Mathematics and India - these two names are connected with each other since the early civilizations. According to historians, in the classical period of Indian mathematics, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara II, and Varāhamihira were some of the scholars who made important contributions towards improving the mathematical ability of Indians. In the ancient world, the early civilizations, when people only knew the meaning of survival is taking food and hunting for that food, these scholars made them able to calculate how much food they need to arrange in a day by making decimal numbers in use. Not only this, but these inventors also helped them to find their location in a deep jungle by inventing a general overview of trigonometry.

The invention from decimal numbers, trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra, many new chapters are carrying out and at the same pace, the invention in another domain is also enhancing day by day, that is - technology. Technology is also helping to search for a new and quick way to discover something. This article will help you to find several ways of learning maths online and how to cope with different and complicated maths problem easily, even sitting at home. Here you will also find out a number of online maths lessons that will help you decide which one to choose and excel in.

People often struggle to choose a suitable course for them. Besides, the high-paying offline maths tuition classes are also problematic to consider. Well, here, at Superprof, the website has a course finder that helps people to select a suitable course for them. Formulas, square roots, calculus, integration, derivatives, statistics -  from the basic to these all, the website also offers a range of opportunities for learning maths online in India.

In terms of online maths tuition, you can think that there is no face-to-face contact while choosing a course for you. No, there is no need to think like this. Here you will find out a type of course that runs on both - offline and online modes. Always put an effort to find new ways to learn a subject.

For example, Independent study. Nowadays, it’s absolutely fine to enter exams as private students. If you’re an adult and you cannot attend a regular class in a college, it is up to you to find private tuition all by yourself. But, first and foremost, all you need to do is to enrol yourself in a college who is permitted to conduct exams for private students.

All you need to search for the right maths tutor online who will give you proper guidance in acquiring the right methods to solve the problems by adapting your own learning style. You will not need to go and search for this, thus, no hard work is needed. The internet is full of resources and sitting on your chair, you can find your teacher in a quick way.

Consider Superprof as an option of learning maths online

Superprof India is a large network of student and teacher, where you can find a number of a maths tutor in any language across India. In the case of maths, it is one of the most taught subjects on Superprof India and the website assures that all the tutors are verified before they join to teach on this platform. If you’re looking for learning maths online free, Superprof is a go-to option for you. For all level of study, for every chapter, you can find everything under the umbrella.

It’s worth mentioning that at Superprof, online math tutors from India offer their service in two ways. You can choose your tutor as per your requirement, your area, their backgrounds and their rating. They offer service in person or through webcam. In the case of the webcam method, if you or your tutor are away, you can still complete your online maths lesson via webcam.

Find your online maths tutor here.

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Why we need a private math tutor?

In a school or college, there are many students in a class. At the same time, a teacher is also limited by the syllabus and she/he doesn’t have much time to cooperate with every student with their every problem. In order to complete the whole syllabus in a limited time, a teacher cannot give any extra time to a particular student who might have a problem in understanding a particular problem.

Private tuition helps a student in a personalized manner by giving her/him one-to-one attention. Besides, private math tutors also have the ability to identify the topic in which the student is facing difficulty.

How to choose a perfect math tutor online India

Mathematics has often become a source of fear, tension and even nightmares to many students in India. Students can learn a subject easily if they can relate that to real life. But in the case of mathematics, the subject is considered as a conceptual subject. Also, if a student cannot make a proper foundation or base, struggle definitely comes as a barrier in the way of learning. Also, unlike many subjects, in maths, you can only have two options to choose from. The answer to a problem can only be either right or wrong. So, there is no room for error for this subject. Another vital reason is that mathematics consists of numerous formulas which we need to memorize to tackle every problem. So, it can be a tough part for a student cannot remember a lot of things at a time.

To overcome all of these above-mentioned problems, all you need is a perfect math tutor, who can not only help you out of these but also make you able to rectify the problems.

Points to keep in mind while searching a math tutor

  • Qualification: In a searching process of a tutor as per your requirement, qualification matters most. For instance, if you’re searching online math lessons for IIT, you should find out a tutor who cracked IIT or teach for this course. Similarly, if someone needs a tutor for his 5th-grade child, a 12th pass candidate can serve the job.
  • Degree: Next to qualification, a degree is also important if you want to get someone who will help you become an expert in mathematics.
  • Tutoring experience: An experienced teacher can give you the most valuable lessons because they have a great number of experience of handling many students and know several learning styles which help them to discover quickly who needs what.
  • Flexibility: Before registering for a particular math tutor you can check that if the tutor is flexible or not. It means if they are available on a daily basis, weekly basis, weekend basis or monthly basis. You can select someone according to your needs.
  • Attitude: Online tuition has pros and cons both. After checking all the above-mentioned points, you should check the attitude of the tutor also. It can seem like a challenge for some students. You can check on this by asking some questions like can you assure that my math scores will improve or are you available over email or chat, etc.

Options for learning maths online free for adults

YouTube: The ‘mother’ resource of all the resources, YouTube has a pool of methods in video format to solve any problem. All you need is to write the problem in the search bar and a plethora of videos will come out. You can search - how to solve a derivative problem, what is integration in maths, what is surds and many more questions like these. YouTube itself is an online math tutor, which is absolutely free. You can search to find all your needed resources online.

Slatemates: Slatemates is Delhi-based learning maths online platform where you can find some of the finest maths tutors. The platform provides an interactive session of each chapter of the course and you can also replay the classes if you forget anything. The most important feature of this platform is students and teachers can see and listen to each other through live video and audio, respectively.

Hence, these are some outstanding factors to know about online maths tuition. You can expect to get the necessary guidance whenever you want. Internet is an open source for learning new subjects and one must utilise it completely.

Online maths classes are very flexible as they can be very helpful to provide you with the classes during flexible timings. Moreover, you can expect the class providers to show you the procedure to solve various problems.

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