According to a report, internet users in India are about to register double-digit growth and it is being estimated that the number of internet users will reach 627 million by the end of this year. Of the total user base, 83 per cent or 493 million Indians, are defined as regular users, having accessed internet in the last 30 days. Nearly 293 million active internet users reside in urban India, while there are 200 million active users in rural India, as suggested by the report. Around 86% of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 use the internet on a daily basis.

This statistic is hardly surprising as we become more and more dependent on technology. The internet has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionised to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In almost everything, we do use the internet.

Be it ordering a pizza, updating ourselves on national and international news, sharing a moment with a friend, buying a television or sending a picture over instant messaging, the internet has set its foot everywhere.

And, of course, we should not ignore the better reasons for which this tool is used.

According to some old reports, students belonging to the age group of 15 - 29 have been using the internet for the sole purpose of learning and increasing their knowledge.

There were times when the internet was only used for recreational purposes. But that era has more or less come to an end. People are now, however, using the internet for more useful purposes.

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Now, this change in the use of the world wide web has inspired the developers and service providers to create an online environment for students, as they see people searching for answers to their maths question and use them to widen their knowledge.

The Internet: a tool with infinite uses ¦ source: Pixabay – twinquinn84

In addition to the recent addition of the internet as a tool, the students of schools, colleges and universities also need to find out how they can use the internet as an effective means to learn maths online through interactive games and tutorials.

Students can find free online maths tutorials, which contain detailed help related to students studying in different standards in school. For example, there are resources all through the internet that help students in India learn maths online through various interactive ways. They have self - paced lessons from standards one to four and personalised learning courses from standards five to twelve. These resources are ideal for self-learning, test preparations and revising concepts after school.

There are many resources that provide with online maths tutor in India that can assist with a wide range of topics on arithmetic, 2D and 3D shapes, trigonometry, Pythagorean theorem, algebra, geometry, area and volume, graphing, probability and statistics, turning fractions into a decimal, and polynomial functions, for example. There are always new ways to learn maths online.

The internet can be particularly useful for maths lessons in either delivering them or providing access to revision materials.

Online maths tutoring jobs are gaining relevance as the online tutors can make a living on the internet by advising the students by showing them strategies on how to prepare for their examinations and giving them tips on how to not fall into traps placed in maths test papers.

Testing your maths resources

Finding maths worksheets and online maths tutorials

The internet is full of websites where learning maths online is possible. These websites are completely dedicated to providing students with revision and learning material in the form of maths worksheets and solutions.

If you are looking for step by step tutorials on certain topics, have a look at Khan Academy. It has useful resources for learners from all parts of India, including learner’s guides with various worksheets and solutions designed for students falling in all age groups and for students studying in all standards.  They also provide a personalised learning experience that helps the students practise at their own pace.

These digital curriculum courses provide interesting real-life contexts that explain every concept as per the need of the student and many of them are fully aligned to some of the important boards of India like CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE. To prepare for their syllabus and to learn maths online all that the students need to do is enrol themselves to the courses that suit their level of understanding.

There are online resources available on the internet for students falling in all age groups. From elementary maths such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division to mensuration, advanced maths concept on algebra and trigonometry, there is a wide range of topics.

There are also many online resources available in the form of PDF for students who are preparing for their board exams or any competitive exams. There are PDF files that not only contain problems and solutions but also previous year’s question papers, both solved and unsolved.

Importance of answer sheets along with the question papers

When a student practises his sums from a worksheet he has found online, he will also need answer sheets from trusted resources to see if he has solved the sums correctly. This will not only help the students in understanding their progress but will also increase their interest in solving the sums. 

But the students who learn maths online also need to check if these answers are provided by genuine resources. A useful answer sheet will not just have the correct final answer but they will also show the working as asked from the maths students in schools and colleges.

When a student starts practising maths online, he may start by the same kind of questions over and over again in the beginning, but later on, he should try to find questions which are presented differently than those which he had been practising. Or he can find a miscellaneous worksheet that covers many kinds of mathematical topics. By practising from diversified exercises, the students can increase their proficiency and level of competency.

The internet offers a vast amount of resources that can take away the monotony that a student finds from the limited resources of classrooms and textbooks. These resources placed in an interesting way will also help the students with driving away from the fear of maths, which is quite common in children.

The need for online maths tutorials

Nowadays when people are becoming more dependent on the internet, there is a common trend among students to follow maths courses or take online maths classes. And various studies also show that the number of students taking online courses and classes has increased in the past few years.

As suggested by the report, there are many reasons why people choose to follow these online maths resources. One of them being that, schools and colleges quite often fail to provide the required support to the student, which gradually leads to an inclination among students to search for online maths tutorials as they are readily available.

Some students are not able to follow the fast-paced nature of classroom teaching and enrol in online programs.

Seeing such responses from the students, there are several websites that hire online maths tutors. These tutors help with online maths resources. They also help students with their homework and offer alternate teaching methods as well as different explanations to those of school maths teachers. The students learn maths online as they find it interesting when they see that the online tutors are providing them with suitable support.

The students who follow online math tutorials may survive without private maths tutors where they can find a website that suits their way of learning and use it for their preparation.

Also, it is very important that we be sure of the websites or the resources that we are using. And completely following a website or a programme may lead to missing something important which may come in the examinations.

Take your learning to a new level

Thanks to various programmes by the government that has helped the internet to reach all the corners of the country. Though in the metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, the use of the internet has always been high, but, these days there has also been a high rise in internet users among the people residing in rural areas.

Address your maths problems with the help of the internet ¦ source: Pixabay – janeb13

Students nowadays have free access to many resources. This includes small children who wish to practice maths through online maths games and students preparing for board examinations who are looking for solutions to previous years' question papers.

In the hands of every teenager, there are smartphones and tablets that they can use for practising maths. There are many free applications designed for mobiles that can help students prepare for their examinations.

The students who are truly focused on their preparation, get the extra bit of maths practice without the boredom and lead to greater fluency in maths and reasoning as the students can practice everything from the base level to higher-level mathematics.

Although the students need to be cautious that the websites they are following completely follow the syllabus of the board that the student studies in. Thankfully, many online resources cater to specific exam boards in INDIA like ICSE, CBSE etc.

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