hindi-

  1. Loecsen

This website can help you to start learning Hindi from the basics. You should read, repeat and remember words and phrases which you can use on a daily basis. It takes you through the essentials of the Hindi language so that you can communicate anywhere. If you are confident enough you can start directly from an Intermediate level or take up an advanced course.

2.      Verbal Planet

Learn at your own pace and pick and choose from different Language programs. Select how many days of the week you want commit. From full-fledged courses to light reading you can find a lot of content to satisfy your hunger of learning. There are tutors who can mentor you and lead you in a proper direction so that you learn faster.

3.      Live Lingua

This is a completely free website to cater to all your Hindi language learning needs. Anybody can register and get access to eBooks, audio-books, lectures, etc. People can also download content and learn from them even when there is no internet connection. Just download and learn Hindi even when you are traveling!

  1. Duolingo

This is another web-page (also available as an app) that helps you take personalized courses, shows your progress and rewards you to keep the motivation high. The basics are free and with a small amount, you can get access to Duolingo Plus which opens up a lot more options for you to learn and master the Hindi language.

  1. Mindurhindi

This website helps you in learning the Hindi alphabet and gives you Hindi lessons in English. For those who are proficient in English can opt for this web-page and learn the basics by translating simple English sentences to Hindi. This will help you to communicate in a Hindi-speaking community easily.

  1. Linguanaut

From most commonly used Hindi words like Namaste, Sukriya to Hindi translation, you can find a wide array of options on this website. You can learn about Hindi phrases and words to strengthen your Hindi.

  1. Learning Hindi

eBooks, audio-books, lessons in grammar, pronunciation, beginner’s guide, intermediate level Hindi, are some of the options available here. Practice by repeating courses as per your wish to excel in developing the Lingua franca of India.

  1. Rocket Languages

This web-page has highly-rated tutors to help you master a Hindi conversation or you can self-learn by listening to interactive audio lessons to make your Hindi pronunciation accurate. There are also expansive lists of Hindi words and phrases for you to learn!

  1. Fluentin3months

As the name suggests this web-page can make you fluent in Hindi in 3 months. Learn Hindi the fun way from Bollywood movies. From how to begin, progress and excel there are inputs for every aspect here.

  1. YouTube

YouTube requires no introduction. Simply type what you want to learn like Most common Hindi Words or How to master the Hindi language and you will get numerous videos showing you the same. Select them as per their number of views or your interest. You can download the videos you like and play them whenever you want.

Take help from the internet
The internet can be a great study guide to help you with your exam preparation. Source:

It is important to follow some simple steps when you are browsing through the websites. Try to remember what you hear, speak aloud when pronouncing words, read and write regularly to rectify the mistakes.

See here how working with a tutor can help you beat the competition! Even if Hindi is not your First language, the majority of the Indian people speak it so you should also learn it to be on par with others. The best way to learn is by speaking and listening to Hindi by attending Language lessons or a Hindi Language program online.

Take help from your parents, peers, and teachers whenever you are stuck in something and cannot comprehend how to overcome it. Also practice regularly as then only you will remember the learning. Learning from websites is one of the fun ways to better your hold on a second language. This can propel your career to great heights as multilingual people are always held in high respect.

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