English is a great language that has multiple benefits. But when it comes to learning the language, it can become a bit boring as well as frustrating if you are not making any significant progress in it. If you are a parent and want your child to be fluent in English, it is essential to make the learning process playful and interesting because, without it, the learning process will be extremely slow and maybe not worth the time spent.

So, the next question that must have popped into your mind is, how can we make the English language learning process interesting and playful for the kids or ourselves. Well, there are many ways in which you can do that.

In the coming sections, we will describe some of the best methods that you can employ to never get bored in the learning process of the English language. Moreover, we will also consider some of the games that you can play that will help in building a strong foundation of English.


Ways to make English speaking practice fun

To make your English learning experience fun, whether it is reading, writing, listening, or speaking, it is better to make it enjoyable, especially if you are learning with kids. Now, here are some best ways through which you can make your English learning experience full of joy.

Finding a fun conversation partner is the best way to learn English

It is said that if you wanna learn something, do it in the best and unique way. The same is the case with English; if you want to learn the language, try to find a person who knows how to speak it and can also help you in improving your conversation.

The very first thing that will be a fun experience is to find a person. And it is not that tough to find. All you need to have is people skills and the ability to open the conversation. The more you will speak to the person on a daily basis, the more will be your progress in the language.

You will notice a sudden boost in your English speaking skills in a short span of time.

Write to your pen friends

In the current era of digital mail and autocorrect features, people have forgotten traditional communication methods. The emails and smartphones have made people so lazy that they don’t even bother to remember a phone number. The whole point here is that you need to get out of this online world and take some time to read and write as per traditional ways.

For example, writing a letter to your penfriend will help you foster various benefits, i.e., you will get to improve your writing. With this, you will get a better grasp of the words and phrases of English. You will also get to see mistakes in the elements of the English language like grammar. Physically writing a letter to your pen friend will also enhance your vocabulary skills.

In short, all that you need to do here is to find the person whom you want to be your penfriend. There are many websites online that can help you find people like these. Writing to a pen friend is a brilliant way to boost your English skills. Here is the necessity to learn English for you!

Take a tour with an English guide

This is another fun way to excel in the English language, especially if you are new to it and love traveling. Though it may cause you a bit of inconvenience if you are new to learning English, it will also be equally exciting as everything will be kind of new for you.

Travel guide
Travel guide reading the map, Source: freepik

The benefit of taking a tour with an English guide will be that you will get to know a lot about the pronunciation part. Moreover, there will be many other tourists from western countries who speak native English; they will be an excellent source of learning new things for you.

Your favorite will make you the best

What are you fond of, Science fiction, drama, horror, or anything else? Well, whatever you are fond of, it will be better if you watch it on a daily basis to boost your language skills. You see, the core purpose of this method is that you will never be bored as it is your favorite thing, and most of all, you will get to learn English easily. As you would be able to relate everything to the thing you love, it is highly unlikely that you forget it.

This method is not limited to the media, but you can also do the thing that you love like to read novels or comic books. The sole goal here is to start a routine that is free of stress and full of joy.

Plan a movie marathon

You might have heard this term movie marathon in various TV sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and more. It actually means watching a series of movies consecutively. Most of the time, these movies are sequels of one another. The key point to study here is that a movie marathon with your friends can help you learn better. How?

Clapperboard with black background, Source: Freepik

You will actually know how things are in real life while speaking and pronunciation. You will also get to know about aspects like the use of words in sentences. Some of the best movies for English language study are Sherlock Holmes, The Social Network, Hangover, and many others. Know about other media channels to learn English!

How to learn English via a game

Games can never be boring; we all know that. And to make your English learning experience easy and entertaining, it will be good if you link it to a game. Now, in order to boost your vocabulary, you can play various games like scrabble, crossword, articulate, and Pictionary. These games are extremely helpful in boosting your vocabulary.

If you play these games with your kids, they will surely learn how to spell words the correct way.

Join an English language book club

If you want to be one of the professional English speakers, it is best if you join a local English language book club. The advantage of this will be that you will get a lot of valuable resources to learn and improve your English. You can take the membership of the club and take as many books you want to read. This will not just be fun but will also develop a habit of reading actual books, although everyone is busy on their smartphones these days.

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How to learn English and How to begin?

Well, as there are many methods listed above to learn English, you can opt for any one of them to make your experience fruitful as well as joyful. But, apart from doing everything on your end, it would be best if you could also join an English speaking course.

Build a better future with English learning.

A course will have a systematic approach to brush up the grammar, reading, listening, and writing skills. Moreover, it will help in binding some of your time permanently for English. If on any day, you forget to go to the book club, you will still have your course class to learn the language.

Now, if you take up a course, prefer to take it from a world level school or university. If not, go for a professional tutor that can give you quality English speaking tips and lessons at an affordable price. One of the best mediums to find a good tutor in India is through the Superprof online platform. It has some pretty great features and facilities that you may not find anywhere else like:

Wide range of choices: The good thing about the Superprof platform is the availability of teachers on it. You need to understand that if you cannot find a tutor in one go, it is alright. There are many choices; otherwise, you can get a new one not only for teaching you online but also for your home lessons.

Free registration and first class: Another great benefit of learning English from the Superprof platform is that you get your first lecture free of cost. Almost every tutor on the Superprof website provides their first lesson free of cost. Moreover, the registration of the Superprof platform is also free.

The authenticity of the tutors: When you start learning from the Superprof platform, it is essential to check the authenticity of the tutor. The Superprof platform provides you the ability to check the educational qualifications and experience of the tutor in their bio.

All these excellent factors make Superprof one of the top platforms for learning English. Moreover, you may also get affordable teaching rates based on a daily basis or an hourly basis. Other than that, you can take your free demo class to know about the tutoring style of the tutor. If not found suitable, you can change it.

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