Today the world’s biggest companies are venturing into the land of India for different job positions like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytical skills. But the prime concern, of the top mathematicians in India, is regarding the mathematical abilities that have to be improved at a drastic level to give robust and creative solutions for the world and the country. With the technologies of AI and ML, our professionals can resolve issues on vital areas like medical and traffic system of the country, respectively.

The subject not only throws light on our analytical skills and advance knowledge but explains the mechanisms of how things work in life. It acts as a bridge between various other subjects, and it’s connected to our daily life. If anything remains constant in this ever-changing world, then it is mathematics. Statistical data reveals that not only the children but adults are also unable to solve simple 10th standard maths and root cause lies in adapting the maths skills properly.

So here at Superprof, we are aiming to break these barriers by assisting all the maths learner in taking help from online maths tutor with understanding, home task, and exam preparations.

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Get maths resources with an online maths tutor

Entangled concepts and boring teaching methodologies have made the subject most hated among school students and adults. But not anymore if you apply your critical thinking abilities to grasp it.

Maths can also be good

Whether weekly shopping or understanding our surroundings, maths has become an important affair in our regular routine. Let’s understand this phenomenon quite simply like planning our budget for grocery shopping or investing our funds in a fixed deposit scheme all these entail some sort of basic level of maths right? Likewise, even realizing these facts, we apply maths in some or the other way round. However, many children feel repulsed by the subject and give up hope quite easily. For these students, a maths tutor is the answer who can help them out with their basic level maths to get the grip and able to reach the position in the class.

Rekindle your lost flames for maths

Everyone has their own set of opinion and ideas regarding maths, but most of these are negative. But this is not a correct way to analyze a subject, and this reflects the dull mentality. We know that there are certain professions that heavily rely on maths for its daily approach to complete a task and this includes jobs of engineer, mathematician, chemists, actuary, accountant, banker, scientist, software designers, etc. Particularly in this modern era where technology has progressed so much, we can take help of online mathematical tools to develop a certain level of understanding in the subject. There are lot of ways to enjoy learning maths online.

Let’s keep aside the benefits of mathematics for a minute and think that it is not all about numbers and calculations; the subject also focuses on the pattern. And what could be more fun than solving mathematical puzzles? Brain teasing games like Sudoku can give you a blow when you learn to allocate the numbers cleverly. It is worth mentioning that playing Lego can make education a joyful experience coupled with revising lessons. Therefore, you need to actively put in something to get the results as maths isn’t a passive subject. Though scientific evidence proves that a person born with a maths gene are good in adapting the numbers, for others scientists believe that the biggest hurdle in mathematics is developing a phobia for the subject. So just relax your brains and let math unfold the journey as it moves forward.

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Some benefits of taking help from an online maths tutor

  • Use your smartphones effectively for practising maths lesson online by downloading mathematics apps. This can bring incredible use as you can take them in your pockets and bags where ever you go. So the next you travel, have your breakfast or lie down at the bed you can squeeze in some maths practice.
  • Somewhere between the mobiles and laptops, a tablet is a portable device, yet it offers a bigger display. So move away from the boring pen and paper practice and use your fingers for problems of graphing and geometry.
  • Bulky appliances like PCs and laptops are not much convenient to carry, but these have some advantages of downloading an advance range of software for learning.
  • Switch on your webcam or mobile camera to take help from video tutorials of online tutors that provides regular session on math lessons.

Superprof the best place to find an online maths tutor in India

Okay, it might sound biased, but the excellent place to discover qualified Maths professional at online medium is the Supeprof. Here the mentors not only interact with their pupils through face to face conversation but teach over the Internet. Just browse across the numerous list of registered maths tutor across India and decide who can provide you with the best help with your homework, revision lessons, overall guidance, etc. You can find resources to study maths on the internet.

Taking lessons with an online math tutor can help with school progress ¦ source: Visualhunt – Nicola since 1972

The best online maths tutors available at Superprof can be little costly as no others overheads are included, and they have specializations in different domains of mathematics. Almost around thousands of tutors are listed online can help you with your maths concern either through meeting in person or electronically via free online math tutor chat. Some are skilled mathematicians, others are exceptionally talented in dealing with numbers, whilst many are qualified teachers and all of them are ready to pass on their knowledge and skills. Be rest assured at Superprof that the money you are investing in these tutors is completely paid for a genuine motive. Besides, you can read about your prospective tutor’s profile from the list of options available to you.

