You may not consider them, but other than books, courses, and tutors, there are many other productive ways to learn and improve your English. The various media channels that we interact with on a daily basis are the sole sources that can help you improve your English speaking skills.

Some might be thinking, how can media sources help in English, right? Well, to be honest, there is no better way to brush up or generate language skills other than listening or seeing someone doing it. By viewing English media and listening to various English pop culture songs, one can learn a lot. The learning will not just be limited to the pronunciation of the words and phrases but will also in the accent with media elements.

Here in this article, we will have a sneak peek into the various media elements that can help you learn English way better than other sources. Moreover, we will also consider various advantages of harnessing these media sources.


What are the various media sources to learn English speaking?

The path to learning the English language can be a lot of fun when you leverage the media channels. Here are some of the best media sources that can help you learn English and grow:


If we talk about the best source of fun plus knowledge of English, they are the movies. Seriously, there are over millions of Hollywood movies that you can watch and get your speaking skills on the line. The various genres of the movies will not only improve your vocabulary, but it will also help in enhancing your overall personality.

Theater screen with seats, Source: Freepik

One crucial benefit of learning English from movies is that you get to know about the delivery of what you are saying. It may not always be the right time for you to say something. Some of the words or phrases may not fit the situation, but by watching movies, you can learn to use them at the right time. Moreover, movies can also help you work on your body language while talking to people.


Life is nothing without music. Whoever said that was absolutely right. We all have a favorite tracklist that we tend to listen to again and again for our entertainment. Mostly, it is the music that tunes our minds into happiness. But, some of us concentrate more on the lyrics, and believe me, if you do, you will get to know a lot about the English language.

The key thing that listening to music can make you learn is the formation of words that will aid you to put an impact on the listener. Along with word formation, your phrasing of words also improves by listening to music. Just like the music impresses you, your English speaking will definitely impress the people and will intrigue them to listen to what you say.


The use of podcasts is just the same as the music, but the general difference is that podcasts are based on a single topic. If you want to try and learn English of a certain type or level, for example, for business, for job, or work, etc. you can follow a number of podcasts online.

There are many of the premium quality podcasts that can help you improve your niche based English. You might be wondering how English can be different for niches? The English level varies based on the niche as the business English has more business-related vocabulary, slangs, and jargon. The school level or education niche has different words. In short, the type and use of the English vocabulary can vary based on the niche.

And to build an awesome impression on the target person of you, you can follow various podcasts and learn about the various aspects of the language, mostly, the words and their usage.


We all have read stories as children, right! And maybe some of us also do it right now. The one thing that will never go in vain for you is reading. Every time you read something, it nurtures your mind with knowledge, and it also acts as a stress buster for it. Now, reading is one thing but what you are reading is another.

Literature books
Books along with glasses, Source: Freepik

There are many novels and stories in the English language that can make a permanent impression on your mind. The sole characteristic of these stories is that they keep the person hinged to them by maintaining interest and suspense. Yeah, it may take you some time to do that, but if you can bring up that skill in your English speaking, it can be highly beneficial for you.


How to learn English speaking | Career opportunities

English speaking is not rocket science. With the right resources in hand and a systematic approach, you can easily nail it just like the native speakers when you have a good grasp on the English language, a pool of opportunities open in front of you. Let us take a look at them:

Film Industry

One fruitful career line after learning to speak English is the film industry. With excellent communication skills, you can easily bag a job as an actor or a scriptwriter in the film industry; however, the competition will be high. To make it work perfectly for you, you need to maintain a consistent practice and perfect control over elements like grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.

Content Writer and strategist

Reading, speaking, and listening may be easy, but when it comes to writing, there is no one factor that matters. All of them do as you are writing to intrigue the user’s interest in the content. Now, it may seem like a big job, but if you have a smooth grip on the usage of the language, you can easily make your writing stimulating for the user. And all of this can be easily attained by following the media channels, taking professional English courses, or getting a private tutor. Here are some easy ways to learn English!

Professional tutor

This may be a bit awkward for you to read here, but if you have brilliant English skills, you can be a professional tutor. And the scope in this profession is really wide. As you can see that everything has gone online due to this COVID  pandemic, most of the studying has also shifted to online platforms. Many of them are headquartered in India like BYJU’s, EduKart, Vedantu, and many more.

Tutor teaching the student, Source: Freepik

You can easily register on these platforms as a teacher and teach people around the country. These are the opportunities for which you should learn English


How to learn English? | Where to start

If you have made up your mind to learn English, it is essential to harness all the resources if you want to get maximum benefit. So, where to begin?

There are many ways that you can harness to learn to speak English and improve it further. You can either do it offline or online. All that matters is the course you choose and the tutor. There are many courses that you can opt for to learn English.

Opting a course will not be enough; you will surely need a professional native English tutor for teaching you all the new and old concepts of the language. And to get a good tutor, you need to do a comprehensive search online.

There are many platforms online that can help you find the best teacher like Superprof, Vedantu, BYJU’s, etc.

How to learn English speaking with Superprof?

Superprof is a web-based learning platform where you can find new tutors for any subject you want, not just English. If you are planning to excel in English for acting purposes, you will get tutors for that also.

There are many features that make Superprof an awesome platform for learning:

No charge Registration: This is the best thing about the Superprof platform. No matter if someone is a tutor or a tutee, they can seamlessly register on the Superprof platform free of charge. Although if you are opting for a tutor, you all have to pay them based on the number of hours or lessons per week.

A lot of teachers: Superprof is a wide platform; it offers the students a plethora of options for tutors. The platform will help you find tutors for the English course and various other subjects. Moreover, you can also find tutors for specific subject requirements, including literature, grammar, and others.

Get your first class free: Superprof understands that one needs to be fit with the tutor before taking up the full-time course. So, to help the students get an idea about the teaching style and verify their requirements, all the teachers on the platform provide their first lecture free of cost. This will help you to choose the best one.

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