There are many of us who dream of working in a multinational company in India or abroad. And to do that, we work a lot harder each day. But, all of our hard work can go in vain if we cannot communicate professionally with the interviewers of those companies. Having bad English communication can hamper your career in many ways. No matter how skilled you are, there will be cases where poor communication will act as a barrier in your career.

Hence, it is essential to have an advanced level of English communication skills. And for doing that, you need to get access to some of the best online learning resources. As we live in a technologically enhanced era, there is no shortage of resources to learn anything. Similarly, there are a plethora of choices for resources required to learn any level of English.

Here in this article, we will take a look into some of the promising resources for learning the English language for you to choose from. So, let us begin!


What are the various English learning websites?

If you are keen to learn English for your future endeavors, it is better to take up a course. There are many online websites and apps from which you can choose the one that suits you the best. Moreover, you can also choose the course based on the English level you want to learn, for example, intermediate level or advanced level.

Some of the web-based platforms that you can use to learn English are:


Vedantu is an online learning platform in India where you can opt for various online courses other than English. The courses provided by Vedantu are extremely comprehensive that include every aspect of the English language like grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing, and others. Candidates can get live interactive classes from professional teachers at any time.

On the other hand, the platform also offers an opportunity for the teachers to start earning from their teaching skills. They can easily register themselves on the platform by entering their details like name, qualifications, and work experience. Here is why to learn English!


You must have heard about the BYJU app a number of times. To be frank, I hear about it a lot of times due to their advertisement. Now, BYJU is one of the top learning platforms in India that offers a wide range of courses to the students. Apart from other courses, you can also opt for intermediate, business, or advanced level English courses.

You will get premium quality study material on BYJU and will also get live interactive classes from the best tutors in the country.


Although Duolingo is not an Indian app, it is really great if you want to brush up your English speaking skills. Duolingo offers a number of courses for learning various languages of the world, including English. The good thing about the app is that it keeps you motivated; for example, every time you master a level, you get virtual coins as rewards, and your fluency score rises.

Moreover, Duolingo makes the lessons that perfectly align with your learning speed and style. You also get to review your progress easily in vocabulary and others. The sole thing that makes Duolingo really unique is the English test. The test taken on the Duolingo app can be completed under an hour, and the scores of the test are accepted by hundreds of universities worldwide.


How to improve English speaking skills quickly at home?

The above-described websites are the best sources of learning English. They provide you a well-planned course for every class that focuses on all the essential aspects of the subject, including English.

Now, these platforms and courses are not the only ways through which you can improve your English speaking, reading, and writing. There are many other methods for those who don’t want to attend boring online classes and want to do it the fun way. Let us explore some of those methods that will help you make your English language learning fun and entertaining.

Leverage the power of Media sources

One of the easy ways to improve your English skills is by harnessing the power of media sources. Try and watch English news channels that will help to improve your pronunciation as well as vocabulary. Other than that, you can also consider watching online web series like the Peaky Blinders, The Big Bang Theory, and others to boost your language speaking skills.

By watching the web series, you will not only know about the flow and formation of words and phrases but will also get an idea about the body language while talking.

Podcast learning
A man smiling and listening to podcast, source: Freepik

Now, these were the video sources that can be leveraged. Other than these, you can also follow some of the best podcasts on the web to make a good grasp of your English speaking skills. The best thing about podcasts is that it nurtures your mind with knowledge while also sharpening your listening. Active listening should be a part of your learning, as it helps in effective communication.

Play games

This may not seem right, but you can drastically improve your English learning skills by playing games at your home. Many knowledgeable games can help you boost your vocabulary, spellings of the words, pronunciation, etc.

You can try scrabble, crossword, articulate, charades, and even Pictionary. All these games are the perfect companions for those who want to study and learn English.


The coolest way to get your English up to the mark with less effort is by communicating with your parents or siblings at home. You really need the practice to speak if you want to build up your confidence in the language. Communication will not only build your fluency in speaking English but will also help you correct your mistakes early in the process.

Reading is powerful

There are various things in our daily life that we don’t remember by actually trying to remember them but just by looking at them repeatedly. Our mind is a great part of our body; it brilliantly analyzes patterns. And if we talk about reading, there are many benefits to that. First, you get to have that flow on reading the content, it allows you to have the power of words while writing, and most of all, you can also work on the pronunciation.

Reading a book
Young lady reading a book, Source: Freepik

All these small and easy methods will aid you in improving your language skills faster.


Superprof | The best way to learn English

Now, other than the above methods, you can also go for teaching classes in English. Superprof is a platform that can support you in getting professional teachers. Moreover, you can have them teach you via online videos or private offline lessons. The following features of the Superprof website will make you want it more:

Teacher for everything: The core feature of the Superprof platform is that it can provide you a teacher for any subject you want to study. There are countless professional tutors on the website that are ready to provide you with awesome English lessons at an affordable rate. You can easily get the teacher you want, no matter where you live in India.

Easy Registration: Another good feature of the Superprof platform is the registration process. It is completely and also does not require any upfront fees. It is free of cost for both tutors and students. So, don’t worry about money. Go and register on it if you want to study or teach.

Demo lesson: It doesn’t matter if you want to get the coaching for school English, business English, Intermediate English, or Advanced English, you will surely get your first lesson free. For your convenience and satisfaction, the tutors on the Superprof platform keep their demo lessons free of charge. This helps the student in deciding better as he or she can get an idea about the teaching style of the tutor.

Quality education: Superprof also takes control of the quality of education on the website. When you look for a tutor on the website, you can also check the bio of the tutor to know about their experience and qualifications. This will help you know about the tutor well in advance. You can make the right choice after verifying this information.

So, if you have made up your mind to make yourself proficient in English, you don’t need to wait for more. There are a bunch of online websites and other methods that you can leverage to be proficient in the language. So, it is time to get going.

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