Best online maths tutor websites in India

Often the parents feel that they are unable to help their children in learning the abstract concepts of maths in the study curriculum. As we already knew that adults themselves could barely solve the basic mathematical problems. So what, the maths online practice platforms serve as a medium to overcome this issue with maths resources available at a click.

The top three maths website:

  • Meritnation: Any school-related doubts and querries than you can simply check the website of meritnation. It is one of the leading websites in India that provides study materials for ICSE, CBSE, AIPMT, JEE, IITJEE, etc. Apart from taking lessons from class 6th-12th students can also make preparations for various engineering courses. Sample test papers, easy revision notes, NCERT solutions, Textbooks solutions for renowned authors like P.S Verma, R.D Sharma and others are some of the ways to guide the students in their homework and help clear the doubts.
  • BYJU’s: This app is designed to make learning a jovial experience for students. Engaging video lessons and adaptive learning features make the app quite friendly for the children of 6th-12th standards. Important chapters like geometry, mensuration, integers, algebra, ratio proportions, fractions, percentage, trigonometry, etc are all covered under the courses and curriculum of different Indian boards and state boards. Video lessons for CAT aspirants and special guidance and mentoring in IIT JEE makes this app reliable for higher studies as well.
  • Khan Academy: This non-profit organization is operating world-wide and giving free online access to download all the necessary maths resources. This website has some customized maths courses for Indian audiences too. Now both school and college students from India can practice maths easily as the simple layout of the website makes it swift to navigate in different pages. As a college math tutor online medium, there are also prep tutorials for candidates preparing for entrance exams like the ACT and SAT.

Some other websites to check:

  • myCBSEguide: Well, this website is specially intended for the students making preparation for their 10th level maths. Be it CBSE, GICSE, or any other state boards all the syllabus of maths can be found on this website. Math resources like PDF download, CBSE online test papers, MCQ test, NCERT solutions, worksheets, model questions, etc are offered to the students. Through the dashboard, students can evaluate their performance, and the website also provides the facility of ordering various maths books.
  • Ipracticemaths: Elementary level maths students can also improve their mathematical skills by checking this website that gives lesson plans and several worksheets as a maths resource for practising the subject.

Apart from these, there are other maths tutor websites in India meant for the students of 5th-12th standard where they can get roadmaps like innovative syllabus preparation ideas, learning maths at favourable pace, working on the basic concepts, learning through solved examples, etc. Some of the websites also provides education for entrance exams of higher studies like MBA, medical, and engineering. Now students can also check these websites like, trumath,, etc. Internet is a bundle for resources, you just need to find them.

Love for maths through Bollywood movies

Sometimes watching movies can do wonder, and this can be helpful for your child to develop a sense of reverence for the subject.

The movie ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ is about the Indian mathematics stalwart Srinivasan Ramanujan’s life and academic career and how he meets his friend cum mentor professor G.H.Hardy.

An award-winning Indian cinema ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ explores the relationship of mother and daughter duo who constantly throws challenges at each other for excelling in their academic career in context to the subject maths. The movie concludes with the daughter finally clearing the prestigious UPSC IAS examination.

And how can we forget this iconic movie ‘3 idiots’ which narrates the tale of three friends at an Indian engineering college? Apart from friendship, the film is based on the backdrop of the Indian education system and the societal pressures concerning it. The movie focuses on the prime character Rancho who has a clear concept in solving mathematical problems and how this helps him in becoming a scientist later.

Similarly, in recent times, a movie like ‘Mission Mangal’ deals with hurdles faced in launching MoM satellite and how our women scientists at ISRO finds a solution to make this big achievement. We see how complicated calculations like payloads are being carried out. Soon we are expecting another movie on maths with the biopic on the prodigy Shakuntala Devi also known as the computer lady of India.

Final take on why mathematics is crucial?

Take an interactive approach and see children learn to love maths ¦ source: Visualhunt – nooccar

As we already discussed the relevance of mathematics in daily life, it is equally important for an academic journey of a student whether 10th, 12th, or graduate-level courses. Poor knowledge in maths will not only hamper their chances in the subject but also in the related subjects as well. Finally, the negative impact will also be reflected in their career as well. All this improvement can be done with practice of numerical principles.

So be it any subject like psychology, geography, physics, chemistry, accounts, biology, or economics the subject is held in very high esteem. Our Indian Nobel laureates like C.V Raman, Amartya Sen, Har Gobind Khorana, Subrahmanyam Chandrashekar, Venkatram Ramakrishnan and the very recent Abhijeet Banerjee from fields of physics, economics, chemistry, and biology have all acknowledge the importance of the subject mathematics.

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