The history of Indians mathematics goes back to 1200 BC. The Indian mathematicians were the contributors of zero as a number in mathematics. Similarly, they also introduced the use of decimals in mathematics. Other concepts of arithmetic and algebra also have its roots from India.

Besides this, trigonometry was further enhanced in India with the addition of sine and cosine factor. The endowment of India in mathematics cannot be neglected.

Mathematics is being taught in India from primary schools to higher studies. However, with the changing trends, people are inadvertently shifting from traditional paths of learning to the use of technology. Hence, with the availability of so many resources, it has become much easier to learn math online.

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Learn maths online to get help with your curriculum

Mathematics is a subject we wish to avoid at some or the other point of time since we cannot grasp the fundamental techniques and approaches to solve the problems. Though we don’t like that subject, we cannot neglect its importance in different fields like science, commerce, finance, etc.

Mathematics is a vital part of our daily life and it is one of the core subjects in 10th standard examination. Mathematics is included in the 10th exams of different boards of India like CBSE, GICSE, NCERT, and other state-level boards like WBBSE, UPMSP, BSEB, TNTBESC, SSLC, etc.

Students can now make preparations online for their 10th examinations by following various online sites or by taking online tuitions. BYJUs is most popular site where students can learn maths in a fun way through gamification and illustration. India study channel, Dimdima, Meritnation, etc are some other websites that provide useful resources and study materials for primary level students so that they can make enhanced preparations for their 10th examinations.  Similarly, students can check different youtube channels where they can learn and prepare for their board examinations.

Learn Vedic maths online easily

An important aspect of Indian mathematics has been the vedic style of solving the problems. Vedic mathematics was found by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji during his elaborate research on the Vedas. As a reader and a scholar, he went deep into the state of meditation only to discover that there are 16 sutras hidden under the verses of Atharva Veda.

To make maths simpler and interesting he found that Vedic mathematics consists of 16 sutras or formulae and 13 sub sutras or sub formulae that can be effectively used to solve difficult mathematical problems.

One can solve numerical problems and calculations in a fraction of seconds using these formulas. It makes calculations at least 10-15 times faster than the usual technique.

To help the aspirants getting a better grasp over the subject, many institutes offer options to learn vedic maths online. These courses offer introductions to different chapters with derivations and formulas, that will aid in understanding the core concepts along with solving the problems much faster and in a correct manner. In some cases, students are provided with DVD sets, books and a virtual teacher to assist with the studies. You can always find resources online, and practice.

Several worksheets and online maths test are also supplied to get the reference. These ancient yet valuable techniques of vedic maths help the students to prepare and attempt for various examinations like IBPS, IAS, IPS, IIT-JEE, MBA (CAT/MAT), SAT, GRE, etc. The focus is to convert the areas of weakness into a strength.

Moreover, you can learn vedic maths online free on YouTube. There are certain websites which host their channels on the popular video streaming platform. One can check these channels to get free courses on Vedic maths. You can subscribe to these channels to get notifications whenever new tutorials are posted and also your doubts and queries via the comments section.

Resources required to learn maths online

A device with a camera and a microphone

It’s worth investing in good equipment to ensure that you make the best use of your time ¦ source: Visualhunt – dgbury

Learning mathematics can now be simpler if you have a device with a camera. This device can be a personal computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, or can be your smartphone. While all the other instruments have integrated camera feature, if you have the old PC system, then you need to invest on purchasing a webcam as well. Besides, it is equally important to invest in a good microphone too.

All this is for the communication purpose with the maths tutor. Sometimes, it isn't easy to get an efficient teacher in your neighbouring areas, in such cases, one can take online classes, and if there are any queries, then they can simply communicate with the teacher through a video calling or conference. Make sure whichever device you select should be good in quality so that you can easily understand difficult topics like trigonometry, algebra, geometry, Pythagoras theorem, etc.

Get help from the software and apps

There are several video calling software and apps available for online users. Some popular apps are Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, etc. These apps can be easily downloaded in any devices like PC, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. Only for PC, you will need a webcam and speaker to communicate with your online maths tutor.

