India is a land of many languages. If we calculate numerically, there are a total of 22 languages spoken in India. Apart from these, many people, especially students, work on learning other foreign languages like Spanish, French, English (ESL), etc. The sole purpose of learning these languages is to extend the exposure to other cultures along with a plethora of other benefits.

If we bring our attention to speaking English, there are over 1.5 billion English speakers in the world. This is a really big number and is almost over 21% of the total population of the world. Now, it is clear that if 21% of the world speaks a language, then there is a high probability of extra benefits. Hence, English can be a great language for you to learn.

Here is this article, we will take a closer look at some of the cool benefits of learning English (ESL). Moreover, we will also focus on ways to improve your English language skills, whether it is speaking, reading, or writing. Let’s begin!


Why learn ESL? | How to improve English speaking fluency?

The most crucial part of learning English is able to converse in English with someone. Most of the learners don’t focus much on this part, but it is essential. After all, no one will ask you to write an essay to know if you know English. Most of your English language skills are clearly visible from your communication. So, the question here is, how to improve your fluency in English?

Music can help you learn English as a Second Language

In India, people are more fond of country music than foreign music, which is completely natural. But, if you are one of those who is thinking of learning English as a second language and brush up on his English speaking skills, music is one of your best options. There are many foreign artists that write and sing quality English songs. They use a lot of English words that one has never even heard of. Hence, your vocabulary gets boosted by this. Moreover, the way the singers pronounce the words in their songs helps you understand their accent. Thus, the music of foreign countries can help you a lot in improving your fluency in the English language.

English Web Series

Another great way to make a good grasp of English speaking, writing, and reading is to watch English web series. The core purpose of this method is to get to know about the person's facial expressions while speaking the language. This will help you build yourself in the same way and improve your overall image while communicating with people within the nation and on the international level. Know about the fun way to learn English!

Hold a conversation with people in English

Education has no benefit if you don’t use it. Hence, there will be no benefit to you if you will just watch and listen to English. You need to communicate with people in English on a daily basis to be fluent in it. With this, you get to learn about your mistakes and also about the use of words. Speaking more English with people in your circle will also build a good image of you.

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Read read read!

To be fluent in English, it is also important to read, I mean a lot. The key benefit of reading is that you get to know about the sentence structure, phrasing, and, most importantly, the vocabulary. With the right words coming from your mouth, you will create a great impact on the listener. Further, reading skills will also help you tune your voice as per the flow of the language. With this, you can make yourself understood in a much better way.

Get in touch with an ESL teacher

Now, along with all these methods, it also becomes mandatory to get in touch with a professional teacher who can guide you the right and easy way, especially if you are new and starting to learn English as a second language from scratch. You might not have any idea about where and how to start, and a teacher can help you with that. Moreover, it is crucial to make sure that the teacher is professional enough to teach you.

There are many teachers out there that provide ESL learning on various levels, the factor that you need to consider is which one is better and which level of the language you wanna learn. Moreover, the experience of the teacher is also an essential element to consider.


Why learn English as a second language?

There are a plethora of reasons to excel in English for both students and teachers of India, and almost any other person who wants to learn it. Here are some of those reasons:

Social circle

We live in an era of social networks, and there is no better benefit of English than to extend your social circle. With the use of English in your daily life, you can extend your social circle way faster. Moreover, when you go on to take a language course, you will get to know many new people. This will also improve your social circle. So, long story short, by learning English as a second language, you can make a lot of new friends both online and offline.

International opportunities

One clear benefit of learning English that you will have is international business and education opportunities. With the right language skills in hand, you can easily apply for a job outside India and can even start your business in a foreign country. The various job opportunities that you can apply for in India as well in other countries are content jobs, brokers, interviewer, and many others.


If you have a good hand in English, you can easily migrate to another country. For that, you will have to study another level of English, which is known as IELTS. If you have good bands in IELTS, you can easily migrate to any foreign country.

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Language barrier

It does not matter where you travel in this world, if you know English, you will never face the issue of the language barrier. English is an international language, and you can easily converse with anyone, anywhere with it. So, if you are learning the language, give it the required time to be the best at it.


How to learn English | Where to start?

If you want to foster the benefits of the English language, you need to be absolutely awesome at it. And to excel at it, you need to join professional teaching classes. You can choose to do it all by yourself also, but that may not be a systematic way to do it. Here is where to start.

Online English teaching classes or course

The very best and prevalent way these days is to learn English online through an ESL course. There are many online education platforms that have professional teachers with a higher level of experience. You can check out the platforms like:

  • Vedantu
  • BYJU’s
  • EduKart
  • Superprof and many others!

Students can find a number of English teachers on them to learn the world level English. It is preferred if you can find a native English teacher for yourself.

Online study
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How to improve spoken English | Offline teaching classes for students

The concept of offline classes is an old one, but it is still preferred in many parts of India. Now, you can join the offline classes to boost up your English skills, but you need to choose in this also that you want to go for group classes with multiple students or a private class. It is preferable that if you are one of the school going children or fresh learners, go for group tutoring. On the other hand, if you are preparing for a professional exam, choose the private tutor method as it may save you more time.

Improve English Speaking with Superprof

Superprof is one of the best online websites that can assist you in finding teachers not only for English but also for various other languages and academic courses. Hence, it is best to excel in English by leveraging the power of Superprof.

Free first lecture: The feature that acts as a potential magnet for school level and university students to study from Superprof is this one. Whether you are a new student, or an old one, all of the teachers on the Superprof platform offer their first lecture free of cost.

A number of teachers: No matter whether you want to study English for work, college, school, or university exam or for self-development, you will surely find a teacher on the Superprof platform.

Registration: The registration on the Superprof is not based on any hard and fast rule. It is pretty simple as well as free of cost, unlike other platforms. 

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