Maths is an essential discipline that is useful in comprehending the perspectives of an individual, family, business, country, and the world around us. Every profession, be it a doctor, retailer, accountant, lawyer, engineer, etc. requires some sort of mathematical knowledge and skills. Mathematics is simply a language of numbers and we need to break the code to comprehend it. It is not only a fundamental subject in the primary level of education but it is relevant to many other academic subjects as well. It is significant for the 10th examination, HSC, and B.Sc, B.Tech, and B.E degrees. If you are not exposed to the ideas of mathematics then it can limit your chances for further education and employability when it comes to career options.

Evaluation of mathematics at different levels by NCERT

  • The under plannings of an everyday life purchase decision, selecting insurance and loans, etc all require a fundamental knowledge in mathematics.
  • In work-life, mathematics plays an important role in various careers like health care to data analysis.
  • Changing the structure of society in regards to the latest facilities like transportation and communication are developed with the help of scientific and mathematical technologies.
  • The development of infrastructure like buildings, bridges, flyovers, railways, roads, stadiums, airports, etc relies on the civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering which derives it basics from mathematical calculations.
  • Economics is a vital subject in determining the budget, price, and cost and all these are calculated through applied mathematics.
  • Mathematics is important for ecology, agriculture, gene technology, DNA sequencing, etc. Medical devices like optoelectronics and sensor technology all have its engineering from mathematics.

Sharpen your basic skills with maths resources

If you are willing to carry forward your journey in mathematics then you need to have a good hold on toolbox or basic skills. This skill is fundamental in solving multi facet problems in mathematics like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, estimation, factorisation, graphing, etc. The notion behind the entire concept is pretty simple, that if a mechanic doesn’t have his toolbox then he wouldn’t be able to do any kinds of repairs. Start with the basic concepts but this doesn’t mean that learning the basic concept is the only thing. Students must be aware that where they need to concentrate their energies.

Whether practising for 10th level mathematics or graduation degrees like B.Sc Mathematics, B.Tech, B.E the approaches for solving problems and revision are different for different education programmes. It is better to refer to the specific syllabus and curriculum of a course though there an array of materials and resources available online.

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Take help from various maths resources available online

Mathematics is a subject that can not be neglected till 16 years of age when a student gives his first board examinations of 10 standards. Therefore, students shouldn’t take the subject lightly. While its is good that you taking your lesson from your school math teacher but it is equally important to come home and practise. Every student can take additional help from the online websites. They can give online test, solve worksheets, and learn new techniques to solve mathematical problems.

Mathematics is not about achieving a flair in numbers but you need to decode the issues from a logical perspective. Another major problem with mathematics is lack of practice. The problem need to solve multiple times so that the students can get familiar with the concept of mathematics. Download a revision planner and start your revising session with these valuable maths learning resources available online.

Take help from maths resources teacher

Standard 10th is an elementary step in education to proceed further in higher studies. There are students whose absorption power in mathematics are slow. For them it is wise to take help from the maths resource teachers and work on their weaker areas. Generally, most of the schools have options for resource teachers who take an extra classes and provides additional information in the concerned subject where the students are struggling with.

There are chances for such students to improve their understanding and clear the doubt that had existed before. The resource teachers must have patience and requires new techniques so that they can teach the students with more care and attention. You can find your teachers online as well on online teaching platforms.

Success through revision

An effective approach in learning can be followed to achieve success in your life. Now you must be thinking what an effective learning procedure. Well, effective learning is obtained through self-disciplinary measures taken during education. Revision is one of the important aspects of self disciplinary measure.

Whenever a student takes a lesson in a class, they should make a habit to come home and revise the lesson instantly. Even if students dislike mathematics a constant habit over a period of time will fix their acquired knowledge.

Utilize maths resources like previous year question papers

Well, this is an excellent resource that will help you to practise in an efficient manner. Previous year question paper shed light on how questions are crafted for board exams of 10th-grade students. Students will get an idea of the key topics and without wasting unnecessary times they will be able to make a solid preparation. There are also solved practise sheets provided at the end of the previous years guide from where students can take a reference of how to answer the question appropriately. You can always develop your numerical ability by practising online question papers.

Maths resources primary for 10th standard examinations

Recently the focus has shifted from books and teachers to maths resources online medium that are providing an excellent platform to the students to understand maths in a fun and a much simpler way.

One of the best Indian websites that make learning a fun experience is BYJUs. They offer a learning platform with various resource options in different subjects. There are study materials for mathematics for children of class 6th-12th.  Based on the curriculum and syllabus of different boards it overs important ideas of Maths like decimals, geometry, integers, ratio proportion, algebra, trigonometry, etc. The ideas will get imprinted in the young minds with the help of different illustrations and animations. BYJUs provide an array of math resources along with conceptual math learning videos. These are some of the resources that a student can get unlimited access are revision notes, video lessons, math worksheets, syllabus and exam blueprints, important questions for board examinations, CBSE sample papers and question papers, NCERT, RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal Solutions, and lessons in PDF format.

Another website that a 10th standard student can check and get information is the myCBSEguide.

MyCBSEguide is specially designed for the Indian students who are about to give their 10th examination. It has also covered the syllabus and curriculum of various state boards apart from well-known boards of India like CBSE and GICSE.

It covers various topics like surface areas and volumes, coordinate geometry, algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic progression, statistics and probability and many others. Students can get hands on resources like online test papers, PDF downloads, practice papers, model question papers, NCERT solutions, MCQ test and question and answers, etc. Students can also order books from this website and check the dashboards to evaluate their performances.

Meritnation is an educational website that offers a comprehensive study package for all the Indian boards from class 1st- class 12th. Class 10th examination is extremely crucial stage for the academic journey of a student. The vast syllabus, pressure and the forthcoming 10th examination augments the anxiety level of the student. The guidance and notes provided to students gives them a different perspective to explore the questions and get the answers.It  engages students in a live classes, online test, assignments, etc that makes them more competitive in the educational scenario.

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Take help of best maths resources for college students 

After the elementary levels of schooling are over the immediate stage for a student is to get a  graduation degree. If a student has decided to make a career in engineering and finance related job then they are destined to study mathematics in some or the other way. As the next level is going to be tough, the online resources are also hard to find. However there are websites that exist and provide the required study materials to the students.

Khan Academy is the website where not only school students but college students can get information regarding every little detail of the mathematics. It is a non-profit organization and the best thing about this website is college students can get access to wide range of maths resources for free. They also have a website by the same name where students can check problems related to a particular topic. Khan Academy is a Canadian company but language isn’t a barrier as it has specially designed language schemes for the students and teachers of different countries.

Here are some of the tips for a math learner

Maths is a subject which follows logic but at the same time it can become gruelling if you can’t solve the problems properly. Students are thus advised to take a break of a few minutes to relax their minds. It is better to split the revision session for different topics to avoid any further confusion. Always try to find new ways to learn and practice maths.

This can be done with the help of a timetable where students can allocate time for different topics and subjects. However, revisions need to be done everyday as a long gap can be harmful and the students also tend to forget things if they don't revise on a regular basis.

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