Skype is an online communication programme that allows people to connect via an audio-visual medium. To access the Skype user will require an email address and needs to create a password. Now turn on your webcam and speakers to communicate and display your work with the tutor. Wherever you and your tutor remain in the world with Skype, both of you can establish communication and learn math online. The drag and drop facility in skype allows a user to share his mathematics worksheets with tutors through scanned documents. Another added attribute of this software is the screen share option where the user gets a chance to share his screen work with another person.

Google Duo is a free app offered by google after several companies launched their video calling app. Duo allows people to connect via a 1 on 1 basis video and voice call. It's pretty simple interface makes the app easy to use. Google Duo can be installed on a computer also. Compared to skype a google duo consumes fewer data, and the call quality is average. If you are thinking to establish a connection over the phone with your tutor than google duo is a convenient option.

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Use IM software to communicate more efficiently with your tutor ¦ source: Visualhunt – arivera

Another app that is quite popular among the youngsters in India is Whatsapp. It is also supported by Window PC and iOS. Whatsapp not only provides a platform for online chatting, but there are other attributes factors that make it handy to use. Now students can share and receive pictures, screenshots, files, etc; from their tutors. They can also connect to the users using the Whatsapp call and video call features. Mobiles companies in India are providing good bandwidth to phone users, and even this facility can be utilized in computers and laptops through mobile hotspots. However, if still, the data falls short, then try using wifi connectivity.

Learn maths online on these websites

Are you keen to learn mathematics but you haven't been able to comprehend it properly? Now you can learn maths quite conveniently by taking help from online websites which offer you a platform to understand the minute intricacies of mathematics and help to solve the problems faster. There are some popular websites where you can access and learn the basic concepts of junior classes to strenuous problems like calculus of university level. Methods like gamification have made it quite convenient for young children to learn maths. For adults, these websites provide additional information on the concept and origin of various theories and formulas. Some of these popular websites where students can refer are: It is one of the primary education companies in India that was established in the year 1994 by Educomp Solutions Pvt Ltd. Students in India can get a pre-made lesson from standard 6th-12th on It has an innovative syllabus preparation in online orientation for students and also provides resources for homework. Improvement in students are achieved through understanding basic concepts, practising all the exercises of given topics, learning through solved examples etc.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It has been established with the purpose of delivering a free and world-class mathematical education to each and every one. The website is designed with a simple layout so that students can navigate the various sections without any hassle. It covers several topics for students from 3rd till 12th standard. The site also offers additional content on related subjects. One can also download prep tutorials like SAT and ACT. Khan Academy videos are also available online.

Learn Maths online
Equations can be made easy, learn by having fun | Source: Unsplash It is another useful website that primary level students from class 1-class 9 students can follow for improving their skills in mathematics. There are numerous worksheets and lesson plans being provided for the students as a resource for math. The learning material and carefully designed questions are there so that the students can give outstanding performances and get a platform to learn for the future.

Trumath: The website has been established by Sachin Gulati for high school students starting from 8th grade to 12th grade. He had even organized curriculums for students willing to crack the entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, JEE, NEET, CAT, MAT, etc; for their higher studies in colleges. The platforms gives an opportunity to the students to learn math at their own pace and builds a habit of deriving happiness by solving critical math problems.

Disadvantages of learning maths online

Though online medium of learning mathematics can be helpful for students but nothing can beat the benefits of communication between a private tutor and a student. The face to face interaction let the student to his clear his doubts and queries with the teacher instantly. The website or the channel might confuse the students as there are plenty of approaches offered there. However, a private tutor provides a personalised strategy that is designed to suit the mental capacity of a student and as they follow the guidance of their teacher they can make their way through it.

Private tutors can detect the areas of strength and weakness in a students and accordingly frame a program to clear their mental blocks and hurdles to make sure that they have the best opportunity of positive outcomes.

The major benefits of taking tuitions establishes a face to face communication between the tutee and tutor. Students get a chance of getting full and sole attention of their teacher. Being a sole student you can confidently clear your queries and doubts without any hesitance. This ultimately boost the moral of the student and enhance their self esteem.

With the advent of computer and technology, many people are getting access to different learning source and are able to gather many other information. Learning maths require extra drills, practice and problem solving and with the help of an online medium, students are able to learn a variety of things. Online medium also gives you a scope to connect with your tutor if you don't find a proficient teacher in your locality. The remarkable technology is helpful for your child's development and improving his grades.

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